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Advanced Looseleaf Technologies Inc.

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Advanced Looseleaf Technologies Inc.

non-industrial products, services

Custom Presentation Binders reinforce projects and proposals.

February 27, 2015

Available in single quantities, Advanced Looseleaf Custom Binders are designed for important presentations requiring binders that reflect scope and magnitude of project or proposal. Products are totally customizable, including full-color images and graphics, and leather-like, padded, or smooth materials. Designed to match special paper sizes, turned edge binders can be debossed, foil imprinted, or screen printed, and include insert graphics, bar pockets with corner guards, and medallions. Read More

non-industrial products

Case Made Turned Edge Binders are designed for durability.

July 14, 2014

Featuring leather-like, padded or smooth covers, ALT Medical and Pharmaceutical Binders can be debossed, foil imprinted, and screen printed. Die-cut windows, bar pockets with corner guards, medallions, and more are also available. These case made, turned edge binders can be designed for standard or custom paper sizes, extended to include portfolio cases with cutout foam inserts to cradle products and instruments, and also come as kits to provide complete, coordinated presentation. Read More

non-industrial products, services

Custom Case Made Menu Covers are durable and washable.

April 30, 2014

ALT Restaurant Menu Covers feature turned-edge, case made construction from leather-like, padded, or smooth materials. Made to order products — menu covers, wine list covers, table tents, bistro menus, check presenters, and order pads — can be supplied as matched sets. Able to be debossed, foil imprinted, or screen printed, products can also be designed for standard or custom paper sizes. Other options include die-cut windows, bar pockets with corner guards, and medallions. Read More

material handling & storage, non-industrial products

Sheet Lifters offer custom printing options.

August 12, 2013

Designed to keep documents in center of 3-ring binder when it closes, ALT Custom Sheet Lifters can be made from binder cover material or plastic to remind customers of services, to reinforce brands, and to provide formulas, rulers, and check lists. Standard 11 in. plastic sheet lifters include 2 and 3 in. curved lifters for round ring metals, single flat full page and flat half page for D-ring metals, flat full page for both types, boomerang type for D-ring and slant-D, and gull wing models. Read More

material handling & storage, non-industrial products, retail & sales equipment

Portfolio Cases combine promotion, packaging, and storage.

July 22, 2013

Suitable for commercial, industrial, and scientific presentations, ALT Portfolio Cases are custom designed to merchandise, present, and store products in decorative and functional package. Products can include 5-sided slip cases that hold many items, slash cases that enhance products on display, tote boxes, and sales kits. Full color printed, foil stamped, debossed, or embossed to specification, cases can incorporate cutout foam inserts, vinyl envelopes/pockets, fabric covering, and handles. Read More

packaging equipment, retail & sales equipment

Custom Promotional Products have look and feel of leather.

March 19, 2013

Featuring case made construction, ALT Custom Promotional Products can be deeply embossed to create additional high-end appearance. Washable presentation and recognition products are made from FiberMark's LaCrema™ urethane-coated, fiber-based material that provides durable leather-like covering. Offered in full range of colors, products include certificate holders, checkbook covers, datebook holders, display boxes, photo holders, portfolios, product packaging, and menu covers. Read More

non-industrial products, green & clean

Three Ring Binders may be personalized and recycled.

January 11, 2013

As alternative to white vinyl overlay binders, 100% recyclable ReLeaf™ 3 Ring Binders are made from 100% FSC certified post consumer materials and come in 1, 1.5, and 2 in. sizes with label sets for their front and spine. Design features turned-edge construction and DuraScore™ Hinges as well as metal ring mechanisms that can be removed for recycling and reuse. Software templates, included, are offered for designing full-color labels. Read More

non-industrial products

Custom Hard Book Covers add production value to GBC binding.

November 8, 2012

Providing alternative to cardstock and plastic covers, Advanced Looseleaf Hard Covers for mechanical bound books and manuals come in sizes from 3 x 5 in. to 20 x 30 in. and offer turned edges as well as various material and finishing options. These custom covers, suited for use with all types of mechanical, GBC, and spiral bound books and manuals, can be made from book cover cloths, offer include full-color printing options, and may be supplied plain or punched. Read More

adhesives & sealants, non-industrial products

Loose Leaf Ring Binders open and close 250,000 times.

June 21, 2011

Featuring one-piece construction, Advanced Looseleaf Turned Edge Binders are made from laminated litho wrapped board featuring full-color graphics and sculpted DuraScore(TM) Hinges that can be positioned anywhere for optimum durability. Binders are made to order with curved or flat spines and round- or D-rings. Applications include training and service manuals as well as guest services and real estate presentations. Read More

non-industrial products

Three-Ring Binders meet needs of high-end presentations.

March 17, 2011

Made to order, Turned Edge Binders accommodate those who want to feature detailed images and artwork in their presentation. Full-color graphics are litho printed onto paper wrap board and laminated for durability as well as aesthetic optimization. Suited for high-end presentations, ruggedized products come in various sizes with curved or flat spines and round- or D-ring styles. Case bound, 3-ring binders can accommodate sheets from 6 ¾ x 3 ¾ in. to 15 x 11 ¼ in. Read More