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computer hardware & peripherals, controls & controllers

Redundant Controller brings high availability to small applications.

October 30, 2013

Powered by real-time Ethernet POWERLINK protocol, redundancy solution for X20 control systems is based on standard X20 controllers that can be reconfigured at any time with features that reduce downtime using Automation Studio software development environment. One controller provides active control, while second controller runs in background in standby mode. All network functions are monitored continuously, and switching time is 2 task cycles (within milliseconds). Read More


Virtual Safety Software features scalable design.

October 9, 2013

Programmed using SafeDESIGNER editor in Automation Studio, SafeLOGIC-X covers everything from safe I/O and drive technology to integrated diagnostics, safe line integration, and safe machine options. Application runs on safe input module, and all parameter and configuration management is handled on standard controller. As safe input and output modules are added to SafeLOGIC safety controller, existing programming code can be reused without having to make changes. Read More


Automation Software delivers Smart Engineering.

September 9, 2013

Equipped with System Designer Tool featuring visual editor and lifelike representations of hardware components, Automation Studio 4 enables hardware to be configured with minimal errors. Bidirectional EPLAN Electric P8 interface allows developers to integrate ECAD projects with hardware configurations designed in Automation Studio. Support for project modularity makes it possible to split each project into series of autonomous modules, allowing engineers to work on modules simultaneously. Read More


CASE Software enhances program design efficiency.

March 11, 2013

Helping create clearly structured software architecture, Automation Studio 4 provides automated functions, true-to-life architecture modeling, version control, support for shared projects, and object-oriented programming. Project modularization lets individual projects be split up into manageable pieces, and hardware configuration is handled by arranging photorealistic images of components. Automatic application of necessary configuration parameters conserves time and prevents errors. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Box PC utilizes third generation Intel® Core(TM) i processor.

January 28, 2013

Designed for maximum computing performance and optimal data throughput, Automation PC 910 combines Core™ i3/i5/i7 CPUs with up to 4 cores and QM77 Express chipset. Serial ATA-based CFast card replaces previously used CompactFlash. User can mix and match CPU performance with different sized main units as needed. In addition, PC is equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 serial and 1 modular serial port, and USB 3.0 ports. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Vibration Analysis Module increases machine availability.

December 7, 2012

With onboard intelligence for vibration analysis, X20CM4810 module can make continuous condition monitoring integral feature in every machine. Results can be used to determine exactly which parts, if any, require maintenance. At 2 slots wide, module provides 4 input channels with IEPE interface for querying acceleration sensors. Interface supplies sensors with power, samples their signals, and processes them internally to generate 70+ condition parameters for direct transfer to CPU. Read More

test & measuring instruments, green & clean

Energy Measurement Module combines diversity, precision.

November 26, 2012

In addition to voltages, X20AP can measure currents, frequencies, and reactive components on all phases. Current and voltage measurements up to 31st harmonic promote precision, while sensitivity and fourth channel make unit suited for measuring leakage currents on neutral line. Measurement value curves recorded by module can help in by providing basis for optimizing traverse paths within machine. Variants for connecting 20 mA, 1 A, and 5 A transformers are available. Read More

controls & controllers, mechanical power transmission

Motor-Integrated Servo Drives feature IP65 protection.

November 12, 2012

Integrating motor, positioning sensor, precision gearbox, and servo drive, ACOPOSmulti65m supports implementation of modular machine concepts. Three sizes enable servo actuators to cover torque range of 1.8–10.5 Nm and power range of 500 W to 2 kW. For applications that demand more power, optional fan assembly can be retrofitted for performance boost of up to 100%. In addition, ACOPOSmulti65m comes with Safe Torque Off and SS1 safety functions in accordance with SIL 3 or PLe. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals, controls & controllers

Keypad Module with Illuminated Keys offers intuitive operation.

October 19, 2012

Constructed for industrial environments, BR keypad module has integrated illuminated ring keys, IP65 washdown protection, and hygienic design. Control device can be used wherever it's needed on machine, and keys can be illuminated in yellow, green, red, and white. While homogeneous ring key illumination ensures perfect signal effect, tactile feedback provides additional operating comfort. Other features include flexible connection to open fieldbus systems and encapsulated electronics. Read More

controls & controllers

Bus Controller suits demanding automation applications.

October 28, 2011

Equipped with 12 digital channels that can be configured as inputs or outputs, IP67-rated POWERLINK X67 can be adapted to any task. Analog channel for 0-20 mA extends range of potential applications, while freely configurable input filter provides additional flexibility for project implementation. One input can be used as event counter, and all connections are designed for M12 standard plugs. With 2 network connectors, controller enables daisy chain wiring. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Three-Phase Synchronous Motors come in 6 different sizes.

