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robotics, transportation industry products

Truck-Specific GPS Tablet features 7 in. screen.

April 5, 2016

Combining GPS and pre-loaded Android tablet, TND™ Tablet 70 includes TripMaker® planning tool, which allows drivers to create trip on tablet and then push route to GPS for truck-specific routing. Onboard dash cam records video of road ahead, while front-facing camera supports Wi-Fi-enabled video calls. In addition, Fuel Manager provides tank-by-tank tracking of fuel costs and mileage, and Profit Gauges delivers quick business assessment, profit/loss statements, and month-end and tax reporting. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals, transportation industry products

Tablet Computer assists professional drivers.

February 13, 2015

Combining Android tablet with IntelliRoute® TND™ truck GPS device, TND™ Tablet provides truck-specific routing, mileage tracking, and on-board dash cam. Pre-loaded applications help manage business of driving, offering functions such as document scanning, load matching, and book-keeping assistance. Since device is on Android platform, it enables drivers to check email, keep up with social media, and download entertainment — all on 8 in. screen. Read More


Fleet Management System tracks carrier and authority changes.

February 11, 2015

Available for TND 760, HD 100, and TPC 7600 in-cab devices, Multiple Operating Authority tracking feature tracks drivers' and trucks' Hours of Service separately. It also enables assignment of fuel purchases and mileage data across Operating Authorities for tax reporting; evaluation of driver behavior associated with particular division, vehicle, or Authority; and tracking of driver movement between fleet divisions with separate Operating Authorities. Read More

transportation industry products

GPS Devices assist commercial truck drivers.

August 28, 2014

Available in 7 and 5 in. sizes, respectively, IntelliRoute® TND™ 730 and 530 LM offer accelerated route calculation, point of interest searches, route comparisons, and screen-to-screen transitions. Both include Estimated Toll Road costs for informed trip planning. Advanced Lane Guidance instruction, combined with Enhanced Junction Views, shows driver best lanes in which to drive when approaching turn or intersection. With Avoid Areas option, drivers can avoid areas permanently or temporarily. Read More


Fleet Management Portal integrates speed analysis tool.

September 4, 2013

Rand McNally Connect web portal, via integration of SpeedGauge Web-based service, helps fleets identify high-risk driver behavior using vehicle speed data provided by TPC 7600 and TND&trade; 760 mobile fleet management systems. Companies can create customized reports considering context and analysis. In turn, reports enable fleet managers to fine-tune driver behavior and track improvements over time. This coaching tool also aids in managing CSA scores.<br /> <br /> Read More

services, software, transportation industry products

Truck GPS Software provides connected services.

July 9, 2013

Supplied with IntelliRoute® TND&trade; 720 truck GPS, software update features both premium and standard connected services, available via Wi-Fi®. Powered by INRIX®, Traffic Everywhere helps professional drivers avoid delays with real-time and predictive analytics. Fuel prices service, powered by, provides up-to-date diesel and gas prices in real-time along route and nearby. In addition, Internet-based search finds points of interest using free-form keyword search. Read More

services, transportation industry products, green & clean

Global Positioning System targets professional truck drivers.

March 29, 2013

With Wi-Fi® connectivity, 5 in. IntelliRoute® TND&trade; 520 supports real-time data services. Traffic Everywhere, powered by INRIX®, helps professional drivers avoid costly delays with real-time and predictive analytics and will show what to expect before key junctions. GPS also displays current and forecasted weather information along route, as well as up-to-date fuel prices in real-time. Road network with truck navigation incorporates legal and physical restrictions including axle-count support. Read More


Fleet Management Systems integrate automated workflow feature.

March 13, 2013

Via automated workflow capability integrated with McLeod Software's LoadMaster® Enterprise, data from TND&trade; 760 and TPC 7600 can be used to manage fleet activities. Automatic real-time alerts are sent when tasks are completed or actions need to be taken, reducing dispatch-to-driver communication while promoting task focus. Both mobile fleet management solutions also offer entry-free turn-by-turn navigation; fuel stops integrated into daily trip plan; and planned schedule. Read More

services, transportation industry products

Mobile Fleet Management Computer features Windows 7 OS.

July 27, 2012

TruckPC mobile communication fleet management system has high-sensitivity in-cab antenna design that allows installation in front or back of cab. Electronic on-board recorder tracks and manages hours of service, with monitoring conducted via Web portal. Also featuring 2-way communication, product lets users send email attachments and allows on-board scanning and printing, video playback, and cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Antennas, cable, and display mount are included. Read More


Fleet Management Software integrates with 3rd party applications.

