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HVLS Fans target warehouses and docks.

April 23, 2014

By producing massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to floor and outward in all directions, Kelley EntreMatic WAVE Series Fans create horizontal floor jet that consistently circulates air in large spaces. Even room temperature created by fans helps preserve product integrity, avoid potential spoilage, and increase employee comfort as well as reduce moisture in air, keeping floors dry and safe. In colder months, fans can be run in reverse to circulate hot air trapped at ceiling level. Read More

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Steel Work Platforms feature customizable design.

August 9, 2013

Built to meet size, load, and span requirements, Wildeck® Steel Work Platforms range from small light-duty platforms to large-span heavy-duty industrial mezzanines. Platform deck can be designed with moisture-resistant floor, open grating, or heavy-duty surface that will withstand continuous traffic. In addition to 2-rail and 5-rail configurations, railing systems can be custom-designed to meet company needs. Platforms, guards, stairways, and landings meet ANSI MH28.3: 2009 standard. Read More

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Air Moving Fan creates fresh air flow in trailers at dock.

June 19, 2013

Continuously producing 1,275 cfm in concentrated stream, Turbo-ES™ fan increases airflow in semi-trailer while loading and unloading at warehouse dock. Focused column of fresh air forces hot, cold, or musty air from trailer, promoting work environment safety, comfort, and productivity. Assisted by 1/3 hp, 120 V, 3.0 A motor, fan can be retro-fitted onto existing dock fan's articulating arm and comes standard with protective grill, positioning handle, and 10 ft power cord. Read More

material handling & storage

Belt-Driven Accumulating Conveyor requires minimal maintenance.

May 9, 2013

As alternative to chain-roller conveyor, 25-PVE24EZ Poly-V does not require frequent lubrication and provides maintenance-free solution for roller to roller interface. Tread rollers in each zone are driven by 24 VDC motor/reducer, and formed steel guards totally enclose drive belts to ensure safer work areas. Ez-logic® Accumulation system combines sensing accuracy of photo-electronics with discrete electronic logic control. Loading zone feature and sleep functionality are also standard. Read More

material handling & storage

Skate-Wheel Skew Module features 30° angle.

April 9, 2013

Consisting of 30° bolt-in solution, Skate-Wheel Skew Conveyor Module by Hytrol is designed to retrofit into existing belt-driven roller conveyors. Skew can be installed by removing one roller anywhere on conveyor and replacing it with Skate-Wheel Skew. Unit's 30° angle allows materials to be moved across conveyor surface for repeated placement in minimized amount of time. Module is suited for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines.<br />   Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Dock Leveler Sealing System stops energy loss.

March 6, 2013

Using triangular shaped seal assemblies combined with 2-ply rear hinge seal to restrict air flow, ENERGY GUARD&trade; Retrofit Kit by Serco® provides perimeter seal along sides and rear of dock leveler, eliminating transfer of heat energy in and out of facility. Triangular shape allows seals to pivot with motion of dock leveler. Available to fit dock leveler widths of 6, 6 ½, and 7 ft and lengths of 6, 8, and 10 ft, kit allows unrestricted access to pit for cleaning and dock leveler inspection. Read More

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Vehicle Restraints increase loading dock safety.

October 4, 2012

Serco Manual Safety Chock provides loading docks with versatile wheel restraint solution capable of engaging and restraining range of trailers that come to loading dock. Design facilitates installation and operation while minimizing maintenance, and ergonomics promote maneuverability for accurate, reliable, and safe operation. Read More

material handling & storage

Mobilized Storage System increases density.

August 3, 2012

Spacesaver ActivRac 7M - 7P - 16P - 30P custom-configurable mobile storage carriages accommodate expanding SKUs while promoting operational efficiency, all without requiring increase in existing facility footprint. Bulk rack, cabinets, shelving, or pallet racks are mounted to carriages that travel on steel rails. This enables rows of storage to move side-to-side and compresses stored materials footprint while maintaining accessibility. Read More

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High Volume Low Speed Fans target large warehouses.

May 14, 2012

Designed to move high volume of air while using minimal energy, Serco HVLS Fans feature patented blade system that creates large downwards flow of air in column that spreads out in all directions at floor level. In warm months, air circulation can create cooling effect, while in cool months, fans can operate in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level. With iFan(TM) controls, up to 30 fans can be networked and controlled from central location. Read More

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