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mechanical components & assemblies, test & measuring instruments

Pipe Inspection Device features telescopic design.

April 29, 2014

Optimized for pipe inspection and processing applications, RCT Rigid Chain product can extend telescopically up to 60 ft or more at speeds of 100 fpm or more, depending on load. Unit features standard open loop, locking link and compact storage as well as large support rollers that extend below level of link plates to keep chain slightly above pipe ID to avoid surface wear or damage. Typical pipe related uses include: ID size check, scarf removal, assembly assist, deburring, and part placement. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Telescopic Linear Actuator incorporates high-speed drive.

November 22, 2010

RigiBelt has non-magnetic design and integrates compact drive system, which is rated up to 300 mm/s and has 1,000 N capacity. Drive integrates into existing environments and is made of non-magnetic materials such as aluminum, POM, and other stainless materials. Entirely mechanical, actuator is made of 2 reinforced plastic belts that interlock together to form rigid telescopic column. It moves quickly while telescoping in and out and can provide horizontal or vertical motion. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Spindle Actuators are powered with 24 Vdc motor.

April 6, 2010

Designed for small load capacities and low cycles, spindle actuators feature strokes up to 1,500 mm, push/pull force of 5,660 N, and speed of 25 mm/sec. They have electronic controlled emergency stop, anodized aluminum housing, and pushrod made of either aluminum or steel. With fully adjustable mounting, units are suited for lifting or pulling loads in environments with no space constraints. Actuators feature cut off at either end position using integrated limit switches. Read More

material handling & storage

Telescopic Mast can be deployed at wind speeds up to 80 mph.

October 15, 2009

Designed for communications, reconnaissance, and surveillance applications, Telescopic Mast System can reach heights of 60 ft or more with loads of over 1,000 lb, and is capable of resisting lateral loads and withstanding high wind situations. Self-guided lifting column is powered by Rigid Chain, which is a mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and forms steel beam in other direction. Custom-designed as well as harsh environment models are available. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Telescopic Linear Actuator offers transfer speed of 6.5 fps.

September 28, 2009

Providing push-pull solution with Rigid Chain, RollBeam Mechanical Actuator can be used for vertical as well as horizontal transfer, since chain can be stored above or below path of travel. Standard models cover applications up to 50 tons and offer travel distance of 3.3 ft to virtually unlimited. Suited for heavy-duty applications, actuator is also available in versions that operate in harsh environments. Read More

machinery & machining tools, material handling & storage

Bolster Extensions feature motorized design.

September 2, 2009

Designed for Quick Die eXchange (QDX) equipment, Motorized Bolster Extensions (MBEs) combine functionality of bolster extensions and push-pull systems into one integrated unit. They support die outside of press and move die in and out of press. Able to be loaded with overhead crane or fork-truck, each product features Rigid Chain Technology that allows die to be positioned several inches onto bolster without special attachments. Capacity ranges from 10-25 tons. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Telescopic Linear Actuator has non-magnetic design.

April 1, 2009

Made of 2 reinforced plastic belts that interlock together to form rigid telescopic column, RigiBelt is totally mechanical and can provide horizontal or vertical motion. RigiBelt SD (Standard Drive) is self-contained, off-the-shelf actuator driven by 24 Vdc motor. Supporting capacities from 10 N to 85 daN and speeds from 25-50 mm/sec, actuator weighs 2 kg and is suited for use in medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, architectural, and industrial markets. Read More

material handling & storage

Quick Die Change Clamps come in sizes ranging from 20-100 kN.

March 6, 2009

Designed to work with dies with flat edge, PSH C-Clamp forms bracket device when mounted on T-profiled base, which is then manually inserted into slot on bolster or slide. Hydraulically activated clamp can be opened with spring, and clamping height can be individually configured through height of base piece or using custom-sized spacer. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Linear Beam functions as rodless linear actuator.

August 1, 2007

Providing versatility across many different industries, LinearBeam can withstand harsh, demanding operating conditions while extending forces up to 2 hundred tons. Unit can also extend to virtually any stroke length without limitation. Possible applications include nuclear waste transport, steel mill transfer, off-shore skid movement, and furnace loading. Read More

material handling & storage

High-Temperature Clamps suit forging applications.

July 31, 2007

Installed on press bolster or ram, TBHS Escaping Arc Clamp moves in arced path to eliminate possibility of sticking. It is designed for forging applications where die swelling is of concern and suits automated systems where position sensing is required. Optional sensors are available to detect clamped and unclamped positions, and mechanical safety detent ensures dies will not drop in case of pressure failure. Range of sizes is available, accommodating dies from 2-63 metric tons. Read More

mechanical components & assemblies

Rigid Chain incorporates non-magnetic actuator.

July 11, 2007

Made of reinforced plastic and stainless steel, RigiBelt has 2 belts that come together with zipper-like action to form rigid column. Solution moves quietly while telescoping in and out and is stored in compact magazine. Driven with electric motor, chain can handle loads from 2-1,100 lbf, is entirely mechanical, and comes in stroke lengths up to 6 ft unguided. Product suits any kind of positioning in medical equipment and areas where non-magnetic components are essential. Read More

material handling & storage

Die Clamp moves in arced path to avoid sticking.

May 30, 2007

TBHS Escaping Arc Clamp features temperature-resistant design to accommodate applications where die swelling is an issue. Clamp design prevents die drops when pressure has failed with its mechanical safety detent, accommodates dies of 2-63 tons, and optional sensors detect clamped and unclamped positions. Applications include automated systems where sensing position is required. Escaping Arc Clamp systems are customizable. Read More

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