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Scanning Electron Microscope supports diverse applications.

May 5, 2016

With compound final lens, Apreo™ offers resolution down to 1.0 nm at 1 kV, without need for beam deceleration, for optimal performance on sample even if it is tilted or topographic. Backscatter detection is offered at lowest beam currents, at any tilt angle, on sensitive samples, and at TV-rate imaging to maximize materials contrast, and detector segments can be individually addressed to optimize for angular contrast or signal intensity and extract important information. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment

Digital Rock Software aids oil and gas exploration.

January 21, 2016

Consisting of petrophysics, pore statistics, and core profile modules, PerGeos™ helps geoscientists rapidly interpret and model digital rock imagery so that exploration and production engineers can quickly obtain meaningful, actionable data. Multi-scale, microscopic imagery and advanced digital rock modeling provides direct measurement for analyzing critical structural characteristics and physical properties, such as grain size, pore space, and connectivity. Read More

optics & photonics, test & measuring instruments, thermal & heating equipment

In-Situ Electron Microscopy Tools foster real-time observation.

November 19, 2015

NanoEx™ holders enable materials scientists and engineers to observe, in real-time, changes at micro, nano, and atomic scale in morphology and dynamic properties of materials under mechanical, electrical, and thermal stimuli as well as environmental conditions mimicking actual use cases. Specific products include NanoEx i/v heating solution, which uses MEMS-based nanoheaters; NanoEx 3D Indenter; and NanoEx 3D STM/EP electric nanoprobing solution. All work with FEI TEM platforms. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, optics & photonics

TEM Sample Preparation System aids failure analysis labs.

November 5, 2015

Available in FX and HX models, Helios™ G4 DualBeam Series offers 7 nm TEM lamella preparation solution for semiconductor manufacturing and failure analysis applications. Flexible FX system delivers STEM resolution down to sub-three Ångströms and enables images to be obtained within minutes of completing lamella. HX model, geared specifically for high-throughput TEM lamella production, features automated QuickFlip holder that minimizes sample preparation times. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

Plasma Focused Ion Beam cuts analysis from days to hours.

June 8, 2015

Built on DualBeam™ Plasma FIB platform with integrated SEM and nanoprobing capabilities, Helios PFIB EFI delivers site-specific sample preparation with in-situ SEM end-pointing and low-beam energy SEM-based transistor characterization. It includes electron-beam absorbed current  for interconnect-level electrical fault isolation and electron-beam induced current analysis for diffusion characterization. By using FEI’s Dx delayering solution, system boosts deprocessing yields for 10 nm devices. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, test & measuring instruments, vision systems

Advanced Imaging System targets oil and gas industry.

February 25, 2015

Part of multi-scale imaging solution, HeliScan™ microCT System provides accurate 3D imaging for analysis of reservoir rocks in hydrocarbon assets, allowing geoscientists and engineers to gain insight into reservoir heterogeneity and petrophysical properties. System delivers distortion-free imaging by combining proprietary methods, such as dynamic auto focus and drift correction, which accelerates image acquisition time. HeliScan comes with Avizo® 3D data visualization and analysis software. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Characterization System aids materials science research.

September 9, 2014

Capable of seeing structure and composition and adding/removing material at nanometer scale, Helios NanoLab™ G3 DualBeam™ allows scientists to explore fundamental relationships between structure and function. CX configuration offers versatile sample handling and positioning for flexible analysis, sample preparation, and characterization, while UC configuration delivers increased sensitivity to surface detail and optimized performance on soft, non-conductive, or beam-sensitive materials. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, materials & material processing, optics & photonics

Scanning Electron Microscope delivers 3D volume imaging.

September 9, 2014

Integrating SEM with VolumeScope™ in-chamber microtome and analytical software, Teneo VS™ provides fully automated, large-volume reconstructions with optimized Z-axis resolution. VolumeScope uses serial block face imaging to acquire 3D volume from block of tissue or cells. ThruSight multi-energy deconvolution resolves features at different depths within each slice, while MAPS software uses tiling and stitching to acquire high-resolution composite images that are larger than single field of view. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, optics & photonics

PFIM System and SEM accelerate metals research.

