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Edwards Vacuum Technology

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump prevents powder deposition.

February 24, 2014

Pairing rotor with iXA Series on-board controller, Model STP-iXA4506 maximizes allowable gas throughput for high-flow processes. Absence of mechanical bearings virtually eliminates periodic maintenance. Operating at speeds up to 4,300 l/s N2 with throughput up to 4,330 sccm N2, pump is suitable for semiconductor etch, LCD etch, glass coating, solar PVD, and coating PVD applications. When needed, thermal management system can be added to minimize accumulation of deposits and particulates. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps handle large gas volumes.

February 7, 2012

With ultimate vacuum typically down to 3.8 x 10<sup>-4</sup> Torr without purge, Models GXS450 and GXS750 deliver peak pumping speeds up to 435 cfm. When combined with booster pump, units offer speeds up to 1,978 cfm. Pump mechanism can be cleaned using high flow purge and solvent flush accessory, which removes need to partially strip pump. Fitted with controller as standard, pumps are suited for steel degassing and metallurgy processes, glass coating, solar coating, and LED manufacture. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment, green & clean

Dry Vacuum Pumps feature tapered screw technology.

October 21, 2011

Suited for liquid and solids handling in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical processes, CXS Pumps offer vacuum down to 10<sup>-3</sup> mbar with no contamination of process stream or cooling water and no effluent generation. Tapered screw technology gives smooth, gradual compression along length of rotor for optimized pumping at all inlet pressures. Independently certified for hazardous environments, units can pump up to 1 L of liquid/min continuously and up to 25 L slugs without stopping. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps are virtually maintenance-free.

July 7, 2010

Providing vacuum down to 1 x 10<sup>-3</sup> mbar, GXS Series features service life up to 5 years, even in harsh applications. Pump mechanism can be cleaned using high flow purge and solvent flush accessory, eliminating need to partially strip pump. Shafts are supported at both ends, resulting in optimized dust handling, minimized vibration, and noise levels below 64 dB(A). Applications include lamination, coating, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and food process freeze drying, and packaging. Read More

hvac, machinery & machining tools

Exhaust Management Systems use vacuum and abatement technologies.

March 19, 2010

Incorporating iXH harsh process vacuum pump and Atlas(TM) gas abatement solutions, Zenith(TM) series helps address vacuum and abatement demands for advanced semiconductor processing at 60 nm and smaller design rules. It offers range of turnkey, process-centric exhaust management solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. Featuring completely integrated components, product range provides full internal distribution as well as regulation and monitoring of all services. Read More

hvac, waste handling equipment, green & clean

Abatement System suits solar cell, flat panel manufacturing.

October 30, 2009

Featuring integrated wet scrubbing system, Spectra ZW is used for abating deposition and clean gases used in high gas flow chemical vapor deposition process steps in solar and flat panel manufacturing. High-flow particulate and acid gas capture and processing are provided in one standalone system, which can also be integrated into Zenith for custom-built abatement and vacuum pump design. Greater than 99.5% of silica powder produced during abatement process is captured by system. Read More

cleaning products & equipment, machinery & machining tools

Abatement System features microwave plasma and wet scrubber.

June 17, 2008

Addressing gas abatement challenges arising from dielectric and polysilicon etch processes used in semiconductor manufacturing, Sirius(TM) 6000 system reduces fab greenhouse gas emissions by 95% over wide range of total flow rates and perfluorocompound (PFC) concentrations. High-density plasma delivers more energy to abatement process, reduces PFC gases to hydrogen fluoride (HF), and prevents creation of harmful by-products, such as carbon tetrafluoride (CF4). Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Vacuum Pump suits new semiconductor manufacturing processes.

February 26, 2008

Featuring modular design, iXH series of vacuum pumps meets increasing demands of emerging processes required for semiconductor manufacturing at 60 nm and smaller design rules. Gas Buster(TM) inlet purge helps deal with process byproducts and minimize system maintenance and Active Utility Control (AUC) includes idle mode for periods when pump is not in use. Pump mechanism can handle hydrogen and also withstands corrosive effects of ammonia. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment, laboratory and research supplies & equipment

Turbomolecular Pump targets laboratory vacuum systems.

February 1, 2008

Combining turbomolecular and drag stages with fluid dynamic stage, EXT406PX allows customers to build compact vacuum systems capable of withstanding high backing pressures even with continuous gas loads at main inlet. It can sustain normal operation at backing pressure of up to 17 mbar and has protection against mains variation on backing pump. System is available in 2 ranges: ISO and CF 160 with nitrogen pumping speeds of 400 L/sec and ISO and CF 100 with pumping speeds of 310 L/sec. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Dry Vacuum Pump System suits degassing of steel alloys.

