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Adrian De Luca
Phone: 212-500-2097
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Locus Energy

software, green & clean

Solar Asset Management Software delivers real-time insight.

February 12, 2013

SolarNOC, enterprise-grade Web application for managing fleets of residential, commercial, and utility PV systems, is available as add-on for SolarOS&trade; monitoring platform. Features include role-based dashboard as well as system grouping and filtering tool. Integrated PV performance model, available in charting and reporting tools of SolarOS Portfolio Application, gives users access to weather-adjusted expected performance data across their fleets.<br /> Read More

software, green & clean

Solar Monitoring Software helps identify performance issues.

June 14, 2012

Intended for residential and commercial solar PV installations, SolarOS provides interface for setting up PV systems and managing existing sites. Each system has visual site map which displays how components such as meters, inverters, weather stations, and combiners/recombiners fit together. With SolarOS, users can analyze performance yield across fleet of systems. Yield data is calculated in real-time and available through email alerts and spreadsheet downloads. Read More

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