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Barcode and Payment SDK requires minimal source code knowledge.

February 25, 2015

Operable on Android®, iOS®, Windows® PC/RT/Phone 8 platforms for integration with all KDC® devices, v3.0 KDC Barcode and Payment SDK offers rich, usability-optimized APIs that communicate between all major smart devices, PCs, KOAMTAC KDC Bluetooth® barcode scanners, as well as transaction and mobile POS companions. Facilitated programming enables developers to integrate support for all features into mobile application and provides customers with full barcode and payment solutions with one SDK. Read More

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Barcode Sled Solution supports Samsung Galaxy® Tab Active.

January 16, 2015

With Galaxy Tab Active Sled, IP67-rated Samsung Galaxy Tab Active® tablet can support business CRM, supply chain management, workforce management, contact center, and point of sale applications. Sled integrates KDC20 miniature 1D laser Bluetooth barcode scanner and KDC30 miniature 2D imager Bluetooth barcode scanner, as detachable configuration to maximize business operations. Two scan buttons enable user to scan barcode while holding tablet with both hands. Read More

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Mobile POS Accessory works with smartphones and tablets.

January 13, 2015

Measuring 117 x 49 x 25 mm, KDC®500 Mobile POS Companion combines chip-and-PIN and MSR secure payment transaction technology with 1D laser- or 2D imager-based barcode scanning and NFC capabilities that support Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows mobile/PC over Bluetooth technology. EMV/MSR/NFC features provide full transition options with KTSync® data collection and application generation tools. EMV/MSR/Barcode/NFC sled, included, is PCI compliant and detachable.<br /> <br /> Read More

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Miniature 2D Barcode Scanner features Bluetooth® capability.

September 25, 2014

Equipped with Code imager, KDC30/30i provide 1D and 2D barcode scanning for smartphone and tablet applications (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows). While swing-out USB connector eliminates need for charging cables, KTSync application and SDK facilitate integration. These 84 x 38 x 18 mm scanners, capable of 10,000+ scans per charge, also feature scan, up, down, and delete buttons. Offline data capture is enabled via 10,000-barcode memory capacity. Read More

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Laser Barcode Scanner utilizes Bluetooth technology.

May 28, 2014

Measuring 38 x 60 x 12 mm, Model KDC20 reads all popular linear barcodes and offers 9,000 scans/charge. Miniature device includes 4 buttons: scan, up and down for controlling Bluetooth connections and remotely activating soft keyboards, and delete key. For offline data capture, KDC20 has memory for up to 10,000 barcodes. Equipped with swing-out USB connector, scanner eliminates cables. It is certified for use with iOS devices and compatible with Android, Blackberry, Mac, and Windows devices. Read More

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Barcode Scanner/Card Reader Accessories maximize utilization.

December 19, 2013

Four accessories are available for KDC® miniature, programmable, Bluetooth®-enabled barcode scanners and card readers. Two types of USB Bluetooth Dongles add scanning capabilities to any computer that does not have Bluetooth functionality. Finger Trigger Glove Adaptor and matching Finger Trigger Glove for KDC200 and KDC300 scanners offer 2 USB connectors for simultaneously supporting trigger cable and USB charging cable. Single-slot charging cradle is also available for KDC350R2 data collector. Read More

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Bluetooth Data Collector includes 2D imager.

December 17, 2013

Employing Honeywell's Adaptus&trade; N5600 2D imager technology, Model KDC350R2 is capable of reading all barcode types in aggressive scanning environments. Miniature IP65-rated unit features removable battery that can be charged via 1- or 4-slot charging cradle. Battery design can be charged on stand-alone basis, maximizing uptime for applications that must run for multiple shifts. With extra battery in rotation, customers can continue to use KDC350R2 to scan, keeping workflow moving. Read More

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Barcode Scanner features 3-key design.

October 7, 2013

Featuring rugged design with bright screen, IP65 rating, and 1.5 m drop survivability, KDC350 3-Key smart scanning device is available with GPS, Near Field Communication reader, and optional long-range barcode reading. Three-key design eliminates alpha-numeric keypad to simplify navigation. Read More

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Bluetooth Barcode Scanner works with smartphones, tablets.

January 14, 2013

Programmable Bluetooth barcode scanner/card reader, KDC350, features IP65-rated design that lets users collect information in dusty and wet environments. Compact keypad facilitates data entry and lends to usability, while anti-microbial case accommodates use in such environments as healthcare. In addition to NFC (Near Field Communication) and GPS options, scanner features switch that lets users choose vibrate mode for use in noisy environments. Read More

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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners support iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

June 2, 2010

Measuring less than 2 in.³, KDCi Scanners enable enterprises to add professional barcode scanning to mobile workers' handset of choice. KDC200i integrates laser scan engine for reading linear barcodes, while KDC300i utilizes Adaptus® Imaging technology from Honeywell, enabling omnidirectional reading of linear and 2D barcodes, postal codes, and optional OCR codes. On fully charged battery, both models can scan and transfer barcodes for several days with Bluetooth connection enabled. Read More

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Compact 2D Barcode Data Collector has 200 Kb of memory.

February 12, 2009

Capable of storing over 10,000 barcodes, palm-sized KDC300 supports Honeywell's Adaptus® imaging technology 5.0, which enables omnidirectional reading of linear and 2D barcodes, postal codes, and OCR codes. Unit features 1 in. OLED display, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and supports V2.0+EDR Class 2 Bluetooth technology. Compact unit weights 1.8 oz, and comes with KTSync® synchronization and keyboard emulation software supporting MS Windows XP, Vista, and Mobile 5.0+. Read More

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