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controls & controllers, mechanical power transmission

Brushless Motor Drive features 8 opto-isolated GPIO.

November 10, 2015

With IDEA™ PBL4850E, users can create distributed stand-alone complex motion profiles, eliminating need for additional motion control components. Four-quadrant, 3-phase motor drive utilizes sinusoidal commutation to produce smooth motion and communicates via USB to mini USB. Unit offers programmable current control up to 5.6 A peak with optional current boost during ramping of up to 6.5 A peak. Hall cell signals are used for phase initialization, and encoder provides positional feedback. Read More

agricultural and farming products, mechanical power transmission

DC Brush and Brushless Motors, Encoders aid agriculture industry.

October 9, 2015

Available in 3 motor lengths with output ratings of 8–30 W, 30 mm dia DC030C series offers gear reduction options that include G35 spur gearbox and G30 planetary gearbox with respective load torque ratings of 0.71–1.24 Nm and 2.47–8.83 Nm. Offered in 7 motor lengths with output ratings of 25–108 W, 54 mm dia DC054B series offers gear reduction options that include G51 spur gearbox and PLG52 planetary gearbox with respective ratings of 1.24–3.53 Nm and 1.2–24 Nm. Read More

controls & controllers, mechanical power transmission

Servo Motor Controllers work with brushless, brushed DC motors.

September 24, 2015

Used to control Pittman brushless and brushed DC motors, BGE Series 4-quadrant positioning motion controllers have integral output stage and offer various modes of operation. Controllers can be operated stand-alone with digital or analog I/O or as slave in CANopen network with device profile DSP 402, protocol DS 301. With 12&ndash;60 Vdc rated input and 4&ndash;20 A continuous output current, series allows for programmable accel/decal ramps for motor and incorporates various protections.<br /> Read More

mechanical power transmission

Brushless DC Motors provide max speed of 9,000 rpm.

July 9, 2015

Used with DC bus voltages up to 96 V, EC042B Series offers 3 motor lengths with 11&ndash;31 Ncm continuous torque and 35&ndash;99 Ncm peak torque. Motors utilize high-energy, 4-pole rotor with rare earth magnets for high torque to inertia ratio. Stator assembly is designed with low-loss materials for high-speed applications, while motor shaft is supported by shielded ball bearings that are preloaded for low vibration and quiet operation. Eight winding variations are available. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Rectangular Brush DC Motors suit portable equipment, power tools.

June 29, 2015

Used with DC bus voltages up to 48 V, DC032A Series has 25 x 32 mm motor body cross section, is available in 3 lengths with continuous torque from 0.027&ndash;0.034 Nm, and max speed of 6,500 rpm. There are 8 standard winding variations available, as well as custom options, to suit diverse projects, and construction features high-energy, 4-pole stator with rare earth magnets. While 13-slot commutation design minimizes torque ripple, skewed armature slots maximize reduction of reluctance torque. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Slotted Brushless DC Motors feature 44 mm diameter body.

April 15, 2015

Designed with 3 motor lengths and 24 winding variations, EC044A Series is suited for pump and compressor products, medical equipment, and industrial automation products. Motors are capable of no-load speeds up to 15,000 rpm and are rated for continuous output torque up to 15 oz-in. Constructed of aluminum with 400 Series stainless steel shaft, motors have 4-pole rotor with neodymium magnets. Internal circuit board supports hall sensor feedback spaced at 120 electrical degrees. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Planetary Gearboxes serve precision motion-control applications.

March 26, 2015

Models PLG24, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, and PLG63 are available with brush and brushless DC motors, come in diameters from 24&ndash;63 mm, and offer output torque to 74 lb ft. Reduction ratios range from 4:1 to 710:1, with >10 standard ratios available in each size, and typical construction includes gears and ball bearings made of steel or engineered polymer. OEMs can specify custom output-shaft features, lubrication, and reinforced output-shaft assemblies to suit application requirements. Read More

optics & photonics, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Optical Incremental Encoders target OEM designs.