March 4, 2009

With optimized torque ripple and stall torque between 0.8-2.5 Nm, 8JS three-phase synchronous motors have sinusoidal commutation with EnDat encoder or resolver as feedback unit. They directly divert lost power generated in stator to flange via housing, allowing regeneration of energy. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals, optics & photonics, test & measuring instruments

Fiber Optic Module covers distances up to 2,000 m.

March 4, 2009

Targeted at industrial Ethernet use, X20 hub system has 100Base-FX underlying standard, and is based on duplex LC technology. There is no loss of performance (wire speed), as internal downgrading technology is not used. Unit also comes with 2 RJ45 connections. Read More

mechanical power transmission

High-Torque Motors offer positioning precision.

July 17, 2008

Available in 2 sizes with self-cooled or externally-cooled options, 8LT series 3-phase synchronous motors can handle demanding applications. They feature compact design that eliminates need for angular gears in many cases, and can be integrated in wide range of applications. Equipped with embedded parameter chip for identification of all device data, motors have supply voltage of 400-480 Vac, rated power of 0.11-21 kW, and stall torque of 50-900 nm. Read More

controls & controllers, machinery & machining tools

Motion Control System optimizes machine automation.

July 15, 2008

Generic Motion Control combines robotics, complex CNC 3D processing, linked axis movements, and single-axis positioning in one homogenous system. CNC cycle times of 400 µs allow path precision in sub-micron range. In addition to parameter configuration and movement program operation, predefined visualization components provide simulation, logging, and process diagnostics. Flexible system architecture and large number of functions enable machine line customization. Read More

controls & controllers, mechanical power transmission

Stepper Motor Controller is IP20-rated.

June 18, 2008

Designed for X20 controller and I/O system, X20 stepper motor controller features 4 inputs for end switches/encoders, and automatic motor detection when booting and stall detection that identifies overload situations or any unwanted blocking of motor. Stepper motor connections can resolve each full step into up to 256 microsteps. Offering integration with Automation Studio and Soft CNC, unit is designed for bipolar 2-phase stepper motors, 1 A (24 V) or for 3 A (18-48 V) rated current. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals, machinery & machining tools

Automation PC can be operated without fan.

June 9, 2008

Based on Intel® Core(TM) Duo technology, APC810 Automation PC combines Core(TM) Duo and Core(TM) 2 Duo processors in one housing. Suited for graphic applications and image processing, compact unit features bus topology, PCI slots, PCI express slots, and integrated UPS, as well as supports serial ATA hard disks. PC infrastructure provides fast connection of peripheral devices, while Gigabit Ethernet interface ensures that data from external sources is transferred at high rate. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Industrial PC targets machine manufacturing.

April 17, 2008

Available with 1.4 GHz Celeron M or Pentium M processor, Model APC620 utilizes Windows XP embedded with real-time extension. POWERLINK and CAN as well as X2X remote backplane are onboard as field bus interfaces. Computer includes 256 KB battery-buffered SRAM memory and integrated Smart Display Link that can be used to operate remote line with 4 displays at distances up to 160 m. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Panel Computers meet series machine manufacturing needs.

February 6, 2007

Respectively implementing BIOS and embedded devices, Power Panel 300 and 400 computers come in models ranging from 5.7 in. QVGA to 15 in. XGA. Power Panel 300 devices, delivered with Windows XP embedded or Windows CE, cover entire range of PC systems from thin clients and web terminals to full SCADA systems. Power Panel 400 devices handle automation of complete systems, providing integrated control functionality, drive technology, and modular interfaces for connecting peripherals. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

PCs include DVD burner for industrial applications.

December 6, 2006

Model APC620 and Panel PC industrial PCs feature DVD-RW drive that can read and write all standard DVD formats for recording of production and quality data. Units include integrated floppy-disk drive, CompactFlash slot, and front-side USB 2.0 interface. Drive combination meets all industrial requirements, and mounts in switching cabinet cutout using supplied mounting brackets. Optional cover provides IP65 protection for front. Read More

controls & controllers

Operator Panel features modular, ergonomic design.

November 15, 2006

Designed to operate and observe machines and systems, Automation Panel 800 is equipped with 15 in. XGA touchscreen display, allowing complex sequences to be carried out intuitively and logically. Individual expansions for function keys, electromechanical keys, and E-stop function enable unit to be adapted to application needs. When mounted on swing arm, panel can be placed at most ergonomic position. Surface of housing is protected from sprayed water and meets IP65 standards. Read More

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