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Defoaming Agent offers foam control in coatings and inks.

February 1, 2016

Used to control foam in low- to medium-PVC, water-based coatings and inks, Dow Corning® 108F Additive is APEO-free, has low-VOC formula, and may be used in indirect-food-contact applications. Minimized tendency to cause craters or other surface defects results in limited noticeable impact on appearance. Especially suited for premium gloss (wood coatings, industrial coatings, and inks) applications, this siloxane-based additive features emulsion format that facilitates dosing and use. Read More

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Silicone Resin suits room temperature cure, high-temp coatings.

January 20, 2016

Dow Corning® 2405 Resin helps formulators overcome such limitations as brittleness, poor impact resistance, and film-building constraints associated with resins used to formulate high-temperature-resistant, room-temperature-curing coatings. When catalyzed by titanium compounds, product cures within 60 min at ambient temperature to form medium-hard coating. This methyl methoxy resin, with solventless delivery and tin-free cure, is optimized for flexibility, impact resistance, and film build.<br /> Read More

materials & material processing

Silicone Additive improves solvent borne paint/ink performance.

January 21, 2015

Dow Corning® 700P Additive enables formulators of white, pastel, and gray solvent borne paints and coatings to achieve stable titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment dispersions with reduced tendency toward flooding and floating as well as improved color consistency. This low-VOC, low-odor, siloxane-based pigment dispersant also improves gloss and reduces haze. Also, heat resistance reduces yellowing effect in formulations during heat-curing and when overbaked. Read More

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Foam Control Agents suit waterborne inks, OPVs, and paints.

December 3, 2014

Available in variety of formulations, Dow Corning® Anti-Foam Agents control foam while minimizing film defects, such as pinholes, cratering, and fisheyes. Dow Corning® 69 and 8590 are suited for most typical foaming issues, while Dow Corning® 8603 handles more challenging foam problems. Dow Corning® 8610 is intended for systems with higher co-solvent level, and Dow Corning® 8628 ensures optimal defoaming and compatibility. All dispersible silicone compounds and emulsions are APEO-free and low-VOC. Read More

adhesives & sealants, chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment, materials & material processing

Silicone Sealant targets residential windows and doors.

June 4, 2014

Consisting of one-part RTV silicone material, Youjie&trade; Neutral Silicone Sealant cures upon contact with moisture in air to form flexible, silicone rubber seal. Product offers optimized adhesion to variety of construction materials and is suitable for use in wide range of window and door sealing and glazing applications. Available in translucent, black, gray, and white, sealant has neutral cure chemistry making it ideal for use on aluminum and steel windows and doors. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Silicone Intermediate is available for food-contact applications.

December 16, 2013

Solventless liquid silicone resin, Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate, blends with organic or other silicone resins to extend and improve processability and performance of coating systems. Specifically, solution provides high-temperature resistance, durability, and weatherability for range of coating formulations while minimizing release of VOCs. Reactive methoxy functionality makes this intermediate compatible with range of materials and also reacts with hydroxyl-functional resins. Read More

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Thermal Pads increase LED lamp/luminaire performance.

August 5, 2013

Dispensable Thermal Pads enable LED lamp and luminaire manufacturers to print layer of thermally conductive silicone compound in controllable thicknesses on complex substrate shapes while ensuring optimal thermal management properties. Applied via standard screen or stencil print processes or standard dispensing equipment, materials conform to complex/unevenly shaped substrates and cure in place. Thermal conductivity is 1.5 W/mK for TC-4015/-4016 and 2.5 W/mK for TC-4025/-4026. Read More

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Dispensable Thermal Pads target LED lighting applications.

May 3, 2013

With Dispensable Thermal Pads, LED luminaire manufacturers can print layer of thermally conductive silicone compound in controllable thicknesses on complex substrate shapes while ensuring optimal thermal management. TC-4015 and TC-4016 offer thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mK, while TC-4025 and TC-4026 offer thermal conductivity of 2.5 W/mK. Incorporating glass beads, TC-4016 and TC-4026 enable control over bond line thickness. All bond well with common lighting substrates like aluminum and PCBs. Read More

adhesives & sealants, chemical processing & waste management

Two-Part, Heat-Curable Optical Encapsulants enhance LED designs.

December 10, 2012

Delivering anti-silver corrosion capabilities, OE-6662 and OE-6652 optical encapsulants respectively offer Shore D 64 and Shore D 59 hardness. Gas barrier performance helps protect delicate silver-plated LED electrodes from sulfur attacks. With respective Shore D hardness of  26, 29, and 43, OE-7620, OE-7630, and OE-7640 provide mechanical protection for LED packaging designs. Thermal stability and photostability ensure consistent optical quality over lifetime of LED light source. Read More

materials & material processing, green & clean

Siloxane Resin optimizes chemical resistance of coatings.

October 3, 2012

With Dow Corning® 3055 Resin, manufacturers can formulate low-VOC polysiloxane coatings with urethane, epoxy, polyester, alkyd, amine, and acrylic systems utilizing amine functionality. Liquid crosslinking resin does not require titanate/tin catalysts or ambient moisture to cure, and does not contribute to volatile by-products that can cause film stress and adhesion loss. Coatings formulated with Dow Corning® 3055 exhibit optimized chemical, thermal, UV, corrosion, and moisture resistance. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, materials & material processing

Silicone Optical Resins enable innovative lighting designs.

