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Green & Clean, Paints & Coatings

Paint Finish mimics look/feel of terra cotta on aluminum panels.

March 25, 2015

Intended for application to architectural wall panels, paint finish comes in 14 faux terra cotta colors. Texture additive helps replicate natural feel of terra cotta, while 70% PVDF resin-based coating optimizes exterior environment performance. Finish meets requirements of AAMA 2605-13 and exhibits resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss, and chemicals. Solution can be specified... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Paints & Coatings

Paint Finish mimics look and feel of natural terra cotta.

June 20, 2014

Available on aluminum wall panels, Terra Cotta Paint Finish utilizes 70% PVDF resin-based coating to achieve optimal performance in exterior environments and texture additive to help replicate natural feel of terra cotta. Product comes in 4 color choices, meets requirements of AAMA 2605-13, and is tested to exhibit resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss, and chemicals. Read More

Green & Clean, Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Paints & Coatings

Antimicrobial Coating protects architectural products.

April 25, 2013

As fluoropolymer finish containing minimum of 70% PVDF resin, three-coat system meets requirements of AAMA 2605. Product inhibits growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on high-touch, architectural metal products' exterior and interior surfaces, such as doors, windows, curtainwall, entrances, panels, and column covers. When moisture is present, silver ion exchange mechanism infused into finish... Read More

Green & Clean, Paints & Coatings, Services

Aluminum Coating Service meets Green standards.

August 12, 2010

Using water-based TRINAR® Aqua air dry system, Linetec provides on-site repair and restoration of architectural aluminum products' finishes. Application of fluoropolymer finish meets weathering requirements of AAMA 2605, resisting humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss, and natural weathering. Coating also meets interior specifications for Green Seal® Standard and U.S. Green Building... Read More

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