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Sarah Larson
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I/O System helps maximize machine productivity.

November 4, 2015

Available for Allen-Bradley POINT I/O system, IO-Link master and IO-Link enabled sensors monitor machine health and communicate data and diagnostics in real-time. IO-Link master streamlines communication from sensors to controller; sensors talk via IO-Link protocol to master; and POINT I/O system communicates with controller via EtherNet/IP. By providing continuous flow of diagnostic information from production line, sensors help predict maintenance needs. Read More

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Servo Drive helps save cabinet space.

September 16, 2015

Featuring dual-axis servos and 1.6–60 kW power range, Kinetix 5700 can be used in place of multiple servo drives, helping machine builders reduce cabinet space requirements. Unit utilizes Load Observer real-time tuning technology, which eliminates need to tune each individual axis. Once machine is operational, drive uses Tracking Notch Filter technology to detect and remove resonant frequencies, and automatically make tuning adjustments over time to help optimize machine performance. Read More

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