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electronic components & devices

Tantalum Chip Capacitor features 100 µF/6.3 V rating.

March 31, 2016

Featuring high CV, SMD facedown, undertab terminations, which enable low ESL and high PCB assembly density, F98 Series 0603 Capacitor is suited for use in power line circuits in smartphones, wireless modules, hearing aids, and fitness trackers. Resin-molded, RoHS-compliant device is free from DC capacitance/voltage dependency that MLCCs experience and designed to operate in temperatures spanning -55 to +125°C. Read More

electronic components & devices

Solid Tantalum Capacitors are designed for medical applications.

March 30, 2016

Requiring voltage de-rating as low as 20% for filtering and 0% for pacing, hold-up, and charging applications, TAZ Series HRC6000 is manufactured using Q-Process and delivers DC leakage values down to 0.0025 CV. Medical-grade products, which come in E-cases (Metric Code: 5025), operate from -55 to +125°C and are available with rated voltages of 6, 10, and 15 V; capacitance tolerances of ±5%, ±10%, and ±20%; and capacitance values from 10–33 µF. Four termination finishes are also available. Read More

electronic components & devices

Dry Film Capacitors suit DC filtering applications.

March 29, 2016

Rated for 1.5–3 kV with capacitance spanning 58–1,110 µF, FFLI Series Capacitors combine dry, metallized polypropylene film and no-free-oil solution in cylindrical aluminum case filled with self-extinguishing polyurethane resin. Composition equips series with self-healing technology, which prevents potential explosions resulting from avalanche effect, enables benign failure mode consisting exclusively of capacitance losses, and ensures safe performance over 100,000-hour lifetime. Read More

electronic components & devices

High-Voltage Polymer Chip Capacitors deliver high reliability.

March 24, 2016

Offering 33 µF/75 V code, TCH Series exhibits high-reliability endurance of up to 10,000 hr at 85ºC and rated temperature. Other properties include leakage current down to 0.1 CV, capacitance of 22–330 µF, and voltage ratings from 10–100 V. Available with gold-plated J-lead, tin/lead-plated J-lead, and gold-plated undertab terminations, capacitors come in CTC-21D hermetically sealed ceramic cases filled with inert gas, operate from -55 to +125ºC, and suit mission-critical applications. Read More

electronic components & devices

Wet Electrolytic Tantalum Capacitors span 25-125 V.

March 24, 2016

Featuring high capacitance cathode system that enables high CV levels in DSCC-compatible case sizes, TWA Series COTS Plus Capacitors offer ratings as high as 4700 µF/25 V, 3000 µF/50 V, 2200 µF/60 V, 1000 µF/75 V, and 750 µF/100 V. Axial-leaded devices are supplied in hermetic package with 2 termination finishes of Sn/Pb 60/40 and lead-free compatible matte tin. Offered with or without insulating sleeve, capacitors are suited for high-rel defense, avionics, radar, and power supply applications. Read More

electronic components & devices

Wet Electrolytic Tantalum Capacitors employ high CV components.

March 18, 2016

Supplied in hermetically sealed welded tantalum can and header assembly, shock- and vibration-resistant TWA-Y Series include 470 µF/100 V and 1,000 µF/75 V components. These products, designed for continuous operation at 200°C (with applicable derating), provide endurance ratings up to 2,000 hr and exhibit stable electrical parameters from -55 to +200°C. Cathode system enables high-CV performance in standard DSCC case sizes from T1–T4. Read More

electronic components & devices

Hermetic SMD Tantalum Capacitors operate up to 230°C.

March 10, 2016

Available with 6.8–100 µF capacitance values and 16–63 V voltage ratings, THH Series offers minimum lifetimes of 1,000 hr @ 230°C and 0.5 VR and 10,000 hr @ 200°C and 0.5 VR. Ceramic package options include 9/CTC-21D for higher capacitance (47–100 µF) and I for lower max profile (3.00 mm vs. 6.5 mm). Stable even in high-temperature, high-humidity, and ambient atmosphere environments, series does not exhibit capacitance drop-off and offers leakage current down to 0.01 CV. Read More

electronic components & devices

Fail-Safe SMD Capacitors satisfy automotive application needs.

