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electrical equipment & systems, software, green & clean

Power Plant Platform meets data-driven, secure power demands.

October 6, 2015

Digital Power Plant creates virtual Digital Twin of entire industrial power plant complex. Powered by Predix platform, Digital Twin comprises physics-based methods and digital technologies used to model present state of every asset in Digital Power Plant or a Digital Wind Farm. This technology lets utilities monitor and manage every aspect of the power generation ecosystem to generate electricity as cleanly, efficiently, and securely as demanded with real-time control and precision. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

COM Express Module enhances power-/size-constrains with GPGPU.

March 2, 2015

Based on 192-core NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 Kepler SoC, mCOM10K1 Type 10 Mini COM Express Module delivers 326 GFLOPS of performance and brings GPGPU (general purpose processing on graphics processor) capability within reach of applications where power consumption needs to be ≤10 W. Features include full CUDA® support and 2 GB of memory as well as integrated HDMI and LVDS interfaces, GbE and SATA interfaces, PCIe (Gen 2) support, USB ports, and one USB 3.0 port. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Rugged Display Computer supports sophisticated video capture.

January 26, 2015

Intended for prime contractors, systems integrators, and OEMs developing sophisticated video capture, processing, and transmission applications with multiple inputs and outputs, Model DAQMAG2A is qualified to DO-160G standard for airborne environments. Computer offers choice of Intel Core i7 processors, 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and 8 GB of Flash memory. Unit also provides 64 GB SSD with AE-128 hardware encryption, 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 4 USB ports, 2 serial COM ports, and audio line in/out. Read More


CASE Software aids multiprocessor HPEC application development.

November 21, 2014

With features that improve scalability, flexibility, and portability, AXISPro Release 6.1 facilitates and accelerates development of applications for high performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications. In addition to library with open standard message passing interface, features include software development and case analysis tools from HPC community, AXISView GUI, AXISmpi and AXISFlow IPC libraries, DSP quick-start examples, and data visualization and control (DVC) platform. Read More


Data Analysis Software detects emerging equipment failure.

November 4, 2014

Supporting transition from reactive to proactive operations, Proficy™ Monitoring & Analysis Suite uses Predix™ platform for Industrial Internet; Proficy Historian to collect, organize, store, visualize, and analyze data; and Advanced Analytics software based on Proficy SmartSignal to optimize asset health and process performance by detecting emerging equipment failure early. Historian ensures availability of data by providing collector redundancy, active redundancy, and caching capabilities. Read More

vision systems

HD Digital Video Tracker offers electronic image processing.

October 21, 2014

Consuming just 4 W of power, ADEPT4000 simultaneously performs target tracking with any SD/HD-­SDI or parallel digital video signal, electronic video stabilization, moving target detection, and video compression. Tracker incorporates onboard serial links and Ethernet, allowing it to interface to most platforms. Supplied in sub-credit card-sized package, ADEPT4000 is intended for space-constrained environments such as autonomous unmanned vehicles and man-portable systems. Read More


Data-Driven Software targets distributed power business.

October 17, 2014

Harnessing power of industrial Internet, Data-Driven Solution Suite boosts performance of GE's LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines. On Site Power Visibility component organizes data output of each turbine, including maintenance and operational data, to assist in business decision-making. By increasing flexibility of aeroderivative gas turbine, On Site Power Performance component can help customers boost incremental power from 1–5 MW over existing level. Read More

controls & controllers, fluid & gas flow equipment

Electric Submersible Pumps utilize variable speed drive.

October 14, 2014

Available for electric submersible pumps, Vector Plus™ VSD surface control system allows operator to gradually increase motor speed and remotely adjust pump speed from surface with optimized intelligent control capabilities. Drive can be used with ESP applications ranging from 100–1,000 hp and is designed to work with all worldwide power systems rated 380–480 V, 50/60 Hz. Featuring NEMA 4 outdoor rating, enclosure is sealed against dust, dirt, and moisture. Read More


Analytical Software accelerates power systems modeling.

October 13, 2014

Positive Sequence Load Flow (PSLF™) analysis software equips power system planners and operators with seamless data editing, data visualization/analysis, plotting, as well as drag-and-drop and one-line drawing capabilities. Via one click on power system element, solution shows users power flow, dynamics, and short circuit data from systems. Table and graphic navigation facilitate use, and network scan feature provides visual representation of system scan results. Read More

services, software

Equipment Insight Solution enables industrial Internet service.

October 8, 2014

Enabled by Equipment Insight Industrial Internet solution, Roots™ InSite Support service program supports GE's Roots blowers, compressors, and controls customers. Program combines hardware and software to deliver insight that customers need to maximize performance of local site equipment in form of after-market service offering. With InSite Support service program, GE can provide actionable information, responsive troubleshooting, and problem-solving to help keep assets running smoothly. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

Remote Power Combiner improves wireless network capacity, service.

