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GaN Systems Corp.

2723 S. State St., Ann Arbor, MI, 48104, US

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Public Relations:
Nick Foot
PR Director
BWW Communications
United Kingdom
Phone: 44-1491-636393
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General Information:
Tracy Lamb
Phone: 613-686-1996 ext 149
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GaN Systems Corp.

Electronic Components & Devices

Normally-Off 100V GaN Transistors come in low-inductance package.

May 30, 2014

Respectively, normally off 100 V GaN transistors GS61002P, GS61004P, GS61006P, and GS61008P are 20 A/21 mΩ, 40 A/11 mΩ, 60 A/8 mΩ, and 80 A/5 mΩ parts. Half bridge device, GS71008P (80 A/5 mΩ), is also available. Enhancement mode parts feature┬áreverse current capability, source-sense for optimal high speed design, and minimal Total Gate Charge and Reverse Recovery Charge. RoHS-compliant, near chipscale, embedded GaNPX package minimizes inductance and optimizes thermal performance. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Normally-Off 650 V GaN Transistors aid high-speed system design.

May 30, 2014

Normally-off 650 V GaN transistors GS66502P, GS66504P, GS66506P, and GS66508P are, respectively, 8.5 A/165 mΩ, 17 A/82 mΩ, 25 A/55 mΩ, and 34 A/41 mΩ parts. Also available, GS43106L is 30 A/60 mΩ cascode. Reverse current capability, zero reverse recovery charge, and source-sense optimize high-speed design. These RoHS-compliant devices come in near chipscale, embedded GaNPX package that optimizes thermal performance as well as eliminates wire bonds and thereby minimizes inductance. Read More

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GaN Systems Corp.