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Identec Solutions AG

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Dawn Antle
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Identec Solutions AG

mining, oil drilling & refining, sensors, monitors & transducers

Mining Equipment Monitor tracks ground engaging tools.

October 21, 2011

Accommodating every digger type and mine condition, i-GET addresses problems that arise from ground engaging tools (GET). All data from encased micro-size sensor inside digger's hollowed GET is processed by software that issues real-time alert if tooth breaks off from digger. GET sensors can be read even when buried in ore, enabling second check point where haul trucks pass through fixed reader installation. Handheld readers let personnel locate missing GET in ore. Read More

automatic id, material handling & storage, transportation industry products

Mobile Tracking Location System uses active RFID technology.

July 13, 2007

ILR Mobile Location System, using vehicle-mounted computer terminal outfitted with ILR® RFID reader and GPS receiver, automatically locates tagged assets and detects their current latitude/longitude within outdoor open yard to within 2 m. Able to manage hundreds to hundreds of thousands of assets, scalable solution employs positioning algorithms that tell system where each tagged item resides every time vehicle moves anywhere in yard. It also automatically re-maps that section. Read More

automatic id, labels, tags, signage & equipment

Self-Tracking RFID Tag offers satellite-assisted operation.

June 29, 2007

With read/write range in excess of 500 m, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS GPS Tag can be activated at any time with reader. It utilizes satellites in combination with RFID to chart its route and movement, ascertaining exact route and journey of any asset or person. Independently intelligent RFID tag delivers absolute location identification. Once within range of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS reader, it will provide information on asset movement. Read More

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Identec Solutions AG