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test & measuring instruments, sensors, monitors & transducers

Deviation Measurement Systems survey boreholes.

February 9, 2016

Supporting variety of drilling operations, Cabled Boretrak and Rodded Boretrak systems provide vital borehole deviation analysis required to make fast and informed decisions. Stand-alone Boretrak® Viewer software enables any deviation from intended path to be measured, monitored, and addressed to achieve safe and efficiently planned drilling and blasting. Software offers single-click report generation on all holes, and can export data as DXF, custom ASCII, or PHD. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, test & measuring instruments

Modular Metrology Fixtures promote precise, repeatable results.

September 30, 2015

Available for use on CMMs, Equator gauging systems, and multi-sensor inspection systems, flexible and repeatable system affords precise and efficient part holding. Fixturing plates have hard-anodized coating of Nituff® to resist wear and scratching, steel components are black oxide coated for durability, and magnetic standoffs are made with alnico magnets for temperature stability and wear resistance. Most fixturing components are hand tightened and do not require special tooling. Read More

software, test & measuring instruments

Industrial Gauge is cell-ready with software and process monitor.

December 17, 2014

Equator™ Flexible Gauge works with EZ-IO software, which facilitates cell controller communications configuration and allows intelligent functions, such as automatic re-mastering, upon detection of change in shop floor temperature and then directs robot/shuttle system to load master part into gauge. Process Monitor display provides graphical chart of history of feature measurements and enables management of mastering process according to temperature, time, or number of parts measured. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Shop-Floor Comparative Gauge supports two probing technologies.

September 19, 2014

Equator™ supports touch-trigger probing via TP20 probe for single-point probing applications. Suited for in-line gauging tasks, TP20 can be used for capture of discrete point data. Equator can also switch automatically to SP25 scanning module, which allows continuous scanning of features at speeds to 200 mm/s, and use integrated changing rack to provide any combination of measurement routines. Gauge uses principle of mastering to cope with changes in temperature on shop floor and offers Feature Compare function. Read More

communication systems & equipment, sensors, monitors & transducers

Laser Radar Sensor delivers high accuracy, dynamic positioning.

June 3, 2014

Fanbeam provides repetitive dynamic positioning to offshore support vessels and other marine structures. While adding performance and stability through control software that increases reliability of single-target tracking capability, system allows multiple operator stations for when control needs to be transferred between bridge personnel. Target tracking and modeling prevent spurious targets from causing drive off, and intelligent clutter rejection provides clear signals. Read More

optics & photonics, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Mini Incremental Optical Encoder has filtering optics, AGC, AOC.

March 19, 2014

With readhead as small as 6.7 x 12.7 x 20.5 mm, ATOM™ non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system uses filtering optics with Auto Gain Control (AGC) and Auto Offset Control (AOC) for optimal signal stability and dirt immunity. Encoder offers analog speeds to 20 m/sec (29,000 rpm on 17 mm disc) and digital resolutions to 1 nm when used with Renishaw interpolation electronics. Scale options include linear and rotary (angle) scales in stainless steel and glass. Read More


Laser Calibration Analysis Software offers error compensation.

March 7, 2014

Compatible with ML10, XL-80, and XR20-W laser calibration systems, XCal-View lets user select, edit, and format data in variety of graph formats. Generic error compensation allows assessment of machine errors and creation of linear compensation files, while zero-point shifting function allows data to be offset so that effective "0" position is different from one used for data capture. Data can be transferred to other programs such as MS Excel, and PDF reports can be generated and printed. Read More

software, test & measuring instruments

Comparative Gauging System offers instant inspection status.

December 9, 2013

Equipped with process monitoring software, Equator displays measurement results of inspected features, as well as measurement history of each feature, instantly via monitoring window in shop-floor user interface. Organizer front-end software works with MODUS™ program to let operators manage re-mastering process based on temperature limits, number of parts, or time since last master. Status bargraph shows inspection results for last part measured as proportion of tolerance either side of nominal. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Rotary Axis Calibrator measures angular position to ±1 arc sec.

March 18, 2013

Operating with XL-80 or ML10 laser interferometers, Model XR20-W wirelessly measures angular position of rotary axes for testing accuracy of lathes, multi-axis machine tools, trunnion tables, and spindles. Off-axis rotary software allows XR20-W to be used even when it cannot be positioned directly on rotary axis under test. Software calculates true position and records axis performance and errors when compared to intended target. Test results are sent to PC via Bluetooth® connection. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Comparative Gauge accommodates tall and fixtured parts.

January 31, 2013

Equator 300 can inspect features on parts up to 300 mm tall as well as those attached to machining fixtures, with changeover to smaller parts using extended fixture plate spacer. Space below gauging system facilitates automated part handling with robots and conveyors. This alternative to traditional dedicated gauging can switch between parts in seconds, offers push-button operation, and uses fixturing that positions parts to within 1 mm of where master was measured. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Five-Axis CMM uses probe for surface finish inspection.

