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Synectics, Inc.

181 W. Madison St. Ste. 2200, Chicago, IL, 60602, USA

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Claire Evans
United Kingdom
Phone: 44-0-161-212-1613
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Synectics, Inc.

optics & photonics, robotics, vision systems

Multimodal Cameras can be used in all light conditions.

April 30, 2014

For operational flexibility and image clarity, COEX™ TriMode camera stations offer 3 light-condition operating modes — color, mono, and thermal — in one unit suited for IP or fiber applications in hazardous and operational areas. Absolute positioning integration is available and enables capture of images of objects up to 10 km away. Other features include continuous rotation pan and tilt capabilities, continuous zoom, and virtually indestructible gearbox with backlash eliminating technology. Read More