October 2, 2014

Power Express Remote Combiner and Power Express Class 2 distribution systems improve wireless capacity and service by ensuring even most remote small-cellular (small-cell) communications node on network receives enough power to handle peak voice and data requirements. Remote Combiner provides power to non-Class 2 loads on network by combining up to 8 discrete Class 2 power circuits, delivering reliable, bulk 48 Vdc power. This ensures power circuits are not connected in parallel. Read More

controls & controllers, mechanical power transmission

Gas Turbine increases efficiency in oil and gas applications.

October 1, 2014

Rated for 16.5 MW and 7,800 rpm, NovaLT16 provides up to 37% mechanical efficiency, withstands pitch and roll, and delivers up to 99% availability for mechanical drive and power generation applications in oil and gas industry. Modular unit, with 35,000 hr Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) rating, can be swapped in 24 hr and offers built-in provisions for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Single annular combustor ensures 25 ppm NOx emissions, and 3 variable geometry stages are available. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Pneumatic Actuator utilizes dual sealing system.

September 25, 2014

Suitable for wide range of production tree and flow line applications, Dual Seal Pneumatic Actuator operates at supply pressures up to 250 psi, delivering reliable open/close performance for control of wellbore or pipeline fluids and hydrocarbons. Redundant diaphragm/piston system provides secondary sealing system to maximize uninterrupted production, while bonnet connection facilitates installation and removal of actuator from valve for optimized efficiency. Read More

electronic components & devices

Front-End Rectifier delivers 19 W per cubic inch.

September 25, 2014

Measuring 3.35 x 8.79 in., 12 V Model CCR0512FP delivers 500 W of output power and up to 91.8% efficiency, suitable for network routing, semiconductor test equipment, network design equipment, and thin client workstations. Fanless, conduction-cooled design eliminates audible noise typically produced by power supply, while enabling designers to consider alternative methods of cooling, including air, liquid, and convection. Hot plug/hot swap enables field upgrade or service. Read More

controls & controllers

Operator Interface brings touch functionality to factory floor.

September 17, 2014

Available in 7, 10, 12, or 15 in. screen sizes, QuickPanel+™ plug-and-play, general-purpose operator interface (OI) can connect to industrial PLCs and PACs. Multi-touch technology provides pinch-to-zoom, double-tapping, swipe viewing, and zoom (up to 400%) capabilities. Integrating process control, view, and option to run embedded data historian in single device, OI is responsive even when user is wearing gloves and offers fully functional browser and multimedia support with Windows EC7 OS. Read More

controls & controllers, mechanical power transmission

Motor Protection Platform incorporates control and management.

September 16, 2014

Multilin™ 869 is used for protection, control, and management of medium and large induction and synchronous motors. Along with high-speed protection and control features and tools for accelerated motor configuration and startup, solution also generates motor functioning reports that facilitate identification of potential motor issues and necessary corrective action. Motor failure-mode analysis is also provided via broken rotor bar detection and stator turn-turn fault. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, electronic components & devices

Three-Phase Inverter fosters effective solar integration.

August 29, 2014

Able to be configured to specific requirements, PROLEC-GE transforms energy coming from solar inverter and generated by photovoltaic (PV) cells in solar farms from low voltage to medium voltage. This 3-phase solar pad-mounted transformer can be engineered with 2 low-voltage windings. Promoting reliable operation, electrostatic shield helps isolate low voltage windings from high-frequency pulses present in medium voltage system. This protects solid-state components of inverters. Read More

optics & photonics

Handheld Portable Video Borescope streamlines inspections.

August 28, 2014

Equipped with touchscreen interface, on-screen keyboard, and ergonomic buttons, GE Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe™ helps ensure asset safety and integrity. Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) guides industrial technicians through inspection process and organizes results for facilitated reporting. Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity enable real-time collaboration, and 3D Phase Measurement capabilities help determine accurate indication depth and size for pitting, cracking, and corrosion. Read More


Distribution Management Software helps manage Europe's grid.

August 27, 2014

With outage management and distribution management capabilities, PowerOn™ Advantage provides grid operators with immediate access to information and centralized view of network in real-time. Software supports operators through user interface where data finds user via predefined dashboard with user-configurable widgets. Through guided work pages and streamlined workflows, PowerOn Advantage ADMS provides situational awareness, helping to guide decision making during critical situations. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Server System collects and analyzes machine data.

July 21, 2014

Powered by GE’s Proficy® software and RXi IPCs, Equipment Insight Solution combines on-premise or private cloud server architecture with field agents to create integrated solution that monitors asset health, leveraging industrial data sets to predict equipment failures. Server collects and manages long-term fleet data and alarms, performs trend analysis, then delivers role-specific alarms and trends to end user or OEM personnel via mobile device applications or web browser. Read More

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