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A Custom 16 Foot Hydraulic Dock Leveler Ships Overseas

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Pentalift Equipment Corporation

P.O. Box 1510-T, Buffalo, NY, 14240 1510, USA

Original Press Release

A Custom 16 Foot Hydraulic Dock Leveler Ships Overseas

Press release date: June 5, 2014

When an international trading manufacturer of electronic components contacted a Pentalift distributor with a unique loading dock application, Pentalift’s in-house engineers designed a dock leveler for their specific needs.

The existing dock height was 43”, the trucks to be loaded were as high as 62”. This significant height differential would have caused a dangerous percentage of platform incline if a standard dock leveler length was provided.

To address both the safety and operational concerns, Pentalift designed and manufactured a custom 16’ long, 30,000 lb. capacity hydraulic dock leveler. The 16’ long platform length decreased the percentage of the incline to be in safe operational guidelines.

In addition to a complete line of loading dock equipment, Pentalift is your best solution when considering custom loading dock equipment to suit a wide range of applications. For more on this unique product see:

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