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TRW Automotive

Transportation Industry Products

Automotive Seat Belt Retractor helps conserve size and weight.

June 26, 2014

Designed with minimal components, Floating Spool 1 (FS1) uses forward movement of occupant to apply force to webbing in crash scenario. This moves spool and locks retractor. Product is available as standard retractor without load limiter as well as with constant load limiter using standard torsion bar. Offered in standard and reverse payout versions, retractor suits front and rear seat applications using buckles and/or anchor pretensioners. Several optional functions are also available. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Anchor Seat Belt Pretensioner features rotary configuration.

August 26, 2013

With no linkage element necessary, Model APR1 delivers pretensioning forces of more than 3 kN, which can help to remove some seat belt slack within milliseconds of crash being detected. When combined with TRW's full spectrum of occupant protection seat belt and airbag options, APR1 helps form basis of advanced adaptive occupant technologies designed to help manage occupant energy in unavoidable crash scenario. Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Integrated RKE/TPMS maintains performance while conserving space.

April 24, 2013

Integrated Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) and Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring system (TPMS) eliminates need for separate receivers for 2 systems while maintaining performance characteristics, using less space, as well as reducing system weight and wiring complexity. Use of multiple frequencies reduces risks associated with RFI, and technology change is transparent to vehicle owners; there is no discernible change to RKE key fob layout or performance. Read More

Mechanical Components & Assemblies, Controls & Controllers, Green & Clean

Electronic Stability Control enhances vehicle performance.

May 30, 2012

Compatible with range of powertrain configurations, EBC 460 includes standard, high, and premium systems that can offer anti-lock brake, traction control, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) functionality; variants support hybrid electric through to full electric vehicles. System utilizes long-life motor pump with optional half-sleeve design, pressure sensors to build and maintain brake pressure, noise vibration and harshness reduction, and high frequency motor speed control. Read More

Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Capacitive Touchpad Sensor helps operate car functions.

April 11, 2012

Incorporating handwriting recognition software, Capacitive Touchpad Sensor helps drivers and passengers coordinate and operate variety of functions within car. User writes characters with single finger on touch sensor area and input is interpreted by software and acknowledged by audible feedback. Designed to recognize handwritten numbers, letters, and symbols, touch sensor enables driver to operate mobile phones, navigation systems, and radio as well as send messages, from single point. Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Power Steering System offers software-controlled functions.

June 27, 2011

With Electric Power Steering System, various functions can be selected by manufacturer and programmed within software to optimize driver safety or mitigate vehicle error states. Pull Drift Compensation detects if vehicle is drifting to one side and makes adjustments, while Active Disturbance and Road Shake Compensation reduces vibration in steering wheel caused by uneven road conditions. Other functions include Semi Automatic Parking, Torque Steer Compensation, and Driver Steer Recommendation. Read More

Packaging Equipment, Safety & Security Equipment, HVAC

Modular Airbag Kits fit multiple vehicles. .

December 8, 2010

Modular driver, passenger, side, curtain, and knee protection airbag kits consist of baseline product that can be scaled/adjusted for global vehicle platform requirements. Airbag inflators of DI10 series are assembled from construction kits of standard components, with many parts common to all types. All DI10 inflators have same diameter, with gas volume controlled by having designs of different heights to accommodate required propellant loads. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Controls & Controllers

Seat Belt Pretensioner offers simplified design..

December 8, 2010

SPR4 (Snake Pretensioner Retractor) uses plastic piston instead of metal components to transfer tensioning torque, resulting in simple and light weight design. Comprised mainly of piston, gas generator, tube, and pinion, uses tensioning concept that transfers power without limiting functionality. Pre-tensioning takes 10 msec, and green gas used exhibits low variation over temperature range. Also, tube is bent into dimensions of retractor without constraining seat belt webbing. Read More

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