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fluid & gas flow equipment, mounting & attaching products

Compressed Air Connector withstands corrosive environments.

May 7, 2013

Suited for compressed air circuits, RBS/IC leak-tight, 316L stainless steel connector tolerates exposure to high temperatures or contact with acids or aggressive detergents. Anti-whip function ensures hose is unpressurized prior to disconnection, while KES Sealing Kit is manufactured with same materials to ensure optimal seal during installation. Product is available in 06, 08, or 11 mm diameters; nitrile, fluorocarbon, or ethylene-propylene seals; and feed-through and degreasing versions. Read More

materials & material processing, robotics

Four-Axis Robot provides sustained 200 picks per minute.

April 18, 2013

Designed to handle operations with small parts under 1 kg, TP80 Fast Picker provides 800 mm reach with 100 mm stroke. Unlike parallel robots with multi-arm designs, TP80 does not interfere with line of vision of camera. Slim forearm enables robot to access confined areas, such as slotted machine openings. Electrical, pneumatic, and I/O connections are available on tool flange with all cables running inside arm. Read More


High Speed Machining Robot handles composite materials.

February 22, 2013

With 1,835 mm range, RX170 hsm is suitable for machining large work pieces made of carbon-fiber composites. Machine's repeatability of ±0.04 mm exceeds general requirements that apply in CFRP processing. Robot's upper arm and wrist mechanism replaces sixth axis with milling spindle. Entire power supply, together with cooling and lubrication for spindle, runs inside arm. Complex tool paths can be generated by CAD/CAM systems on PC and then exported to robot controller.<br /> Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Quick Safety Couplings feature ergonomic design.

November 21, 2012

Quick couplings for compressed air circuits enable operators to automatically trigger closure of upstream circuit, decompression of downstream circuit, and disconnection of plug as soon as pressure is low enough. Units feature rotating button, and lightweight, ergonomic design that follows operator movements. Providing safety of workstations and personnel in workshops, couplings are also available in 360° swivel version. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Fluid Distribution Manifold supports diverse connection types.

November 7, 2012

Devised to fit all configurations and adapt to specific demands of each application, NCI 33 brings flexibility and fluidity to temperature control circuits via modularity. Design combines swiveling modules, with sealing maintained during adjustment, and offers variety of connections, from threaded plugs to standard or anti-pollution flat-face, full flow, or shutoff couplings. Multiple connection possibilities are also offered, with 2 types of inlet and outlet (axial or radial). Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Metallic Sealing Couplings target subsea applications.

May 12, 2011

Designed to handle working pressures up to 22,500 psi and temperatures from -22 to 350°F, HMO Couplings feature floating mount design, with built-in double-stage guiding system, allowing them to fully align before engaging seal area. Floating design allows for max axial misalignment of .026° and max radial misalignment of .046 in., without additional guidance. Available in ¼, 3/8, ½, and 1 in. sizes, couplings are suited for flying leads, stab plates, control modules, or fluid injection. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Non-Spill Couplings support cooling and thermal management.

June 11, 2010

Available in diameters from 05-25 mm, Quick-Release SPT Couplings are constructed from aluminum alloy, which resists corrosion and withstands corrosive fluids. Non-spill flush faces guarantee integrity of fluids, while non-drip design ensures safety of installations and operators and eliminates contamination caused by fluid loss on disconnection. Offering choice of elastomers, couplings are compatible with majority of fluids and are suitable for electrical environments. Read More


Six-Axis Robot meets demands of lab automation.

December 29, 2004

Utilizing direct-drive JCM® motor, Model TX40 features 450 mm work envelope and 2.3 kg maximum payload. Closed mechanical structure provides IP65 protection, while submersible wrist is reinforced and protected to IP67, making it suited for cleanroom applications and hostile environments. Model TX40 is intended for manipulation in laboratories or in semi-conductor industry and for executing processes involving delicate, small parts. Read More

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