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safety & security equipment

Protective Gloves incorporate cut-resistant yarn.

April 27, 2015

HyFlex INTERCEPT gloves include medium- and light-duty styles that bring comfort, dexterity, and protection to industrial workplace. Offering EN cut level 3, 4, and 5 and ANSI equivalent cut protection, gloves feature knitting technology blending engineered, synthetic, and natural fibers. Medium-duty gloves come in 10, 13, or 15 gauge palm dipped styles, while nitrile-based and breathable light-duty gloves offer FORTIX&trade; abrasion resistant, ZONZ&trade; comfort fit, and ANSELL GRIP technologies.<br /> Read More

safety & security equipment

Oil-Repellent Cut-Resistant Gloves combine protection, dexterity.

May 1, 2014

Delivering performance and protection needed for metal working applications, HyFlex 11-927 features Ansell RIPEL&trade; Liquid Repellence Technology and Ansell GRIP&trade; Technology combined with cut-resistant liner and high dip lining. This brings oil repellency, secure grip, and cut resistance to workers in slippery conditions. RIPEL technology creates liquid-impermeable layer in knit glove styles, preventing oil or lubricant from making even incidental contact with skin while enhancing hand health. Read More

safety & security equipment

Light-Duty Work Gloves provide abrasion resistance.

February 28, 2014

Providing comfort, safety, and durability, HyFlex® 11-818 and HyFlex® 11-840 incorporate FORTIX Abrasion Resistance Technology, which applies thin, resilient, and breathable nitrile foam coating to knitted gloves for abrasive applications. HyFlex 11-818 is designed with 15-gauge nylon-spandex liner, while HyFlex 11-840 features 18-gauge nylon liner. Using varying stitch designs around stress areas, ZONZ® knitting technology optimizes hand movement for dexterity and minimized fatigue. Read More

safety & security equipment

Ergonomic Rubber Insulating Gloves protect electrical workers.

January 24, 2014

Ergonomically shaped to reflect hand at natural rest position with non-splayed fingers, low voltage (Class 00 and 0) and high voltage (Class 2) Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves protect workers' hands when interacting with exposed energized, de-energized, or re-energized electrical circuits. Flexibility and dexterity allow for comfortable, prolonged wear during all electrical applications, while flared cuff allows room for clothing and improves ventilation. Read More

safety & security equipment

Impact Resistant Glove targets construction industry.

October 30, 2013

Made with ActivArmr® Madgrip Injection Technology&trade;, ActivArmr® 97- 321 Glove merges grip coating onto single seamless knitted liner, resulting in optimized impact protection, grip, and abrasion resistance as well as comfort and dexterity. Orange color maximizes visibility in dark or low-light conditions. In addition, breathable 97-300 ½-dipped glove is intended for masonry, carpentry, and other abrasive handling in outdoor work, while 97-310 series offers back-of-hand protection. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, safety & security equipment

Sensitivity-Optimized Gloves provide alternative to latex gloves.

September 30, 2013

Touch N Tuff® 73-500 sterile sensitive neoprene gloves and Touch N Tuff 73-300 clean sensitive neoprene gloves for Life Sciences industry are manufactured using SENSOPRENE® formulation, promoting sensitivity in double donning and dry applications. For workers in aseptic and clean environments, Touch N Tuff 83-300 powder free synthetic polyisoprene gloves have anti-slip finish on surface of fingers and palm area to enhance grip in wet handling applications. Read More

safety & security equipment

Safety Sleeve fosters productivity via protection, comfort.

July 26, 2013

Featuring anatomical and ergonomic design, one-size HyFlex 11-200 HI-VIZ&trade; sleeve combines comfort with ANSI level 3 cut performance and ANSI level 2 abrasion resistance for safety. Highly visible fluorescent yellow color helps keep workers safe in environments with poor light or where individuals work at distance. Adjustable system in forearm area and space in upper arm area ensure proper fit for all workers, while freedom of movement allows work without constraint. Read More

safety & security equipment

Nitrile Gloves protect hands against chemical exposure.

July 2, 2013

AlphaTec® 58-330 and 58-335 gloves help prevent hand injuries related to exposure to oils, fuels, solvents, bases, and esters in both medium- and heavy-duty applications while maximizing worker comfort via AquaDri® technology. Open-celled foam structure of AquaDri provides benefits of sponge with optimized moisture absorption to prolong glove use. Worn in wet and dry environments, gloves feature nitrile compound that offers puncture, snag, and abrasion protection. Read More

safety & security equipment

High Visibility Gloves feature ANSI Level 4 Cut Protection.

May 28, 2013

Featuring high-visibility DuPont&trade; Kevlar® Stretch Armor liner, HyFlex® 11-515 Gloves help keep workers' hands safe in low-light situations. Orange foam nitrile-coated palm provides ANSI Level 4 abrasion resistance, while safety yellow Intercept Technology® yarn provides visibility and dexterity. To optimize comfort, Knitted Variable Stitch Design releases tension in high stress areas. Silicone-free and made without latex, gloves may be machine laundered with minimal shrinking. Read More

materials & material processing, safety & security equipment

Sterile Single-Use Gloves feature latex-free design.

April 24, 2013

Constructed with polyisoprene, which mimics natural rubber, TouchNTuff 83-500 Gloves provide wearers with second skin fit and feel that delivers comfort and tactility without latex sensitization. Anti-slip finish on fingers and palm ensures grip in wet and dry work environments. Made of nitrile, TouchNTuff 93-700 Gloves provide chemical splash exposure resistance with long cuffs for forearm safety and textured fingertips for grip. Both are intended for life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Read More

food processing & preparation, safety & security equipment

Nitrile Gloves target workers in food related applications.

