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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Inc

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Dale Rasmussen
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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Inc

material handling & storage, welding equipment & supplies, green & clean

CNG Storage Tanks come in collar mounted design.

December 20, 2013

Q-Lite™ CNG (compressed natural gas) storage tanks can be collar mounted for both back-of-cab systems and side rail-mounted systems. This variant of Quantum standard strap mount design features extended end bosses that enable collar mounting. First application of these collar mount products is associated with 21 in. dia x 80 in. long tank (86 in. overall length with collar neck) which stores 28.4 DGE. Read More

material handling & storage, welding equipment & supplies, green & clean

Natural Gas Fuel Storage Systems ar fully integrated, assembled.

December 14, 2012

Pre-assembled, quality tested, and fully validated natural gas storage modules and system assemblies leverage Q-Lite™ carbon-composite gaseous fuel storage technology and are designed for accelerated integration onto variety of vehicle platforms. Products foster intelligent lightweight systems that maximize on-board fuel storage and contribute to improved fuel economy, handling, and emissions. Advanced natural gas storage systems also lend to weight reduction and increased fuel storage. Read More

material handling & storage, green & clean

Fuel Storage Systems support natural gas powered vehicles.

November 19, 2012

Aimed at heavy duty long-haul and medium duty vehicle segments, among others, Q-Lite™ Series supports rapid commercialization of natural gas powered internal combustion engine vehicles. Natural gas storage technology includes 1-piece lightweight liner system, shock absorbers, and corrosion- and fatigue-resistant structural shell with high-strength aluminum fittings. Advanced composite natural gas storage cylinder integrates on vehicles via lightweight brackets. Read More

material handling & storage, welding equipment & supplies, green & clean

Natural Gas Fuel Tanks promote fleet efficiency, capacity.

February 17, 2012

Composite compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks of 400 Series have Diesel Gallon Equivalency (DGE) of 26 gal and are constructed such that their overall weight minimizes requirements for mounting support. Consequently, construction also increases available payload as well as on-board storage capacity. These tanks target commercial natural gas fleets, including refuse truck applications. Read More

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Diesel Hybrid Electric Powertrain provides all-wheel drive.

October 28, 2009

Configurable for specialized military and commercial applications, 4-wheel Q-Force features SCADA system, hybrid control system that minimizes battery size through optimized charge controls and regenerative braking, and advanced traction motor/transmission system. In one configuration, diesel engine produces 75 hp, while electric motor provides 133 hp, and power train yields 5,463 lb-ft of torque after reduction. Read More

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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Inc