February 25, 2016

With ratings of 8 V at 85°C and 7 V at 105°C, niobium oxide (NbO)-based capacitors of OxiCap® NOS Series provide non-burning, non-smoking, essentially ignition-free SMD electrolytic under typical power loads of in-cabin automotive applications. Self-healing properties allow continued operating under breakdown conditions. With 1.8–8 V ratings, series includes 9 case sizes spanning EIA codes 1206 to 2917. Capacitance ranges from 10–1,000 µF (with ±20% tolerance), and DCL is 0.02 CV. Read More

electronic components & devices

Thin Film Chip Capacitors serve medical RF applications.

September 3, 2015

Designed for soldering onto flexible or alumina circuit boards, Accu-P® MP Series meet performance specifications for implantable medical devices and exhibit stability regarding temperature, time, frequency, and voltage variation. Products operate over -55 to +125°C range and are available in 0201, 0402, and 0603 case sizes; rated voltages of 10, 16, 25, 50, and 100 V; dielectric temperature coefficients of 0 ±30 ppm/°C and 0 ±60 ppm/°C; and capacitive tolerances spanning ±0.01 pF to ±5%. Read More

electronic components & devices

Polymer Tantalum Capacitors suit critical military systems.

August 13, 2015

Offered in COTS+ version, TCB Professional Series features conductive polymer electrodes, which enable extremely low ESR and minimize potential for ignition failure. Devices come in 10 V and 16 V ratings with capacitances of 47 and 68 µF, single DCL of 0.1 CV, and capacitance tolerance of ±20%. Operating from -55 to +105°C, RoHS-compliant capacitors are suited for AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, filtering, decoupling, and timing circuits. Read More

electronic components & devices

Tantalum Polymer Capacitors suit demanding SSD applications.

August 11, 2015

Available in 6.3, 16, 25, and 35 V ratings, J-CAP Series features capacitance range of 4.7–1,500 µF with ±20% capacitance tolerance. Solid tantalum electrolytic chip capacitors have conductive polymer electrodes, which exhibit benign failure mode under recommended use conditions, and undertab terminations, which enable high volumetric efficiency in low-profile case sizes. Maximum energy per case size is 3.3 mJ for 3528-10, 4.7 mJ for 3528-12, 14.9 mJ for 7343-15, and 32.7 mJ for 7361-20. Read More

electronic components & devices

Low DCL Tantalum SMD Capacitors serve medical applications.

July 21, 2015

Designed for use in implantable non-life-support and non-implantable life support medical applications, T4J Medical Series exhibits <0.1% failures per 1,000 hr at 25°C and rated voltage and standard leakage current (DCL) values of 0.01 CV. RoHS-compliant products come in 6 case sizes from 1,206&ndash;2,924, 7 voltages from 6.3&ndash;50 V, and 2 terminations: 100% tin or SnPb. While capacitance spans 1&ndash;680 µF with tolerance of ±10%, operating range is -55 to +125°C. Read More

electronic components & devices

MLCCs offer capacitance/voltage ratings for diverse applications.

May 16, 2014

Available in sizes from 01005&ndash;2225, X7R MLCCs offer capacitance values from 100 pF to 47 µF, 9 standard voltage ratings from 4&ndash;500 V, and capacitance tolerances of ±5%, ±10%, and ± 20%. MLCCs with ratings up to 5,000 V are also available, as are automotive and alternate termination options. Exhibiting non-linear TCC within ±15% from -55 to +125°C, RoHS-compliant products are available with plated Ni/Sn, plated gold, and Flexiterm® terminations. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, electronic components & devices

Single Pogo Pin BTB Contacts suit high-lifecycle applications.

