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Boiler Aero-Shield minimizes fouling and erosion problems.

November 15, 2012

Aero-Shield™ improves boiler performance in situations where excessive fouling and tube erosion exists in various heat transfer areas. Fit snugly around boiler tube, product has flat, wedge-like, aerodynamic shape that improves flue-gas flow patterns and heat transfer while reducing fouling. Custom-designed for each application, this flue gas flow control redistribution device reduces maintenance as well as cleaning for downstream heating surface tubes. Read More

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Smelt Spout System promotes steam conservation.

September 7, 2012

Suited for new construction or as retrofit for existing recovery boilers, Metso Smelt Spout System consists of smelt spout, upper/lower micro hoods, hood showers, and ShatterMax(TM) dual shatter jet. Insertable and water-cooled smelt spout's tip projects inside furnace, minimizing wear on tube openings as well as smelt leak risk. Each ShatterMax(TM) dual shatter jet nozzle is rated for less than 400 lb/hr flow with 160 lb steam, and adjustable shatter jet brackets enable accurate positioning. Read More

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