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Diane Dolan
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waste handling equipment, green & clean

Ozone Disinfection System features chemical-free design.

March 18, 2015

Utilizing corona discharge process to produce aqueous ozone, portable FDA-cleared Ozone Disinfection System eliminates rinse and repeat cycles caused by chemicals and cuts disinfection time to under 1 hr. Ozone has no detrimental effect on bicarb and water system components. Adjustable gauges indicate proper vacuum levels for mixing ozone and water, while ozone gas off chamber removes excess gas not dissolved in water and runs it through ozone gas destruct device, returning it to oxygen. Read More

mechanical components & assemblies, waste handling equipment

Portable Dialysis Water Treatment System uses heat disinfection.

May 2, 2014

Cleared by FDA, Centurion has flow rate of 1,500 ml/min based on 50°F supply. Integrated heat disinfection design disinfects entire unit &mdash; including membrane and delivery lines up to inlet of dialysis machine &mdash; in one step. Intended for use in medical facilities or at home, this single patient unit has built-in UF device that enhances microbiological quality to UPW levels ie <0.03 endotoxin units and <0.1 cfu/ml bacteria &mdash; making water suitable for hemodialysis as well as hemodiafiltration. Read More

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