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Materials & Material Processing

Fully Renewable Cup Stock has bio-based polyethylene coating.

Jun 08, 2016

Suited for hot and cold applications, fully renewable cup stock with sugarcane-based polyethylene coating allows for conversion by companies into cold cups (soft drinks and other cold beverages) and hot cups (coffee and other hot beverages) without requiring any changes to their existing manufacturing process. This fiber-based (paperboard) product runs dependably and seamlessly. Read More

Green & Clean, Material Handling & Storage

Refrigerated Beverage Cartons optimize storage and shelf space.

May 25, 2016

Available in 40, 48, 52, and 59 oz size options to accommodate storage inside refrigerator door and top shelf, SmartPak™ Cartons protect product flavor, nutrients, and vitamins while also maximizing pour control. Part of FreshHouse™ line optimized for renewability, recyclability, and reliability advantages, product is >70% paper from responsible forestry practices and offers graphic... Read More

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