September 4, 2012

Featuring Shore A hardness of 74 and 52, respectively, Dow Corning® MS-1002 and MS-1003 offer alternative to optical plastics in LED lamp and luminaire applications. Both can be injection molded into complex shapes, thick parts, and undercuts. Combination of high temperature resistance, UV resistance, and non-yellowing effect can optimize lumen maintenance, making materials suited for indoor/outdoor lighting without risk of degradation. Read More


Synthetic Bearing/Gear Grease survives water-rich applications.

June 18, 2012

Molykote® G-1502FM is formulated to reduce wear and corrosion and will stay in place, even with high-pressure equipment wash-down. In tests, this white and odorless product has demonstrated ability to minimize lubrication loss and wear scar at typical speeds as well as in 4-ball wear testing at slower (100 rpm) speeds. Corrosion tests showed ability to reduce rust by as much as 95%. Viscosity index is 145, specific gravity is 0.85 @ 25°C, and temperature range is -40 to +149°C. Read More

materials & material processing

Coatings Additive improves foam control and appearance.

June 8, 2012

Formulators of solventborne coatings and solventless radiation-curable coatings can use Dow Corning® 100F Additive - single fluorosilicone additive option - to control foam generation without causing surface defects or changes in gloss/haze of applied film. Additive utilizes surface tension of fluorosilicone technology to provide foam control in solvent-based and radiation-cured coating formulations, including high-solids systems. Read More

materials & material processing

Silicone Slip/Leveling Agents work on wood, furniture, and plastics.

April 16, 2012

Dow Corning® 205SL/204SL/401LS enable formulators of solventborne and UV coatings to achieve desired slip and hand feel performance without causing decreased recoatability. Dow Corning 205SL promotes hand feel and also functions as antifoam; Dow Corning 204SL provides slip performance in radiation curable coatings and allows for low-VOC levels as well as formulation flexibility; and Dow Corning 401LS promotes slip performance as well as wetting and leveling properties. Read More

materials & material processing, non-industrial products

Silicone Water-Repellent adds softness to apparel.

March 22, 2012

In addition to water repellency, Dow Corning® DWR-7000 Soft Hydro Guard imparts softness to most textile substrates, without use of fluorine, solvents, or alkylphenol ethoxylates. Silicone-based emulsion exhibits no toxicological effects or evidence of bioaccumulation. Along with durability, product provides stability and compatibility with most textile auxiliaries. It requires no heat reactivation or additional performance extenders, softeners, or lubricants. Read More

materials & material processing, green & clean

Decorative Coating Additives provide water resistance.

March 29, 2011

Dow Corning® 87 and 88 create hydrophobic silicone network in paint that repels water but is permeable to water vapor coming from substrate. Consisting of silicone resin emulsion for waterborne paints, Dow Corning® 87 encourages water beading. When water reduction is primary requirement, Dow Corning® 88, consisting of silane/siloxane blend, can be used in acrylic emulsion paints containing polar solvents and in solvent-based systems. Both are low-VOC, solvent-free, and APEO-free. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Silicone Flake Resin optimizes performance of cookware coatings.

October 20, 2010

Consisting of 100% silicone, hydroxyl-functional solid flake resin, Dow Corning® 255 optimizes heat stability and weatherability when used as binder in powder coatings. Product possesses high glass transition temperature of 56°C and residual silicon dioxide content of 62%. Compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.300, resin also exhibits hot hardness, making it suitable for high-temperature powder coatings used for cookware and bakeware. Read More

materials & material processing, green & clean

CoF Reducing Additive has low foaming formulation.

October 6, 2009

Reactive silicone glycol surfactant with carbinol functionality, Dow Corning 55N provides abrasion resistance, leveling, and slip to clear and pigmented paints, coatings, and inks without generating excessive foam or compromising gloss or clarity of finished coating. Low VOC additive performs well in water-based, solvent-based, and UV-curable systems and is compatible with wide range of resins, including alkyd, acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, paints & coatings

Silicone Release Coating suits filmic applications.

September 14, 2009

Offering adhesion to both primed and unprimed polyester films, solvent-free Syl-Off® System includes base coating, anchorage additive, choice of crosslinkers, and platinum catalyst. System uses thermal-cure technology and offers stability against both solvent and water-based acrylic adhesives. Applications include filmic pressure sensitive laminate and labelstock, polyester release films, and release liners for polyester technical adhesive tapes. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, paints & coatings

Hybrid Hard Coat protects surfaces prone to abrasion.

June 9, 2009

Combining silicone and fluorine resins and polymers, Hybrid Hard Coat Technology provides hard weather-resistant coating with low surface energy. UV-cure coating contains no ozone depleting chemicals, has high solids content, and is PFOA free. It can be used on many common substrates and is specially designed for portable electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, MP3 players, and GPS units, as well as automotive components. Read More

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