November 9, 2012

With SFP1 probe option, featuring 6.3 to 0.05 Ra measurement capability, REVO® 5-Axis CMM integrates surface finish inspection within coordinate measurement routines. Probe comes with straight and cranked styli, which are selected via measurement program control using modular rack system. With straight stylus, SFP1 can perform measurement trace within 10 mm diameter bore to depth of 100 mm. Skidded probe, featuring 2 µm radius diamond stylus tip, outputs Ra, RMS, and raw data formats. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Additive Manufacturing Systems offer rapid material changeover.

July 27, 2012

Able to process various materials, AM125 and AM250 come with variable powder delivery capabilities and safe-change filter system. Fully welded vacuum chamber and minimal oxygen content in build atmosphere allow processing of reactive materials, while laser melting additive-metal manufacturing process can produce fully dense metal parts direct from 3D CAD data using fiber laser. While AM125 utilizes cassette type materials delivery system, AM250 offers removable hopper. Read More

communication systems & equipment

Radio Transmission System offers on-machine tool setting.

July 26, 2012

Integrated on machining centers and CNC milling machines, Model RMI-Q offers automated on-machine tool setting, tool breakage detection, part set-up/verification without cables. System is used to activate spindle-mounted touch probe or table-mounted tool setting probe, and gives visual indication of activated device. Utilizing 2.4 GHz FHSS radio transmission, system enables uninterrupted operation in busy radio environments. Transmission range up to 15 m makes RMI-Q suitable for large machines. Read More

optics & photonics, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Absolute Optical Encoders suit ultra high vacuum environments.

July 19, 2012

Constructed from vacuum-compatible materials and adhesives, RESOLUTE(TM) UHV Encoders offer true-absolute position feedback and resolutions to 1 nm for both linear and rotary applications. Units determine position immediately upon switch-on, without need for any movement or battery backup. Designers can choose from variety of linear scales in either stainless steel or ZeroMet(TM) low thermal expansion alloy, with accuracy to better than ±1 µm on lengths up to 1.13 m. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Additive Manufacturing Systems process reactive materials.

May 25, 2012

Capable of producing dense metal parts from 3D CAD data using fiber laser, Model AM125 provides part-build volume of 125 x 125 x 125 mm, while Model provides 250 x 250 x 300 mm with Z axis extendable to 360 mm. Machines build parts layer by layer, in thicknesses from 20-100 microns, using fine metal powders. Both have build rates of 5-20 cm³/hr, dependent on material, part density, and geometry. Equipped with fully welded vacuum chamber, systems operate at oxygen concentrations below 50 ppm. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Programmable Comparative Gauge has parallel kinematic structure.

July 7, 2011

Able to be programmed for multiple parts and re-programmed in minutes, Equator(TM) enables high-speed comparative gaging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. Software-programmable solution can switch between different parts in seconds, and repeatable gaging technology utilizes comparison of production parts to reference master part. Re-mastering is as quick as measuring production part and immediately compensates for any change in thermal conditions on shop floor. Read More

sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

True Absolute Encoder offers FANUC serial communications.

April 29, 2011

RESOLUTE(TM) is available with FANUC serial communications in linear encoder formats, offering sub-micron accuracy and resolutions to 1 nm. Suited for precision machine tool builders requiring max performance from linear axes, product promotes smooth velocity ripple and servo stiffness while reducing hysteresis errors. It determines absolute position immediately upon switch-on, and images are captured, analyzed, and interpolated to resolutions as fine as 1 nm at speeds to 100 m/sec. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Part Gauging System can be programmed for multiple parts.

March 10, 2011

Equator(TM) gauging system is capable of high-speed comparative gauging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. Controller runs Equator-specific Windows applications and enables users to create and execute DMIS measurement programs, change measurement settings, and transfer data or programs. Systems are available in programmable version for production engineers to create DMIS programs and shop floor system that allows programs to be executed but prevents operators from making modifications. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, test & measuring instruments

Multiplex Assay System analyzes up to 10 targets/sample.

March 7, 2011

RenDx(TM) RUO multiplex assay system, configurable to individual research requirements, features reagents kit with materials needed to process 100 assays, and robotic sample processor with touchscreen interface. It also includes analyzer that uses surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS) to detect and analyze range of samples. Analysis is direct from sample and product is suited for clinical research, pharmaceutical, food and drink, and environmental applications. Read More

optics & photonics, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Absolute Optical Encoders deliver 27-bit resolution at 36,000 rpm.

August 13, 2010

Providing true absolute positioning in linear/rotary models, RESOLUTE(TM) has single-track optical scale that eliminates misalignment and allows wide setup tolerances. Resolution of 1 nm at up to 100 m/s accommodates linear and angle encoding applications, and absolute position is acquired immediately upon switch-on and without battery backup. Product reads fine-pitch, 30 µm scale, resulting in noise levels with jitter less than 10 nm RMS. Sub-divisional error is ±40 nm. Read More

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