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Saturated Steam Mobile Boiler features 125,000 lb/hr rating.

April 11, 2016

Designed at 750 psig, World's Largest Mobile Boiler is mounted on 6-axle low-boy trailer and provides range of operating pressures from 250–675 psig for saturated steam applications. O type boiler is equipped with low NOx natural gas/future oil burner, FD fan, and TEFC motor with VFD, plus fully metered combustion controls, NEMA 4X panel, EconoStak economizer, stub stack, and all flues, ducts, and valving. Optional CataStak SCR is available to meet NOx requirements down to 2.5 ppm. Read More

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Boiler Emissions/Efficiency Monitor replaces large CEMS systems.

April 5, 2016

Retrofit to any boiler system, stand-alone DataStak™ packaged emissions and efficiency monitoring system that works independently from existing boiler controls and offers alternative to intricate CEMS systems. It utilizes 2 separate panels – Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with touchscreen operation, and electrochemical analyzer system – and offers O2, NOx, CO, and CO2 measurements in addition to real-time boiler efficiency, fuel usage, and carbon footprint calculation. Read More


Low NOX Mobile Boiler Room targets rental market.

May 26, 2015

Along with Power Flame low NOx burner set to fire natural gas or #2 oil, 1,000 HP mobile boiler room incorporates ASME spray deaerator and duplex feedwater pumps, ASME blowdown separator, chemical feed system, oil pump, and air compressor. ASME Section I firetube boiler is designed at 290 psig with operating pressure capabilities from 100–260 psig. Motor control center panel is also standard, and all equipment is fully piped and wired and mounted inside 53 ft container with 3-axle chassis. Read More


Mobile Boiler produces 110,000 lb of steam per hour.

January 7, 2015

Designed at 750 psig, High Pressure Superheat Mobile Boiler is capable of producing 110,000 lb/hr of superheated steam at pressure of 400–650 psig, when supplied with feedwater at temperature of 227°F. Trailer-mounted watertube boiler includes low NOx burner, EconoStak economizer, and fully metered cross limited control system with VFD driven, 300 hp fan. Unit is designed to burn natural gas with future option of firing #2 oil. In addition, boiler and trailer are highway legal. Read More

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