May 13, 2014

RoHS-compliant 70-9150 Series, designed to mate with gold-plated PCB pads or flat contacts in docking or cradle applications, offers 5 standard compressed stacking heights from 2.0 to 5.0 mm&ndash;max working range and compressed height tolerance possible in miniature 1.5 mm dia plunger. Rated for up to 10,000 cycles, single pogo pin board-to-board (BTB) contacts feature brass contacts with gold over nickel plating and SUS 304 grade stainless steel springs with nominal 60 g per contact spring force. Read More

electronic components & devices

Medium Power Film Capacitors suit DC filtering applications.

March 26, 2014

Available in case sizes up to 35 L, FFLC Series exhibits high specific energy up to 240 J/I and features controlled self-healing technology for safe performance with no risk of explosion. Units are comprised of metallized, segmented polypropylene film encased in unpainted, rectangular, resin-filled aluminum. Rated for 800&ndash;1350 V, devices offer capacitance values from 1,750&ndash;20,600 µF, parasitic inductance from 32&ndash;55 nH, and max RMS current value up to 400 A. Read More

electronic components & devices

Medium Power Film Capacitors suit AC filtering applications.

March 26, 2014

Packaged in cylindrical aluminum can with terminals that enable direct, 3-phase, internal wire connection, FLB Series Capacitors are comprised of metallized polypropylene dielectric imbued with soft polyurethane resin. Units feature dual safety system consisting of overpressure disconnector and self-healing technology. Available in 9 case sizes with 6 voltages spanning 230&ndash;690 Vac, RoHS-compliant devices offer capacitance values from 3*20.3 µF to 3*335 µF with tolerances of ±5, ±10, or ±20%. Read More

electronic components & devices

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors range from 50-3,000 V.

February 4, 2014

Fully encapsulated and constructed using high-temperature solder, SXP-style Switch Mode Power Supply MLCCs offer 3 high-voltage ratings of 1,500, 2,000, and 3,000 V. Radial-leaded units feature capacitance values from 100 pF to 12 µF and operate in environments up to 200°C. Capacitors provide critical mechanical protection for ceramic element, enabling use as DC filters in high-power, high frequency motor drives; high pulsed-current circuitry; and other harsh environment applications. Read More

electronic components & devices

SMPS Capacitors suit military, aerospace applications.

January 23, 2014

T-Level MIL-PRF-49470 qualified, 25 V, unencapsulated, BX characteristic (X7R dielectric), horizontally stacked SMPS capacitors are available in case sizes 1&ndash;6 and offer capacitance range of 1.5&ndash;390 µF. Rated for -55 to +125°C, B- and T-Level BX characteristic SMPS capacitors are suited for I/O filtering and bulk storage in diverse applications. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

Vertical WTB Contacts suit harsh industrial applications.

December 30, 2013

Featuring dual beam, phosphor bronze contacts, 9296 Series provides wire retention in variety of harsh industrial applications without insulator. Single poke home contacts enable individual placement and both top and bottom wire entry for FR4 and metal core PCBs. Supporting solid and stranded wires from 18&ndash;24 AWG, units feature current ratings from 7&ndash;12 A and temperature range of -40 to +125°C. Contacts are suited for smart grid, SSL, machine control, and building control applications.<br /> Read More

electronic components & devices

Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitor features undertab terminations.

December 16, 2013

Suited for use in external SSDs and eHHDs as well as wireless transmitters, TCN PulseCap&trade; Series comprises tantalum solid electrolytic chip capacitors with conductive polymer cathode. Operating ranges are -55 to +85°C and 6.3&ndash;16 Vdc, and 2 mm profile case (EIA 7361-20) has undertab terminations that increase volumetric efficiency and PCB assembly density. With 220&ndash;1,500 µF capacitance range, RoHS-compliant products are suitable for 3x reflow solder processing at 260°C. Read More

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