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Huntingdon Fusion Techniques

Weld Purge Monitor comes with OLED display.

January 28, 2017

Delivering up to 1 ppm accuracy, PurgEye® 200 Weld Purge Monitor is IP65 rated and can be operated in desert or tropical conditions. Featuring integral electro mechanical pump, product works on battery or mains power. Embedded with PurgeLog™ software to provide quality control documents for each weld, monitor has louder, pre-settable alarms for change in oxygen levels and can be switched... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Weld Purge Monitors has organic LED display.

November 16, 2016

Linking with automatic welding machines such as orbital welders, Huntingdon Fusion’s Hand Held Weld Purge Monitors® feature OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays. Presented in three models, PurgEye® 100, PurgEye® 200, and PurgEye® 300 or Nano, monitors can operate either on batteries or mains power. Suitable for indoor applications, device includes an integral pump for extracting... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Weld Purging System handles heat-treated pipework.

October 21, 2016

Suitable for pipe diameters from 6–96 in., HotPurge® Inflatable Pipe Purging System is designed for heat treated chrome and high strength stainless steel pipe joints where temperatures might be as high as 1,400°F for many hours. System includes PurgeGate® device to prevent over inflation of, and damage to inflatable dams. HotPurge can be used repeatedly for weld purging and will keep... Read More

Adhesives & Sealants, Materials & Material Processing

Super Heavy-Duty Tape supports molten metal below weld joint.

October 7, 2016

Argweld® Weld Backing Tape™ provides support needed to produce perfect weld underbeads when welding with currents of up 80, 160, 240, or 600 A. Supporting and protecting weld root from oxidation, this glass fiber weld backing system traps inert gas from weld torch to hold gas surrounding weld pool and effectively provide back purge facility. Each of 4 grades features 3 in. wide... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Weld Purge Dams fit pipe diameters from 6-96 in.

September 28, 2016

Suitable for welding stainless, duplex, chrome steels, and titanium, Inflatable Weld Purge Dams are typically used for closure welds, tight bends, T piece joints, and dome end connections where conventional Tandem Weld Purging System cannot be used. Single-ended units are made of low vapor pressure materials and are heat-resistant up to 194°F. Dams are fitted with dual inflation and purge... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Tungsten Electrodes minimize risk to health.

August 17, 2016

Containing mix of non-radioactive rare earth elements, MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes have lower working temperature for extended life. Electrodes can be used for welding aluminum with AC process as well as steels and alloys with DC process. With most tungsten electrodes in use still containing radioactive and carcinogenic 2% thorium oxide, MultiStrikes® provide TIG and Plasma welders... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Purging Systems achieve clean, oxide-free, zero color weld.

August 4, 2016

Designed for pipe diameters from 1–24 in., PurgElite® Tube and Pipe Purging Systems are manufactured with special spinal tube that is resistant to hot metal up to 572°F and is flexible to allow movement around bends. Spinal tubes are made of low outgassing rate materials, so there is no risk of weld contamination. Each PurgElite® also features IntaCal® purge gas feed device and... Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Heat Resistant Covers protect weld purging systems.

May 26, 2016

Available for PurgElite® and PurgExtra® Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems, Argweld® Heat Resistant Covers offer temperature endurance up to 300°C and are available from 1–24 in. Covers are fixed onto systems with ties and holes are provided for PurgElite® and PurgExtra® fittings, such as inlet, exhaust, and crimped end. For pipes that need to have joints and heat affected... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Pipe Stopper features low-profile design.

April 26, 2016

Used during maintenance or repair, Inflatable Pipestoppers® Pancake Stopper is intended for applications where length of pipe is insufficient for Cylindrical or Spherical Stopper. Unit can fit into pipe end that may be directly on elbow or just inside flanged neck on casting. When used in vertical mode, Pancake Stopper can prevent machine swarf or tools from falling into pipes. Manufactured... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Weld Purging System handles 1-24 in. dia tubes and pipes.

February 10, 2015

Featuring extra purge gas inlets and corresponding exhaust ports, PurgExtra® produces zero-color, non-oxidized weld roots. Operators can purge normally at first and then when conditions are correct, introduce additional gas at high flow rates to create faster purge and more efficient removal of unwanted gases. System is designed for weld purging of Titanium in particular, as well as Ultra High... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Pipe Purging System suits high-speed pipe joint welding.

