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GRC Software expands partner branding opportunites.

August 5, 2013

With cloud-based TraceCSO, organizations of any size, industry, or security skill set can evaluate, create, implement, and manage comprehensive risk-based information security program, to protect against top information security risks. Directly within TraceCSO Partner Portal, consultants, VARs, and MSSPs will have multi-account visibility and actions when performing services, such as Risk Assessments, Compliance Reviews, Vulnerability Management, and IT Audits, to support their customer base. Read More


Simulation Software performs social engineering tests.

March 28, 2013

With cloud-based TraceSecurity Phishing Simulator, organizations can safely perform on-demand social engineering tests that mimic real-world phishing attacks. Results of self assessment are tracked, enabling organizations to evaluate effectiveness of existing information security policies, determine how well employees adhere to internal security procedures when presented with phishing email, assess level of security awareness among employees, and identify areas for remediation. Read More

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GRC Software supports cloud security.

February 27, 2013

Delivering comprehensive visibility and accountability, TraceCSO IT GRC optimizes risk and compliance profiles across all areas of organization. Software allows organizations of any size, industry, or security skill set to evaluate, create, implement, and manage comprehensive holistic and risk-based information security program, to protect their organizations from top information security risks, including cloud security and Bring Your Own Device concerns. Read More


API Software centralizes information security programs.

December 13, 2012

Using SOAP language, TraceCSO API enables seamless integration and automation of disparate security solutions into TraceCSO's information security program solution. Program extends all of TraceCSO’s functionality – such as automated monitoring of proper implementation, functionality, and effectiveness of security controls from risk, audit, and compliance perspective – to existing security solutions. TraceCSO API’s initial support covers wide variety of vulnerability management scanners. Read More


GRC Software addresses BYOD and cloud security.

October 5, 2012

Delivering visibility and accountability for optimized risk and compliance profiles across all areas of organization, TraceCSO allows organizations to evaluate, create, implement, and manage holistic information security program to protect organization from top information security risks, including cloud security and BYOD concerns. Centralized solution prioritizes risks to organization’s information, implements and audits security controls, and simplifies compliance reporting. Read More

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Vendor Management SaaS promotes efficiency and compliance.

July 8, 2008

Streamlining vendor due diligence, Trace Vendor Management consolidates vendor review and approval process with centralized vendor data, vendor maintenance, and reporting. Level of visibility helps organizations reduce risk by ensuring vendors are following proper standards, security best practices, and regulatory requirements. Via trade associations and independent verifiers, SaaS solution lets companies assess vendor risk before business relationship starts and throughout lifecycle. Read More


Compliance Software offers policy management capabilities.

June 19, 2008

Helping organizations meet regulatory mandates, TraceSecurity Compliance Manager v4.5 provides automatic and individualized policy creation based on industry-specific regulations and best practices, as well as policy change management and maintenance. Users can evaluate alignment with published regulations addressing ID Theft Red Flags rules, ensuring organization's ID Theft prevention program addresses all requirements. Program includes support for both NERC CIP Standards and NIST controls. Read More


Service helps clients identify source of data breach.

April 11, 2008

With TraceSecurity Digital Forensics service, Digital Forensics team conducts comprehensive forensic analysis of customer's entire IT infrastructure to establish and compile evidence of how breach occurred. Forensic reports allow clients to support or refute legal proceedings, make determinations of computer misuse, and assist internal investigations into data breaches. Using proprietary and open source software, it also gives conclusive evidence needed to prevent reoccurrence. Read More


Software provides netowrk security auditing solution.

February 29, 2008

Available as SaaS, TraceSecurity IT Security Audit Manager (TraceSecurity ISAM) enables IT auditors, management, and staff to navigate intricacies of their policies, procedures, and controls to ensure information and data security align with organizational and regulatory standards. IT administrators can identify and isolate deficiencies in multiple security domains such as host security, application security, encryption, and business continuity. Read More

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