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communication systems & equipment

Portable Streaming Media Encoder includes MPEG2 TS support.

August 22, 2012

Niagara® 2200 portable streaming media encoder and Niagara 9100-2D high-density multiple encoder platform feature Niagara SCX® v7.0 encoding, control, and management software, which includes MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS) that supports MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding. While Niagara 2200 offers webcasting capabilities, analog inputs, and SD output, Niagara 9100-2D has 2 digital inputs and can deliver 2 simultaneous streams in SD or HD video formats. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Video Capture Card integrates audio with graphics interface.

February 28, 2012

Suited for lecture capture, Osprey® 820e provides ability to ingest video along with computer interface, eliminating need for 2 cards and multiple drivers. Dual input card can ingest SD or HD analog video as well as VGA, HDMI, and DVI. With ViewCast SimulStream® driver, multiple encoding applications can be fed simultaneously. SimulStream can create multiple streams of same type with independent settings for sizing, scaling, logos, and bit rates plus logo overlays with dynamic positioning. Read More

communication systems & equipment

Video Encoders support digital media applications.

January 23, 2012

With Niagara® 9100 Series, service providers, broadcasters, and enterprises can power digital content for live streaming/simulcasting, webcasting, mobile TV, archiving/video on demand, and IPTV. Units use multi-core CPU technology and can be configured for variety of video and audio inputs, including HD-SDI, component Y/C, and composite video with balanced, unbalanced, embedded, and AES/EBU audio. Via web interface, 1 RU encoders offer remote setup, control, and monitoring. Read More


Streaming Media Management Software supports adaptive formats.

October 18, 2011

Niagara SCX® v6.4 Adaptive Live Media Publisher simultaneously creates multiple H.264 video streams that are time-aligned to support delivery in adaptive formats. Adaptive streaming presentation features optimize viewer experience by allowing media player to dynamically select appropriate bit rate, frame rate, and scaling for each viewer's available bandwidth. Optimized MPEG-4 streaming encodes MPEG-4 streams for file segmenting, transmission, and storage. Read More

communication systems & equipment

HD Video Streaming Appliance meets professional demands.

July 26, 2011

Used for Web-based delivery of HD video, Niagara® 7550 features multi-core processing technology and adaptive streaming capabilities. It lets users capture and stream audio and video to IP and mobile networks in multiple formats and at multiple bit rates, all simultaneously. Operated via touch control interface, appliance accepts SD or HD video via SDI interface and can switch on-the-fly between HD or SD sources without re-initializing system. Read More


Digital Media Software manages live video/event streams.

July 6, 2011

Offered as standalone product, VMp Live lets users independently manage streaming media devices. Capabilities provide means of automating, scheduling, and delivering live events across enterprise or Web. Any number of video appliances may be remotely controlled while basic tasks - start/stop encoding, assigning encoding profiles, recording live feeds - are centralized and automated. Functionality also covers management of multiple encoders and profiles in each managed device. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Video Capture Card combines HD/SDI video and AES digital audio.

April 19, 2011

Leveraging PCIe technology, Osprey 710e HD allows users to ingest combination of high-definition serial digital interface video and AES digital audio using 4 AES/EBU inputs. Card accepts both SD and HD inputs and provides automatic adaptation between SD and HD signals. It includes loss of video detection, color space conversion, and automatic telecine detection and processing, as well as SimulStream® function, which enables simultaneous feeding of multiple encoding applications. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Multi-Stream Video Capture Cards support multi-platform delivery.

April 18, 2011

Designed to work with industry standard media encoding applications, Osprey® 260e and 460e, target webcasting, live streaming, podcasting, mobile TV, video on demand, and surveillance applications. Osprey 260e provides balanced or unbalanced audio in addition to one channel selectable between composite, component, or Y/C video, while Osprey 460e simultaneously captures 4 independent channels of analog video and unbalanced stereo audio signals and processes them independently. Read More

communication systems & equipment

Streaming Media Appliance delivers ruggedized portability.

September 2, 2010

Suited for event coverage, webcasting, or other streaming applications that require reliable mobile flexibility, Niagara 4100 takes in and transforms SD/HD video for delivery to web from any location. Simultaneous streaming can incorporate multiple resolutions, multiple data rates, and multiple streaming formats. Appliance can also accommodate various audio input formats and provides front panel controls that facilitate setup and operation. Read More


Streaming Media Management Software supports Apple devices.