January 9, 2015

Using Intacal® II combined with integrated PurgeGate® device, QuickPurge®III System makes it possible to safely inflate dams with argon gas, prior to releasing it for purging space between dams where weld joint is located. Sleeve between dams reduces volume to be purged, ensuring fast purge time down to 10 ppm of oxygen. Available for each API pipe diameter, QuickPurge®III can be... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Weld Purge Gas Monitor meets needs of process industries.

May 7, 2014

Intended for process industries, PurgEye® 200 Weld Purge Monitor reads oxygen levels down to 10 ppm. Internal electro-mechanical pump automatically draws samples of gas over sensor before discharging it to atmosphere, and lifetime sensor eliminates need for changing cells. Alarm signals can be given by handheld, rechargeable battery-powered unit to show when purge gas level is within or... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Pipe Weld Purging System uses heat resistant materials.

September 30, 2013

Flexible enough to be set up in 90° bends, QuickPurge® II includes PurgeGate™ device that will prevent inflatable dams from bursting due to over inflation. Working with PurgeGate™, IntaCal® produces correct flow rate to inflate both end dams equally. Materials used for annulus and ends of dam systems are heat resistant up to 700°C, while surfaces in contact with pipe are covered... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Weld Purge Monitors measure oxygen down to 10 ppm.

June 22, 2012

Measuring oxygen levels down to 100 ppm, PurgEye® 100 is adequate for most stainless steels. PurgEye® 300 measures oxygen down to 10 ppm and has integral software to record oxygen levels throughout purging cycle. PurgEye® 500 has all features of PurgEye® 300, plus integral pump that continuously extracts samples of gas from volume being purged for analysis. PurgEye® 600, measuring... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Weld Purge Systems handle tube and pipe from 1-12 in.

April 4, 2012

Available in 9 models covering internal diameters from 20-305 mm, PurgElite® Weld Purging Systems are equipped with low-profile purge gas release valve that purges chamber between 2 dams once they are inflated. Valve eliminates bust bladder problems as well as protruding metal parts that scratch insides of electro-polished tubes and pipes. Systems additionally include glow strip positioning... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Weld Purge Monitor incorporates zero calibration capability.

March 21, 2012

Along with indicators for low battery and oxygen sensor replacement, PurgeEye®100 features algorithm in software that corrects reading at low oxygen levels to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Integrated auto-calibration functionality requires users to press button both at ambient and lowest oxygen reading; instant calibration is then set at 0.01% O2. Tripod mounting enables monitors to be... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Weld Purge Monitor has integrated pump for extracting gas sample.

July 11, 2011

Utilizing non-chemical sensor technology, PurgEye(TM) 500 measures oxygen levels down to 10 ppm. Alarm facility can be set to activate if oxygen levels around weld exceed desired value and in association with alarm, can shut welding machines off and on again as gas levels raise and lower. With PurgeLog(TM) software, operators can store and print data for quality control purposes so that each weld... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Weld Purge Monitor features integrated auto-calibration.

May 24, 2011

With tripod mount, PurgEye(TM)100 can be located securely in accessible viewing position without additional clamping fixtures. Monitor includes algorithm in software to correct reading at low oxygen levels to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, PurgeEye(TM)100 provides indicators when battery life is low and when oxygen sensor needs to be changed. At press of button, unit can be... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Weld Purge Systems weld stainless steel tube and pipe joints.

August 12, 2010

Developed for high-speed welding of Liquid Natural Gas pipe work, Argweld® Quick Purge(TM) Systems incorporate argon purging valve arrangement that is optimized for all different pipe diameters. Original adjustment system is eliminated so trial setting is not necessary. To help welders identify location of purge systems below weld joint where it is normally dark, high-visibility Glo Strip has... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Weld Purge Monitor measures residual oxygen levels.

February 25, 2010

Argweld® Critical Weld Purge Monitor measures residual oxygen levels as low as 0.001% in inert weld purge gases. Automatic pump extracts gas samples, and device is menu-driven by 2 adjustable buttons. Internal alarm alerts operator if oxygen level rises above preset limit, and system's low-maintenance sensor has 5 yr life expectancy. Monitor can be used and interfaced with all manual and... Read More

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