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Ritch Blasi
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NexID Biometrics

automatic id, software

Security Software provides accurate fake finger detection.

April 2, 2015

Used as security authentication application, version 2.0 of fake-finger-detection (FFD) solution SDK is based on fingerprint spoofing-mitigation technology and leverages features that differentiate images captured from authentic versus fake fingerprints. Accuracy range is 96.5%–99.5% for catching bogus identification attempts across various fingerprint sensor types, such as touch or swipe, as well as such technologies as optical and capacitance. Read More


Fingerprint Sensor Software offers fake finger detection.

September 22, 2014

Providing spoof mitigation, NexID Software is designed for both mobile devices with fingerprint sensors, such as smartphones that have been proven vulnerable to spoofing, and embedded modules such as ATMs, which combine sensor and microprocessor controllers. Software integrates with embedded match-on-chip implementations where matching fake-finger-detection software executed on same process that controls fingerprint sensor's image capture, enrollment, and authentication operations. Read More

automatic id, software

Liveness Detection Software enhances mobile device security.

March 25, 2014

Residing in fingerprint sensor or main processor, Mobile Live Finger Detection (LFD) software endows mobile devices with liveness detection. Technology-agnostic solution enhances convenience and security of mobile users by detecting whether captured image from fingerprint sensor is from live person finger or falsified. Able to achieve authentication rates as high as 94%&ndash;97%, software works with all fingerprint sensors and mobile devices.<br /> Read More