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Electric Machine Design Software accelerates productivity.

January 5, 2015

In addition to PC-AXM for axial flux machines, SPEED™ Suite v9.06 offers modules that cover conventional radial flux machines on synchronous, induction, switched reluctance, and brushed type machines. Solution supports transfer of SPEED problem definitions into embedded finite element solver as well as transfer of data in STAR-CCM+® for accelerated thermal 3D problem setups. All programs can now use .SD2 steel natively, and parameter units can now be added to custom editor/output. Read More


Simulation Software increases productivity with diverse features.

July 7, 2014

While providing physics models that let users perform realistic CAE simulations representing real-world conditions, STAR-CCM+® v9.04 promotes productivity via workflow, parallel meshing, and optimization capabilities. This simulation tool also includes such features as Concurrent Per-Part Meshing, Adjoint Solver Expression, and CAD robustness study in addition to DFBI (Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction) Contact Coupling, volume rendering, and Field Function Editor. Read More


Simulation Software focuses on realism, workflow, and usability.

March 7, 2014

STAR-CCM+® v9.02 provides users with features that add realism to design process, enhance workflows, increase throughput, and improve accuracy. Features, such as volume rendering capability, let engineers see inside flow field. While adjoint solver broadens applicability and usability with tumble and swirl cost function, Dispersed Multiphase model helps foster adoption of realistic use of simulation. Read More


Simulation Software is optimized for usability, efficiency.

October 30, 2013

STAR-CCM+ v8.06 offers interactive UI that promotes consistency of processes across large organizations or geographically dispersed teams. Best practices can be reproduced and deployed across entire organizations, and step-by-step approach guides users through stages to obtain meaningful results. Along with ability to use multiphase with overset, features include parallel trimmer, accelerated turnaround, and ability of Discrete Element Method particles to carry active scalar. Read More


Simulation Software maximizes engineering productivity.

July 5, 2013

With continuum-wide partitioning, STAR-CCM+ v8.04 optimizes parallel scalability for complex multi-region simulations. STAR-Cast user interface guides user through setup of casting simulations, while Update Events feature triggers processing actions at particular time and/or iteration of simulation. Object Selector facilitates entities selection, especially for sophisticated models. In version 8.04, overset bodies can now overlap, allowing modeling of relative motion of complex geometry. Read More


CAE Software accelerates engineering simulation.

November 26, 2012

With Continuity Convergence Accelerator, STAR-CCM+ v7.06 helps shorten product development schedules. To optimize product quality, software includes Droplet Collision and Coalescence model, Fluid Film Boiling capability, and Fluid Film Melting and Solidification model. Features such as load simulation dialogue, bounded/slider values, color bar formatting, table auto-export, and slider control for cross section visualization facilitate operation and analysis of results. Read More


Engineering Simulation Software offers overset meshing capability.

March 21, 2012

With overset meshing capability, STAR-CCM+ v7.02 allows user to generate individual mesh around each moving object, which then can be moved at will over background mesh. Indirect mapped interface allows use of non-conformal meshes between solid and fluid domains, minimizing time required to set up conjugate heat transfer simulation. Providing complete history of simulation, Solution History feature lets engineers record, store, compare, and visualize results from any analysis type. Read More


Simulation Software solves flow and heat transfer problems.

November 10, 2011

Designed to solve multidisciplinary engineering problems, STAR-CCM+ v6.06 features parallel I/O file system support, sparse solver for electrical solutions, polyhedral meshing, and CAD reading technology. Live Model Checker provides feedback of model validity during setup process, checking for consistency and conflicts. With software, users can import 3D splines or sheet bodies that can be used as basis for creating solid body for analysis purposes. Read More


CFD Engineering Software addresses flow, heat transfer, and stress.

July 11, 2011

In one integrated package, STAR-CCM+ v6.04 provides entire engineering process for solving problems involving flow, heat transfer, and stress. Capabilities for heat and mass transfer between phases, along with Eulerian multiphase capabilities, allow simulation of diverse situations. Support is also provided for parallel meshing; phase permeable walls; Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) with bonding/breaking; and liquid film formation, transport, and stripping. Read More

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