April 22, 2010

Featuring adaptive bit-rate video encoding and integrated segmenting capabilities, Niagara SCX® 6.2 supports HTTP-based adaptive streaming to Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, and iTouch® mobile devices. iPhone Live Media Publisher multiplexes encoded audio and video packets into multiple GOP-aligned, simultaneously output, MPEG-2 Transport Stream files, which are uploaded to major Content Delivery Networks using CDN-specific authentication. Content protection is available via built-in AES-128 encryption. Read More


Video Production System aids digital media content management.

April 16, 2010

ViewCast Media Platform (VMp(TM)) helps organizations manage full life cycle of digital media content, including IP video. In addition to supporting online video publishing, live video streaming, video on-demand, and digital asset management, functionality covers content acquisition, transformation, indexing, workflow, and distribution. Modular architecture affords flexibility to evolve implementations as business needs, objectives, and applications change. Read More


Streaming Media Management Software supports local/remote control.

December 16, 2009

Available for Niagara Pro/II, Niagara GoStream SURF, and Niagara 7500 streaming media systems, Niagara SCX® v6.1 providing capabilities for streaming real-time, rich media content, and encoder management. Users can capture and stream multiple formats, simultaneously and in any combination, via one interface that supports all compatible streaming codecs. Features include support for live encoding in H.264 via Adobe® Flash® platform, profile grouping, and MSR/ASR functionality. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Portable Appliance streams video content across networks.

August 24, 2009

With support for H.264 streaming via Adobe Flash platform, Niagara 2120 provides plug-and-play solution for streaming video content across enterprise networks or Internet. SimulStream technology enables one video source to generate several video streams simultaneously, in multiple resolutions and bit rates, with each stream configured differently for end devices. Image scaling, cropping, de-interlacing, inverse telecine, and closed caption rendering capabilities are also included. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals, display & presentation equipment, services

Appliance simplifies video streaming via Internet.

January 14, 2009

Able to capture/encode/stream video via Web interface, Niagara® 2100 incorporates ViewCast SimulStream® technology to simultaneously stream, in multiple resolutions and data rates, in Windows Media format. Compact unit includes front panel display and accepts component, Y/C, and composite video inputs as well as balanced and unbalanced stereo audio inputs. Niagara SCX® streaming media management software is integrated for live broadcasting over Internet and to devices. Read More

communication systems & equipment, test & measuring instruments

Encoder suits web-based surveillance and traffic monitoring.

September 17, 2008

Niagara® 8224 high-density analog media encoder is able to capture, stream, and archive audio and video simultaneously on 8 channels. Each channel can be configured independently to deliver multiple streams, in multiple viewing formats and bit rates, and each stream can be individually sized, scaled, and customized with bitmap overlays or closed-caption prerendering. Encoder accepts various video and audio inputs and includes Niagara SCX® Pro and SimulStream® software. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Video Capture Card features 4 channels.

April 17, 2008

Based on super-high-speed PCI Express bus, Osprey-450e PCIe Card enables broadcasters to simultaneously capture 4 individual channels of analog video and unbalanced stereo audio channels and process them independently. Unit is optimized for live streaming video applications with features such as logo bitmap overlay with transparency, positioning controls, and ability to automatically detect and adapt on-the-fly when input video format changes from movie frame rates to TV frame rates. Read More

communication systems & equipment

Portable Encoder streams rich media content.

April 14, 2008

ViewCast Niagara® GoStream® SURF lets users capture video to simultaneously send multiple full-resolution streams to PCs and mobile devices in multiple formats at multiple bit rates. This offers flexibility to stream content from controlled studio environment or off-site location to capture live events or up-to-the-minute news. Powered by Osprey® video capture technology, portable streaming media encoding appliance comes with ViewCast Niagara SCX® Pro management and control software. Read More

communication systems & equipment, test & measuring instruments

Media Encoder enables streaming of multiple feeds.

November 30, 2006

Niagara® 7224 enables organizations to deliver live traffic video to public service agencies and local residents over Internet in Windows Media® and Real-Video formats. It features 2 Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processors and 2 integrated Osprey®-440 4-channel video and audio capture cards, providing 8 audio and video inputs per installed system. Multiple encoders can be combined on single network to support unlimited number of feeds, all under control of Niagara SCX® software. Read More

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