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Material Handling & Storage, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

EZS Slides and EAC Cylinders come with electromagnetic brake.

Jul 20, 2017

Integrating AZ series absolute sensors for absolute-type positioning, EZS Electric Slides and EAC Electric Cylinders’ are operated on AC or DC input supply. Available with Pulse Input or built-in controller type driver, EZS Series Slides come with dust resistant structure. Featuring ball screw design, EAC Series Cylinders are offered with straight type or reversed motor type with shaft... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

BMU Series Brushless DC Motor meets IP66 standards.

Mar 15, 2017

Designed with foot mount JB and flange mount JV gears, BMU Series Brushless DC Motor features motor connector. Offering up to 3,600 r/min maximum speed, motors achieves 1:45 speed ratio. Maximizing torque with helical gears, units deliver continuous flat torque and features stainless steel shaft. Gearheads are available for 200 Watt (1/4 HP) or 400 Watt (1/2 HP) motors.

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Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless Motor and Drive Package delivers up to 610 lb-in.

Jun 29, 2016

Available with 200 Watt (¼ hp) or 400 Watt (½ hp) motor, BMU Series features flat speed torque curve, compact design, and digital speed indicator. Motor rated at 200 W is available in 100-120 Vac input and existing 200-240 Vac input, while 400 W model produces approximately 40% more starting torque and provides 100% more continuous running torque. Offered in inch or metric geared output... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

AC Motor (3-Phase) comes in 200 W version with hypoid gear.

Jan 14, 2016

Optimized for inverter combination (VFDs), 200 W (¼ hp) KIIS Series 3-phase AC motor features hypoid right angle gearhead that produces up to 1,680 lb-in. of permissible torque and, along with terminal box, provides IP66 protection. High-efficiency (77.8%) unit has fan-less motor design with optimized steel laminates and wind space factor. Hollow or solid shaft is available in L... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Two-Phase Stepper Motor incorporates electromagnetic brake.

Nov 18, 2015

Preassembled with built-in, power-off activated electromagnetic brakes, 1.8° and 0.9° PKP Series includes configurations featuring bipolar and unipolar windings and 1.38, 1.65, and 2.22 in. frame sizes. When power is accidentally cut off, electromagnetic brake holds load in position to prevent movement. At standstill, motor can be held by electromagnetic brake that can also be used to... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Two-Phase Stepper Motor incorporates original encoder.

Oct 13, 2015

Pre-assembled with Oriental Motor Original Encoders, PKP Series includes bipolar and unipolar motors. Oriental Motor Original Encoder specifications include 3-channel, incremental or line driver type, 200 p/rev for 1.8°, and 400 p/rev for 0.9° type. Respective frame sizes are 0.79–1.65 in. and 1.65 or 2.22 in. Motor position information detection is also included. Also available,... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless DC Motor/Driver Packages have built-in controller.

Jun 17, 2015

Available from 30–400 W with 16 speed settings, BXII Series provides speed control up to 4,000 rpm with speed regulation to +0.05%. Units are available in round shaft, parallel shaft gearheads, or hollow shaft flat gearhead with electromagnetic brake options. Parallel geared types produce up to 610 lb-in. of torque, while hollow shaft flat geared types produce up to 970 lb-in. Digital setting... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission, Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Stepper Motor and Driver Package includes absolute sensor.

May 20, 2015

Offering closed loop control, AZ Series 0.36° Battery-Free, Absolute Sensor Equipped Motor and Driver package is designed for advanced positioning applications. Absolute Sensor operates autonomously, without additional battery back-up or external sensors. Package is offered with built-in controller or pulse input type with single-phase 100–120 Vac, single-phase/3-phase 200–240 Vac, or... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless DC Motor/Driver delivers up to 610 lb-in. max torque.

Apr 20, 2015

Available in round shaft or geared type with inch or metric output shafts, BMU 200 W (1/4 hp) brushless DC motor and driver package supports 200–240 Vac, single- or 3-phase input power. Starting torque and continuous running torque foster adoption into larger-load applications. Flat speed torque (continuous duty) is 3,000 r/min, with total speed torque range of up to 4,000 r/min, and max... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Standard AC Motors feature terminal box.

Apr 08, 2015

Available as standard on 25~90 Watt KII Series single-phase AC motors and both 60 and 100 Watt KIIS Series 3-phase AC motors, Terminal Box facilitates terminal block wiring. Box is slimmer than conventional products and cable outlet can be rotated in 90° increments. In addition to doubling permissible torque compared to Work K Series, motors offer longer-life gears and quieter operation. Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Standard 3-Phase AC Motors offer max efficiency of 73%. .

