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material handling & storage, green & clean

Modular Overhead Crane targets growing companies.

April 18, 2016

With SMARTON, customers can adapt equipment to evolving needs of operations. Crane offers capacities from 6.3–250 tons with single trolley and 500 tons with 2 trolleys. System monitors its own condition and recommends when and what kinds of inspection/preventive maintenance should be performed. Connected wirelessly to crane control system, tablet provides advanced crane condition data in real-time. Some smart features include: target position, working limits, sway control, and end positioning. Read More

material handling & storage

Overhead Crane incorporates Smart features.

July 10, 2015

Designed for heavy-duty applications, demanding processes, assembly, and maintenance, SMARTON® Overhead Crane includes tablet that is connected wirelessly to crane control system, providing crane and process related information to operator for adjustments. Optional camera views for safer and more effective load handling are also available. Control system and software architecture optimizes flexibility of design, testing, and manufacturing, as well as start-up and maintenance activities. Read More

material handling & storage

RTG Crane increases efficacy via bottom-located operator cabin.

April 28, 2015

Addressing needs of ports industries, BOXHUNTER rubber tyre gantry (RTG) crane increases operational efficiency and conserves time in retrieving storage and shipping containers. Positioning of cabin at bottom accelerates operator entry and initiation of operation. Also, video and laser scanning technologies eliminate need for operator to be located at top of crane. In container yard, BOXHUNTER can stack one-over-five containers high. Crane can handle ~15+ container movements per hour. Read More

material handling & storage

Wire Rope Hoist handles lifting tasks up to 10 tons.

April 20, 2015

Using inverter control in crane and trolley traveling, CXT UNO Overhead Crane is suitable for material handling and other lifting tasks in warehouses, assembly lines, and factories. Large rope drum diameter and short drum length ensure horizontal travel of hook during lowering is minimal. Unique dimensions mean that not only can floor area under crane be used efficiently, but required height above and below crane is minimized. Adjustment-free and dustproof, brake lasts over 1 million operations. Read More

material handling & storage, green & clean

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes offer hybrid power option.

June 15, 2012

With Hybrid Diesel/Electric Power Pack, Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes operate with electrical power drawn from energy store whenever possible, and takes energy generated during braking and converts it into electricity to recharge batteries. Diesel Fuel Saver provides power-on-demand, matching rpm of RTG engine to work machine is doing. Cable Reel and Busbar options convert RTG to fully electric operation, eliminating diesel exhaust emissions. Read More

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