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Sunlight Photonics, Inc.

2045 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ, 08817, USA

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Jodi Ciongoli
Phone: 732-362-7501 ext 102
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Sunlight Photonics, Inc.

optics & photonics, vision systems

Commercial/Civil UAV runs primarily on solar power.

June 3, 2014

Able to carry up to 5 kg payloads and provide ~100 W of electrical power, SUNLINK-5 UAV (unmanned airborne vehicle) is capable of working at altitudes to 10,000 ft, can operate exclusively on solar power, and provides persistent presence in excess of 8 hr. Airframe, made from composite materials with integrated solar cells, is built to withstand multiple launches and landings, winds, and turbulence. Complete system includes autopilot, ground control station, and associated software. Read More