March 2, 2015

Available in 64 different configurations, Models E30C and E30D are 5 V encoders suited for precision-motion control applications. Model E30C has resolutions of 200, 250, 256, 400, or 500, while Model E30D has resolutions of 500, 512, 1000, 1024, 2000, or 2048. Supplied in modular package measuring 30 x 8 mm, both operate from -20 to +85°C and output 2-channel quadrature signals that are TTL compatible. Model E30D additionally offers optional third channel index output. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Slotless Brushless DC Motor features 0.5 in. dia package.

June 19, 2013

Capable of no-load speeds up to 60,000 rpm and rated for continuous output torque up to 0.9 oz-in., BI-05 Series has slotless design that eliminates magnetic cogging issues. Stator teeth are completely eliminated by forming and encapsulating entire stator winding along inside surface of back iron, resulting in zero detent torque. Overall motor construction is of 17-4, 300, and 400 series stainless steels, and 4-pole rotor is built using high-energy neodymium magnets. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Planetary Gearboxes incorporate sintered steel planet gears.

March 7, 2012

Engineered to complement 5 different series of brush and brushless DC motors, Series G30A features 1.20 in. diameter mounting profile, or 1.50 in.² when optional mounting flange is used. Gearbox lengths range from 1.33-2.02 in., depending on gear reduction. Allowing max output load of 350 oz-in., standard reduction ratios range from 4:1 to 1,296:1. Gearbox output is through 416 SS shaft and sintered metal output bearing. Optional ball bearings are available for high radial loads. Read More

mechanical power transmission

DC Servo Motors combine compact design, high performance.

January 16, 2012

Comprised of 1.18 in. dia models available in 2.114, 2.585, and 3.057 in. lengths, brush-commutated 8540 Series delivers optimized power density via use of bonded neodymium magnets. Continuous torque ratings from 2.5-8.3 oz-in. are achieved without heat sink, and 8 standard windings are available from 9.55-48 V; customized windings may also be designed for specific applications. Other features include pre-loaded ball bearings and optimized bearing support system. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Planetary Gearboxes feature compact, lightweight design.

March 9, 2009

Designed for Pittman® brush and brushless DC motors, G30A models incorporate sintered steel planet gears to achieve high torque capacity and low audible noise. They offer maximum load capabilities of 106 oz-in. for 1-stage models and up to 1,250 oz-in. for versions with 4-stages or greater. Gearbox diameters range from 1.200 in. for round versions and 1.496 in. for square types, while lengths range from 0.895-1.585 in., and weights range from 3.9-6.6 oz, depending on model. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Brush DC Servo Motors feature skewed 5-slot armature design.

December 11, 2008

Equipped with bonded neodymium iron boron magnets, 22 mm diameter Series 6000 comes in lengths of 1.901, 1.556, and 1.256 in. with continuous torque of 2, 1.3, and 0.80 oz-in., respectively. Depending on model, brush-commutated motors can generate maximum peak torques up to 10.2 oz-in. nominal with no-load speeds to 8,720 rpm. Motors include sintered bronze bearings, 2-pole stators, heavy-gauge steel housing, silicon steel laminations, and copper graphite brushes. Read More

mechanical power transmission

DC Brush Motors feature 7-slot skewed armature design.

August 3, 2006

Series 8000 brush-commutated dc motors are designed for minimized magnetic cogging and smooth and quiet motor operation, suiting applications in data storage, medical and biotech, semiconductor, and automation industries. Motors are available in 2.070, 2.445, and 2.915 in. lengths, with peak torques to 16.8 oz-in., and speeds to 10,650 rpm. Speed, voltage, current, and torque characteristics can be varied according to application. Copper graphite brushes are standard. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Brushless DC Servomotor suits limited-space applications.

March 6, 2006

Measuring 1.3 in. dia, ELCOM ST® Series 1300 includes 1.5, 2, and 2.5 in. long models that achieve 12.6-54.3 oz-in. peak torque and 5-9 oz-in. continuous torque. Rotor construction enables rotational speeds to 8,000 rpm, and 3 Hall sensors provide rotor position feedback. Housed in aluminum, series features 3-phase stator with 6-slot silicon steel laminations; 4-pole rotor with neodymium ring magnets; and ABEC ball bearings with dynamic load ratings up to 390 lb. Read More

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