March 14, 2012

Rand McNally Connect integrates Rand McNally FleetWatcher web portal and third party applications, including fleet management systems. When combined with TruckPC and TND(TM)760 Fleet Edition mobile communications systems, solution enables data to be pushed seamlessly from FleetWatcher portal into company's existing fleet management system to support critical decision-making and reporting needs. Solution enhances functionality of maintenance, fuel tax, and dispatch software. Read More

transportation industry products

In-Vehicle Computer tracks hours of truck service.

March 21, 2011

Equipped with 1.6 GHz processor and solid-state hard drive, TruckPC Mobile Communication System tracks and manages driver's hours of service, enabling companies to meet CSA requirements. Unit includes 2-way communication, fully integrated navigation, and driver behavior monitoring, which warns drivers of sharp curves, steep hills, speed limit changes, and road construction. FleetWatcher back-end monitoring and analysis tool supports interactive satellite mapping. Read More

transportation industry products

Truck-Specific GPS Units are offered in 5 or 7 in. screen models.

March 16, 2011

IntelliRoute® TND(TM) 510, featuring 5 in. screen, and HD IntelliRoute® TND(TM) 710 with 7 in. screen, both include virtual dashboard with metrics such as odometer, speed, and altitude. Devices help find destinations via latitude and longitude as well as by ZIP code, and they also alert drivers to curves, time zone changes, upcoming construction, border crossing, and speed limit changes. Drivers can choose from Detail View, Highway View, Trip Summary, and Summary Map View to review planned route. Read More

transportation industry products

Truck GPS features 7 in. high-definition screen.

April 6, 2010

Designed to provide in-cab navigation, IntelliRoute® TND(TM) 700 includes louder-than-normal speakers and custom designed mounting features such as oversized suction cup and extra-long cable. Specialized Trucker Business Tools, including Notepad and Calendar, assist drivers in managing business aspects of trucking. Advance notification is available for Norpass and Prepass availability at weigh stations, and border crossings can be pre-set to prohibit routing across country borders. Read More

test & measuring instruments, transportation industry products

GPS Device offers business tools and routing for truckers.

October 8, 2009

Providing turn-by-turn spoken directions for professional truck drivers, IntelliRoute® TND(TM) 500 incorporates truck-attributed roads; 13,000 truck-related, geo-coded points of interest; and 50+ searchable amenities for truck stop locations. Device leverages Rand McNally databases and NAVTEQ road network to calculate route based on truck attributes as well as type of route desired. Routes can also be optimized for multiple stops to make efficient use of miles and fuel expenses. Read More

test & measuring instruments, transportation industry products

Portable GPS facilitates navigation in unfamiliar areas.

October 13, 2006

Portable mapping and navigation tool, Rand McNally GPS Navigator, features 3.5 in. color touch screen and comes with printed road atlas. Utilizing SiRF III GPS receiver, device provides drivers with voice-prompted directions and performs automatic rerouting for missed turns. Additional features include multi-stop route planning, detour button to route around traffic, and Go Home button to direct driver home from any location. Read More

communication systems & equipment, services, transportation industry products

Software/Service turns portable phones into GPS systems.

June 23, 2006

Downloadable MONA Mobile Navigator allows motorists to identify and navigate their routes, as well as find unfamiliar locations. Clear voice prompts guide drivers with turn-by-turn driving directions to their specified destinations. MONA also automatically alerts and reroutes drivers who miss or make incorrect turn. Users can enter all destination addresses online, which are then automatically downloaded to their wireless phone. Read More

services, software

Software/Service lets mobile phone users access maps.

April 12, 2006

StreetFinder® Wireless application delivers access to maps, directions, and directory listings for entire US. Subscribers can look up location by category or business name, calculate different route types, and view street detail and points of interest information for metro areas. Favorite places of interest can be stored and accessed with shortcuts. Users whose wireless phones include GPS capabilities can use StreetFinder Wireless to find their exact location in real time. Read More


Software keeps motorists informed of traffic flow.

February 9, 2005

Rand McNally Traffic is a downloadable mobile application that delivers real-time traffic flow and incident reporting to cell phone users in more than 90 US cities. Subscribers have unlimited access to information on accidents, construction, areas of congestion, road closures, weather conditions, and traffic-impacting events. Subscribers can store commute routes and retrieve traffic on or around those routes. Commute Wizard provides zip code-to-zip code reports. Read More

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