December 27, 2007

Facilitating maintenance, cleaning, and waste disposal, oil-free Dry Pumping System consists of HV30000, SN7000, and IDX1000 pumps arranged in 3 stages, pre-mounted, piped, and fully wired on 2-part skid. Each skid is nominally capable of vacuum degassing 23 tons of steel, so numerous skids can be mounted in parallel and integrated with steel degassing tank to suit required ladle sizes, typically up to 160 tons or more. Read More

controls & controllers, hvac

Exhaust Management Systems feature idle mode.

December 26, 2007

ATLAS(TM) and TPU families of combustion exhaust management systems are available with idle mode that allows abatement systems to go into standby mode with reduced fuel and water consumption when exhaust is not flowing from attached process equipment. Available with 1-6 inlets, ATLAS systems provide exhaust management for CVD and etch processes (PECVD, HDPCVD, and WCVD), and are suited for treating exhaust streams containing fluorine (PFCs), SiH4, TEOS, WF6, and NH3. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Vacuum Pump eliminates need for cables and accessory rack.

December 11, 2007

Rated at 2,200 L/sec, iXA(TM) series of turbomolecular vacuum pumps exhaust process gases from physical vapor deposition, etching, chemical vapor deposition, or ion implant equipment in semiconductor, flat panel display, solar energy, and industrial glass coating applications. Pump includes 5-axis magnetic bearing system and RS232/485 (Profibus) serial communication interfaces. Unit features power supply and control modules that can be mounted in various configurations directly on pump. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Dry Pumps handle wide range of flammable vapors.

July 17, 2007

ATEX-compliant CPH(TM) chemical dry pump series operates from atmospheric pressure down to less than 0.5 mbar. Model CPH250 features 250 m³/hr throughput and model CPH400 offers 400 m³/hr capacity. They are also available as pre-engineered pump and booster combinations with EH mechanical boosters, providing compact package with pumping speeds up to 2,700 m³/hr. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Diffusion Pump targets light- and heavy-duty industry.

July 5, 2007

Model HT20B(TM) provides throughput of up to 19 mbar ls<sup>-1</sup> for nitrogen, and features pumping speed of up to 8,000 ls<sup>-1</sup>. Boiling assembly and machined, cast aluminum interior enable system to be maintained between oil changes, and sight glass allows operators to check oil level whether pump is running or not. It has 3 power modes to reduce power consumption when pump is on standby or lightly loaded and then rapidly switched to full power for processing. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Abatement System suits compound semiconductor processes.

July 3, 2007

Featuring 6-inlet head, combustion-based Spectra-G(TM) is capable of treating all exhaust gases generated by MOCVD production tools and uses exhaust gas itself as primary fuel source. High velocity air flow transports heat and combustion products out of system, completely eliminating need for water and treatment facilities. Oxide particles can be removed from air stream by filtering or central scrubber. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, machinery & machining tools

Gas Abatement Solution aids in semiconductor processing.

June 19, 2007

Based on inward-fired combustion technology, HELIOS 6(TM) gas abatement solution has head design with 6 inlets for process gases and one inlet for gas box purges or other ancillary operations. Unit does not require compressed air and can reduce hydrogen concentrations below lower explosive limit (LEL) in flows as high as 200 slm. Applications include high hydrogen flow processes, such as Si and SiGe epitaxy, LPCVD tungsten, and compound semiconductor MOCVD. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, controls & controllers, hvac

Gas Abatement Systems target semiconductor manufacturers.

April 5, 2007

Equipped with 1-6 inlets, ATLAS(TM) Abatement Systems combine combustion abatement and wet scrubbing stages for optimal powder handling and immunity to corrosion. They offer temperature management system, flow capacity up to 600 slm, and color touch-screen display that facilitates operation and maintenance. ATLAS TCS addresses common CVD gases, while ATLAS TPU addresses PFC gases in CVD and etch processes, and ATLAS Kronis addresses low-k CVD gases in next-generation processes. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Evaporation Source is used in OLED and solar cell production.

September 7, 2006

Offering control of temperature profile and deposition rate, evaporation source is available in 2 sizes with 2 or 4 cc charge capacity. It contains heating element, temperature sensor, and interchangeable crucible and is operated by single- or 4-channel source controller that uses temperature ramps and self-tuning control loops to allow user-defined source temperature profile. Controllers operate sources between 50-600°C with accuracy of ±0.1°C. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Liquid Abatement System produces concentrated metal waste.

August 11, 2006

EPMA(TM) (electroplated metals abatement system) processes metal laden waste streams from both CMP and multiple plating operations. Combining fluidized bed ion exchange system and multiple stage nano-filtration unit, system reduces waste volumes by 1,000 to 1 or more and metals in the concentrated waste exceed 20,000 ppm. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Diffusion Pump offers half-power energy-saving mode.

May 24, 2006

Offering fit-and-forget vacuum solution, Model HT16B features machined cast aluminum interior for stability and stainless steel body to prevent corrosion and ensure cleanliness. Sight glass enables operator to check oil level of pump without disturbing integrity of vacuum system. Design of interior and boiler assembly enables pump's performance and ultimate vacuum to be maintained between oil changes. Read More

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