Apr 07, 2015

Available in cable or terminal box type, KIIS Series provides 60 W, 1/12 hp or 100 W, 1/8 hp output power. Units can maintain wide speed range of 3–120 H (90~3,600 rpm) when used with inverter. Standard GVH parallel shaft gear head offers up to 350 lb-in. of permissible torque, while Hypoid right angle hollow shaft gear head, available exclusively on 100 W model, and is capable of... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

AC Speed Control Motors generate up to 350 lb-in.

Apr 07, 2015

Combining motor and controller in single closed-loop package, DSC Series requires only single-phase 110/115 Vac or single-phase 220/230 Vac with output power of 6 W (1/125 hp) up to 90 W (1/8 hp). Electromagnetic brake with Deceleration Control Function is available to support vertical speed control applications. Motors come standard with parallel gear head, while programmable controllers... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Compact Linear Actuator offers built-in controller or pulse input.

Mar 10, 2015

Available with built-in controller (stored data) driver or pulse input driver, DRLII Series includes maximized speed specifications on 28 and 60 mm frame sizes as well as lead screw pitch of 8 mm for 42 mm frame size (ground and rolled screw types). Series works in applications where step and direction are required and performs as both linear actuator and networking product solution.... Read More


Enclosure Ventilation Systems are designed for simple installation.

Oct 21, 2014

Available in 3 product classes and 5 outer frame dimensions, Enclosure Fan Modules are complete ventilation packages that offer exhaust or suction air flow. Modules are available with AC or DC input fan type; fan-less designs are also available. While preventing ingress of dust, moisture, and foreign objects, design facilitates installation and promotes optimal ventilation. Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Stepper Motor/Driver Packages achieve optimal application results.

Sep 26, 2014

CVK Series includes 24 Vdc input driver combined with 2 stepper types featuring 1.8°, 0.72°, and 0.36° step angles. While 1.8° motor type offers highest torque in low-speed range, 0.72° motor type maximizes mid- to upper-speed range, and 0.36° motor type provides optimal positional. Offering 5 frame sizes from 0.79–2.36 in., series has common driver size, mounting, and wiring... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Mechanical Power Transmission

Motorized Slides and Cylinders offer quick positioning.

Jul 21, 2014

Capable of operating from low speed to high speed and with light loads or heavy loads, EAS Series Motorized Linear Slides and EAC Series Motorized Cylinders are available with ball screw drive method, in lengths from 50–500 mm and with maximum horizontal/vertical transportable mass of 60 kg/30 kg. Units come in traditional Straight type or with space-saving Reversed Motor. To match requirements... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless DC Motor and Driver offers 80-4,000 rpm speed range.

Apr 09, 2014

Housed in maintenance-free package, BMU Series includes 30 W (1/25 hp), 60 W (1/12 hp), and 120 W (1/6 hp) models. When used with parallel gearhead, up to 260 lb-in. of permissible torque can be attained. Expanded functions and specifications such as optimized speed regulation, torque limitation, programming, and various display functions can be set on driver. Motor/driver packages target... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless Motors feature built-in controller.

Jan 31, 2014

Available in 30 W (1/25 hp), 60 W (1/12 hp), and 120 W (1/6 hp) models, Type BLE Series with built-in controller (stored data) can be driven by connection to PLC or other devices. Motors come with round shaft, parallel geared, or hollow shaft flat geared combination. Offering stable speed control range of 80–4,000 rpm, maintenance-free systems feature long-life gearheads rated for 10,000... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Stepper Motor and Driver Packages generate minimal heat.

Dec 16, 2013

Offered with built-in controller (stored data) type driver or pulse input type driver, RKII Series features low heat, low vibration design. Geared type models are available in 1.65, 2.36, 3.35, and 3.54 in. sizes. Electromagnetic brake type and encoder models are also available. With step angle selector, users can switch from 1.8° or 0.9° packages by setting dial. For greater torque... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

AC Motor and Driver Package offers TTL-based encoder.

Jun 07, 2011

AC input stepping motor and driver package, RK Series, is available with 3-channel, 500-line, TTL-based encoder option. Closed-loop, low-vibration, low-noise stepping motor solution comes in 42, 60, 85, and 90 mm frame sizes. Additional features include 0.72º resolution and strain relief. Various motors are available, with 3 gear types and microstepping driver with built-in Smooth Drive.... Read More

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