December 10, 2012

With VersaTouch 37-200 and VersaTouch 37-210 Gloves, food industry professionals can comply with regulatory requirements while protecting themselves and food they process from contamination. Thin reusable gloves feature UltraGrip Technology&trade; for optimal grip in wet or greasy conditions. Made of nitrile, gloves pose no risk of Type I allergies, offer flexibility even in cold environments, and can be used on their own or in combination with cut-resistant or thermal gloves. Read More

safety & security equipment

Sterile Gloves protect workers from hazardous chemicals.

December 10, 2012

Made of 100% synthetic polyisoprene, which is designed to mimic natural rubber, TouchNTuff 83-500 Gloves provide wearers with second skin fit and feel. SureFit Technology&trade; ensures gloves fit securely to forearm and prevent cuff from rolling down, while anti-slip finish on fingers and palm optimize grip in wet/dry environments. Offering puncture and tear resistance, TouchNTuff 93-700 Nitrile Gloves provide chemical splash protection, long cuffs for forearm safety, and textured fingertips. Read More

health, medical and dental supplies & equipment, safety & security equipment

Hybrid Respirator and Surgical Mask protects against pathogens.

December 7, 2012

Part of Active Infection Protection portfolio, GAMMEX N95 filters out 95% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size, exceeding worldwide standard for respirators of 0.3 microns set by NIOSH, US FDA, and Health Canada. This allows mask to remove many airborne particles contained in surgical smoke and filter out 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacterial microorganisms. For comfort, Breathable Face Seal allows air to circulate through top, bottom, and sides of respirator. Read More

safety & security equipment

Non-Latex Surgical Glove features animicrobial protection.

December 5, 2012

GAMMEX® Non-Latex Antimicrobial surgical glove protects healthcare workers against latex (Type I) allergies as well as microbial transmission due to intraoperative glove breaches. Antimicrobial chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) coating is effective against 99% of Hepatitis C virus, HIV-1 strain Mn, and 6 common infectious bacteria, including drug-resistant MRSA. Gloves are not proven to protect against blood-borne infections where skin is broken, cut, or punctured. Read More

safety & security equipment

Multipurpose Gloves offer flexibility, protection, durability.

November 21, 2012

Designed for construction workers' every need, ActivArmr® Multipurpose Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty gloves are made from engineered yarns and feature foam nitrile outer layer. Medium Duty gloves include DuPont&trade; Kevlar® fibers for protection and reinforced ridges on palm and back of hand for extra protection and durability. Heavy Duty gloves feature Patented Intercept Technology® with Stainless Steel and DuPont Kevlar; reinforced ridges offer palm and knuckle protection.<br /> Read More

safety & security equipment

Flame-Resistant Gloves protect upstream oil and gas workers.

September 25, 2012

ActivArmr® Flame Resistant 97-200 gloves deliver impact protection and flame resistance (NFPA 2112) without compromising comfort or dexterity. While proprietary bumper formulation covers knuckles, easy don/doff safety cuff enables quick release in case of accident. Construction includes palm padding, Hi Viz fabric with contrasting palm, Kevlar® stitching, and digital goat skin leather palm that provides resistance from cuts (ANSI 2), abrasion (ANSI 4), punctures (ANSI 2), and tears. Read More

safety & security equipment

Cut-Resistant Work Gloves provide flexibility and safety.

August 13, 2012

Silicone-free HyFlex® 11-435 gloves are made with combination of glass fiber and nylon yarn plaited with Dyneema® fiber, which provides users with ANSI Level 3 and EN Level 5 cut protection. Same combination of fibers provides breathability and cool feeling during use, while seamless construction and water-based polyurethane coating promote comfort and flexibility. Available in sizes 6-11, washable gloves are also rated anti-static ANSI ESD STD for safety in critical areas. Read More

safety & security equipment

Lightweight Work Gloves offer Level 3 abrasion resistance.

August 10, 2012

Measuring .8 mm thick, HyFlex® Ultra-Lite 11-618 Gloves are made with 18-gauge nylon liner and polyurethane coating that covers only palm and fingers, allowing breathability and comfort. Gloves are appropriate for both dry and slightly oily environments. With Level 3 rating for abrasion resistance and Level 1 for cuts, gloves are suited for applications requiring precision, including light assembly, white goods and electrical goods manufacturing, cosmetics/plastics, and finishing work. Read More

safety & security equipment

Ergonomic Work Gloves protect workers from arc flash.

May 8, 2012

Arc Rated for Hazard/Risk Category (HRC) 2 with rating of 12.0 cal/cm², PowerFlex® 80-813 gloves combine EN Level 4 flame resistance, cut protection, and ergonomics. Cut-resistant yarn offers ANSI Level 4 cut protection in wet, oily, and dry work environments, and coated palms promote grip. To ensure ergonomic fit, lessen fatigue, and reduce possibility of carpal tunnel injuries, knitted variable stitch design (KVSD) releases tension in high stress zones. Read More

safety & security equipment

Work Gloves protect workers' hands and promote performance.

April 5, 2012

HyFlex® 11-644 gloves combine High Performance Polyethylene yarn with gray polyurethane palm coating to provide ANSI Level 2 cut protection and Level 5 abrasion protection. Ansell Cut Protection Technology(TM) ensures dexterity and flexibility while promoting extended wear. Gloves are soft and cool to skin for all day comfort and mold naturally to hands to prevent fatigue. Able to grip in light oil and dry applications, tear-resistant products are applicable for range of industries. Read More

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