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Kennametal Inc.

machinery & machining tools, non-industrial products, welding equipment & supplies

Grooving and Cut-Off Tool features single-sided design.

October 19, 2015

Available in multiple grades for dozens of applications, Beyond Evolution™ offers tight indexing tolerances. Triple V design, with top, bottom, and backside V-shaped seating in holder pocket, creates pull-in effect for maximum stability for deep grooving, face grooving, side turning, and profiling applications. Plunge and turn geometries are also available, and coolant is directed precisely to cutting edges underneath chip to dissipate heat and extend tool life. Read More

machinery & machining tools, materials & material processing, sensors, monitors & transducers

Flow Tuning and Measurement System offers accuracy to ±1%.

May 21, 2015

Based on MICROFLOW technology, which monitors flow of abrasive media through small passages in real-time, EXTRUDE HONE™ MF PROGRESS™ is aimed at orifices 100–350 µm in parts less than 30 mm in diameter and flow rates up to 5 lpm. Modular system is available in various inside station layouts, including flow tuning, media reclaim, flush module, test module, and marking. Machine comes with expanded on-screen maintenance capabilities and optimized filtration to further pump and valve life. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Milling Grade accelerates high-temperature alloy machining.

April 30, 2014

Available in face milling, copy milling, and shoulder milling platforms, KCSM30 combines fine-grained carbide substrate for strength and stability with TiAlN PVD coating for wear resistance. Product lets shops increase cutting speeds to 230 sfm and is also available in Beyond Blast composition, where integral coolant channels deliver coolant through insert to cutting edge under chip. Coolant is only delivered in insert quadrant actually cutting, allowing inserts to remain indexable. Read More

machinery & machining tools, portable tools

Wear-Resistant Cutter targets road-milling companies.

April 9, 2014

Road Razor II™ has shape and hardness throughout head area that facilitates and accelerates cutting while extending operation intervals. While carbide ring segments below tip provide wear protection for steel tool body, design minimizes vibration and subsequent power requirements. Material thickness at retainer end ensures optimal fit and rotation throughout tool life, while collar width provides holder protection. Read More

materials & material processing, non-industrial products, welding equipment & supplies

Wear-Resistant Skis protect road milling machinery.

April 4, 2014

Super C&trade; or KenCast&trade; skis deliver wear protection for replacement skis for road milling machines. Super C chromium carbide overlay suits applications requiring optimal abrasion resistance with moderate impact. Welding process produces hexagonal chromium carbides (M<sub>7</sub>C<sub>3</sub>), which contribute to wear resistance in sliding abrasive applications. For higher wear protection, KenCast composite material offers wear resistance of tungsten carbide and toughness and weldability of steel. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Milling Cutter achieves true 90° shoulders.

September 18, 2013

Featuring double-sided insert with 4 cutting edges, Mill 4-15 can take up to .590 in. depth of cut. Unique cutting design assures positive contact through 90° milling and offers virtually stepless solution for stepping down applications. Inserts are available precision ground or molded with corner nose radii from 0.4&ndash;2.4 mm. Multiple cutter body options, including screw-on, cylindrical shank end mills, Weldon shank end mills, and shell mill cutters with internal coolant feature are available. Read More

machinery & machining tools, mechanical components & assemblies

Spindle Connection aids work with high-strength materials.

September 18, 2013

As interface between machine tool spindle and toolholder, KM4X100&trade; delivers clamping force and interference levels which provide robust connection, stiffness, and bending load capacity needed for machining high-strength alloys and other materials. Three-surface contact for stability and clamping force distribution and interference fit optimize bending moment resistant capacity. KM4X systems can be applied on multi-tasking, turning, machining centers, and transfer machines. Read More


Digital Intelligence Tools promote manufacturing productivity.

September 18, 2013

Comprised of Tool Advisor, Tool Selector, Tool Configurator, and Job Functionality tools, NOVO&trade; addresses need for improved productivity and process knowledge for manufacturing companies. Support for CAD models, complete assembly lists, automated job report functionality, and more promotes process planning efficiency. Users can access this solution via PC application and tablet solutions and are provided with all knowledge from 50,000+ branded Kennametal products. Read More

machinery & machining tools, services

Fine-Boring System achieves closed-loop operation.

June 21, 2013

Allowing users to dial in tolerances while tool is mounted in machine tool, Romicron® systems produce high-accuracy holes at high RPMs. Users can produce finish bores with tolerances of few microns in diameter and bore-to-bore variations of few tenths of one micron. Using cartridges or boring bars, every tool can be adjusted in diameter via dial ring in 2 micron increments to achieve close tolerances. Romicron AVS tooling covers 0.984&ndash;3.11 in. dia and can run in spindles up to 20,000 rpm. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Solid Ceramic End Mill comes in 4- or 6-fluted versions.

May 6, 2013

Beyond KYS40&trade;-grade solid ceramic endmill is capable of roughing at cutting speeds up to 3,300 sfm and machining high-strength nickel-based alloys. Enlarged core design optimizes tool rigidity and minimizes deflection at high cutting speeds. Also, unit features 40° helix angle for maximized shearing and chip evacuation. Product is available in 6-fluted version for face milling and profiling and 4-fluted, necked version for slot milling and pocketing. Read More

material handling & storage

Tool Management System expands supply-chain efficiencies.

March 29, 2013

At 100 lb, ToolBOSS&trade; portable demo unit includes computer with ToolBOSS Inventory Manager software, touchscreen, and 2 pre-configured tray levels. Flex Unit consists of full-size ToolBOSS frame that starts out with 8 drawers, but accommodates up to 26 levels as needed. With modular frame, ToolBOSS Modulo&trade; can be configured with different drawer and compartment sizes. For large manufacturing customers, ToolBOSS Roto Point&trade; can handle 234&ndash;468 secure locations with removable compartment dividers. Read More

adhesives & sealants, architectural and civil engineering products, paints & coatings

Wear Resistant Surface Treatments protect complex components.

March 22, 2013

Combining tungsten carbide-based materials with super alloy-based technologies, UltraFlex&trade; provides metallurgical-bonded, void-free cladding that extends service life of critical components in demanding environments. Treatments protect base materials such as carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, and cobalt and nickel alloys against abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and galling. Applied in thicknesses from 0.010&ndash; 0.080 in., UltraFlex conforms to intricate shapes and small internal diameters. Read More

fasteners & hardware, machinery & machining tools

Multipurpose Milling Cutters offer up to 8 indexable positions.

January 29, 2013

Specifically engineered for titanium and stainless steel applications, KSRM&trade; Series supports pocketing, profiling, ramping, and plunging with up to 1 mm fz. Inserts are available in 12 and 16 mm dia for KSRM face mills and screw-on, Weldon®, and cylindrical KSRM end mills. SGE styles are designed for medium and heavy milling tasks, while ELE inserts should be used at low cutting forces and to avoid edge build-up. In addition, 20 mm dia insert is available for KSRM face mill models. Read More

fasteners & hardware, machinery & machining tools

Indexable Milling Inserts include anti-rotation feature.

December 4, 2012

Available in 3 variable topography styles, Rodeka&trade; Series provides 12 cutting edges, while Rodeka&trade; 8 Series features 8 cutting edges and is engineered for turbine blade machining. LD style has honed edge for light to medium machining, while GD style has 10° positive T-land and hone for medium to heavy machining. Designed with 0° T-land and hone, HD styles take on heavy machining tasks. All double-sided inserts are suitable for pocketing, profiling, and face milling. Read More

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