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Pulse Oximeter operates via iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

December 18, 2012

Featuring Measure-Through Motion and Low Perfusion Masimo SET® technology, iSpO(2)™ Signal Extraction Pulse Oximeter enables users to check their own blood oxygenation, pulse rate, and perfusion index measurements for sports and aviation use. After connected to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, iSpO(2)™ application will automatically download. User slips sensor on ring finger and results appear on screen. Read More

health, medical and dental supplies & equipment, test & measuring instruments

Noninvasive Hemoglobin Tester has FDA 510(k) Clearance.

January 11, 2012

As point-of-care testing solution that can help healthcare providers expedite diagnosis and treatment of anemia in children and adolescents, Pronto-7® enables noninvasive spot-checking of total hemoglobin (SpHb®), SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index. Embedded 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth capabilities enable wireless printing or emailing of test results. With dimensions of 5.1 x 2.8 x 1 in., 10.5 oz instrument also offers Max Sensitivity Mode and can measure hemoglobin in less than 1 min. Read More

electronic components & devices, health, medical and dental supplies & equipment

Pulse Oximetry Circuit Board uses less than 45 mW of power.

May 24, 2011

Model MS-2040 provides measure-through motion and low perfusion oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index measurements. Suited for use in portable medical devices, product is offered in double-stack version with dimensions of 1.8 x 1.15 x 0.46 in. and single-stack version with dimensions of 2.0 x 1.38 x 0.36 in. It is available as external board-in-cable solution, embedded within patient cable, to allow signal extraction pulse oximetry in handheld and patient-wearable applications. Read More

sensors, monitors & transducers

SpCO Sensors non-invasively detect CO poisoning.

May 4, 2011

Available in handheld and bedside devices, rainbow® Reusable Direct Connect SpCO Sensors are suited for patients with low oxygen saturation of 90-95% and elevated methemoglobin between 0-2%. Units continuously measure total hemoglobin, oxygen content, carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, Pleth Variability Index, and acoustic respiration rate. By allowing immediate and non-invasive assessment of toxic CO levels, sensors enable early detection of CO poisoning to facilitate life-saving treatment. Read More


Hospital Software helps prevent avoidable deaths/injuries.

September 24, 2009

To reduce failure to rescue errors, Patient SafetyNet offers touchscreen interface and ability to monitor up to 80 patients simultaneously on 4 separate floors. Remote, noninvasive system combines Masimo SET pulse oximetry with optional Oridion Microstream end tidal CO2-based respiration rate monitoring at point of care and wireless clinician notification via pager. IEEE industry standards for connectivity allow efficient sharing of data and IT infrastructure integration. Read More

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