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Chemicals & Chemical Processing

PES Filter protects against mycoplasma contamination.

Dec 13, 2011

Available in 1 L unit, Nalgene® 0.1 micron PES filter is intended for micron vacuum filtration of cell culture media to prevent mycoplasma contamination. Its 90 mm dia membrane and Rapid-Flow(TM) membrane support plate facilitate accelerated filtration in academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology cell culture labs. Low protein-binding PES (polyethersulfone) membrane reduces potential for... Read More


Laboratory Informatics Software suits water and environmental testing labs.

Oct 17, 2011

Thermo Scientific Water and Environmental LIMS helps users make informed decisions at all levels of organization, delivering information needed to manage laboratory processes as well as respond to regulatory and business demands. Purpose-built functionality helps establish protocols and documentation methods that meet NELAC compliance requirements and ISO 17025 guidelines, automate reports and... Read More


Laboratory Software integrates lab with enterprise.

Sep 11, 2009

Using tools such as SharePoint, BizTalk, or document management systems, Thermo Scientific Connects integrates laboratory instrumentation and informatics software such as LIMS, CDS, and ELN with enterprise systems like MES, PIMS, and ERP. Program ensures that right people throughout enterprise have access to real-time information when they need it. Management's ability to access dashboard-level... Read More


Data Management Solution addresses mining industry concerns.

Aug 12, 2008

SampleManager LIMS(TM) (laboratory information management system) helps monitor quality of mine output, drives productivity, and furthers compliance with regulatory requirements from documentation and instrument calibration to environmental monitoring. Specifically, solution provides evidence and documentation to support ISO 17025 compliance. It also offers capacity to maintain balance between... Read More


LIMS Product is built on scalable Microsoft® .NET platform.

Jun 30, 2006

Built with inductive user interface, SampleManager LIMS(TM) v9.0 incorporates SOA and offers purpose-built functionality and workflows. It supports Microsoft's open, industry standard development tools as well as single-use technology, VGL. Code and services can be re-used, and services can be implemented on case-by-case basis. Suited for global enterprises, software features multi-level... Read More


LIMS Software supports in vitro ADMET experiments.

Jun 21, 2006

Galileo LIMS(TM) v3.2 allows users to design, calculate, and report data from metabolic stability, drug-drug interaction, protein binding, permeability, and enzyme kinetics studies. In addition to user-definable study types and customizable calculations, program provides decision trees that allow user to define scenarios under which flagged results require further review. Users can filter data... Read More


Software integrates chromatography data.

Jun 13, 2006

Built for enterprise applications, Atlas CDS(TM) v8.1 provides single solution that not only integrates data streams from multiple instruments manufactured by multiple vendors, but also integrates with LIMS that store summary results for each analysis. Tight integration with LIMS enables users to access critical data when faced with decision where QA/QC source data is needed immediately. Program... Read More


LIMS Software targets pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Jan 05, 2006

Created using Microsoft .NET framework, Darwin COTS Laboratory Information Management System provides dissolution, content uniformity, stability management, product management, batch management, and system interfacing capabilities. Product- and batch-oriented workflows allow research and development data and production data to be logically organized, summarized, and reported, providing managers... Read More


Software offers real-time, laboratory-centric data access.

Dec 22, 2005

Retriever v3.0 Web-based data extraction and presentation solution enables secure access to laboratory data, regardless of originating data system. By extracting aggregates and transforming data into laboratory information with business context, data can be used to make informed business decisions. Reports can include textual, graphical, and tabular data, and real-time information can be securely... Read More


Software facilitates ADME/Tox experiments.

Oct 27, 2005

Galileo LIMS v3.1 allows user to plan, design, calculate, graph, and report in vitro ADME/Tox data in single application. It provides automatic results flagging using 3-color system to indicate acceptance, rejection, or flagging of results. Rapid study entry accelerates entry of concentration or raw data from analytical instrument into LIMS. Software supports PAMPA permeability studies for early... Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Software

Data Management Solution is suited for laboratory use.

Jul 19, 2005

Built for enterprise applications, Atlas(TM) chromatography data system (CDS) v8.0 integrates data streams from multiple instruments and integrates with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) that store summary results for each analysis. Built to ensure secure communication between instrument and Atlas software, product lets users access critical data when faced with decision where... Read More

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