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controls & controllers, fluid & gas flow equipment, test & measuring instruments

Module Node supports solenoid valve integration into DCS.

April 13, 2016

With ASCO Numatics 580 CHARacterization Module (CHARM) node, Numatics' 500 Series pneumatic valves and manifolds can be fully integrated into DeltaV™ S-series distributed control system network with Electronic Marshalling technology. Node uses native capability of DeltaV for diagnostics of pneumatic valves, brings redundant communications and power connections to pneumatic valve manifolds, eliminates need for additional dedicated networks like Profibus-DP, and simplifies system I/O mapping. Read More

material handling & storage, mechanical components & assemblies

Repairable Round Line Cylinders offer mounting, threading options.

October 13, 2015

In addition to magnets and bumpers as standard features, 488 Series offers optional adjustable cushions. Products come in metric sizes and offer 17 mounting styles; full-flow port thread types (BSPT, NPTF, G, and M7); and rod end configurations. Constructed to accommodate cycle rates found in packaging and automotive applications, pneumatic cylinders have flush round profile tube and encapsulated cushions. Smooth surfaces are resistant to corrosion buildup. Positioning sensors are available. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment, material handling & storage

Filter-Regulator-Lubricators offer extended temperature range.

September 25, 2015

Intended for broad range of air preparation applications, 652 Series offers extended high- and low-temperature capabilities from -40 to 80°C. Modular units feature manifold endplate flanges that allow technician to pull manifold assembly out of service without disconnecting piping. Available in 3 port sizes from ¼ to ½ in., 652 Series incorporates front-facing low-profile gauges and optional red/green pressure indicators that can be set to desired range. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Stainless Steel Spool Valves deliver mission-critical reliability.

June 23, 2015

Respectively designed for double- and single-acting process valve applications, 4-way 562 Series and 3-way 362 Series are used for control valve automation in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets. Both versions are available in ¼ in., 316L stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance in harsh environments and incorporate solenoid technology for mission-critical reliability. Low-power solenoid versions consume as little as 1.4 W.<br /> Read More

mounting & attaching products

Directional Valve Panel Mount Plate conserves space in cabinets.

April 29, 2015

By letting OEMs and end-users directly connect 501 Series valve manifold to panel in wall or floor of cabinet, Numatics 501 Series adapter plate eliminates need for complex tubing routing and bulkhead fittings, reduces custom machining and drilling, and simplifies panel layout. Design suits pneumatic panel applications in process industries where directional control valves are installed in cabinet due to environmental or packaging constraints. Product also helps minimize leaks and air loss. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment, green & clean

Compact Directional Control Valve offer high flow rate.

September 3, 2014

For directional control and piloting applications, Numatics 501 Series general-purpose automation valve lets engineers achieve flow of 15&ndash;20 mm valve in more compact package. Pressure shut-off option permits replacement of individual valves without stopping production process, while combination of pressure regulator and Numasizing® engineering tool can minimize air and energy consumption. Also available, dual 3-way version enables placement of two 3-way valves in space of 4-way valve. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Flapper Isolation Valve enhances clinical, analytical instruments.

July 30, 2014

Designed for use with neutral and aggressive liquids and gases, 16 mm ASCO 068 Series flapper isolation solenoid valve leverages technology that promotes throughput while reducing sample sizes and calibration requirements. Flapper technology allows pressures up to 116 psi to be achieved at large orifice sizes while preventing fluid contamination that can result from spikes in back pressure. Other features include 20 msec response time, volume control, and self-draining capability. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

High-Pressure Solenoid Valve suits CNG dispensing applications.

August 28, 2013

Featuring rugged construction and internal design tailored to meet industry requirements for solenoid valves, ASCO 291 Series serves compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensing applications. Each valve safely withstands pressures exceeding 5,000 psi and consumes 12 W of power. Flow rate permits accelerated vehicle fueling and promotes reliability, reducing maintenance and down time. Products come in 3 pipe sizes &mdash; 3/8, ½, and 1 in. &mdash; as well as 3- and 6-station manifold versions. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Pneumatic Directional Control Valves operate up to 115 psig.

November 26, 2012

Comprised of dual 3- and 4-way solenoid air pilot actuated valves, 503 Series offers spool-and-sleeve or rubber seal models and proprietary or ISO versions to meet diverse application requirements. These pneumatic directional control valves meet needs of automation and piloting applications across automotive and tire, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging equipment, and general machinery industries. Manifold or individual base mountings are available: proprietary or ISO 15407. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Composite Solenoid Valves suit water purification applications.

October 3, 2012

Incorporating FasN&trade; universal connection system, 212 Series connects to any type of fitting, including NPT, quick-connect, and solvent-bond. Valves operate at pressures up to 150 psi and temperatures to 180°F. Engineered plastic body is built to achieve up to 1 million operating cycles. Tested and certified by NSF International, valves are suitable for reverse-osmosis and misting applications in food/beverage industry, restaurants, grocery stores, and boilers. Read More

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