August 4, 2014

Utilizing plasma focused ion beam, Helios™ PFIB DualBeam™ delivers rapid 3D imaging and analysis for metals research as well as delamination of paints and coatings and analysis of grain boundaries, thin films, interfaces, and adhesion layers. Teneo™ Scanning Electron Microscope, featuring non-immersion objective lens, provides high-resolution, high-contrast images on magnetic materials. Energy dispersive spectrometry and EBSD are supported by high-beam current and full 90° stage tilt. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, optics & photonics

Sample Holder for In Situ TEM can heat samples to over 1000°C.

May 21, 2014

Suited for scientists studying structure-function relationship of materials, NanoEx™-i/v sample holder can be integrated with FEI transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) to observe effects of heating and electrical bias on nanostructured materials during in situ experiments. Holder is optimized to accept various sample geometries, from nanoparticles to thin FIB-prepared lamellae, and includes MEMS-based heating element as well as contacts for applying electrical bias. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

TEM Sample Preparation Workflow promotes high throughput.

November 6, 2013

Suitable for use in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis, ExSolve™ can prepare site-specific, 20 nm thick TEM lamella on whole wafers up to 300 mm dia. Solution can sample many sites per wafer in fully automated process inside fab, and wafer TEM prep (WTP) increases speed of sample preparation. This provides semiconductor and data storage manufacturers with access to data needed to verify and monitor process performance. FOUP handling capability is standard. Read More

optics & photonics, vision systems

FIB/SEM Systems facilitate imaging of challenging materials.

July 23, 2013

DualBeam focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope (FIB/SEM) systems provide imaging and analysis of diverse samples. With electron optics suited for investigating such challenging materials as insulating or magnetic materials, Scios™ DualBeam™ is positioned for accelerated 2D and 3D characterization. Helios NanoLab™ 660 DualBeam, with its patterning engine, MultiChem™ gas delivery system, and Tomahawk™ ion optics, provides capabilities for fabricating prototypes of complex nanodevices. Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, optics & photonics

FIB SEM System investigates materials at nanometer scale.

July 9, 2013

Combining high-resolution scanning electron microscope with focused ion beam milling, Helios NanoLab™ 660 DualBeam™ is used to investigate structure and function of materials at nanometer scale, create prototypes of micro and nano electro-mechanical systems, and prepare ultrathin samples for atomic scale imaging and analysis in TEM. NanoBuilder™ 2.0 nanoprototyping toolset automatically fabricates 3D prototypes of nano- and microscale devices from computer-generated models. Read More

optics & photonics, test & measuring instruments

Wafer Analysis System quickly diagnoses root cause of defects.

June 13, 2013

With automated front opening universal pod, Helios NanoLab™ 1200AT DualBeam™ System can be located inside semiconductor wafer lab, where SEM imaging and focused ion beam milling are used to extract ultrathin samples of targeted structures for examination in TEM. System can create site-specific TEM samples thin enough to capture single transistor at 10 nm node, from wafers up to 300 mm in diameter. By moving 1200AT close to wafer process line, process development and ramp are accelerated. Read More

optics & photonics, test & measuring instruments

Particulate Analyzer monitors automotive part cleanliness.

April 2, 2013

Combining scanning electron microscope and X-ray spectrometer, ASPEX CleanCHK™ Analyzer monitors automotive part cleanliness by providing particulate data within minutes. Advanced software routines automatically detect and count particles and analyze particle size, shape, and composition. Designed for use on production floor, analyzer offers automated sample set-up, calibration, and analysis; menu-based operation; and ability to report results in several industry standard formats. Read More

optics & photonics

Transmission Electron Microscope aids structural biology research.

February 5, 2013

Part of integrated workflow, Tecnai Arctica&trade; incorporates automation, pioneered on FEI&rsquo;s flagship Titan Krios&trade; TEM, to elucidate 3D structure of biological macromolecules and molecular complexes. Cryo-sample autoloader, combined automated target identification, and low dose imaging enable unattended acquisition of large SPA data sets. UI and automation of routine operations and set up procedures lower threshold of operator expertise.<br /> <br /> Read More

optics & photonics

Dual Beam System provides semiconductor failure analysis.

November 26, 2012

Combining scanning electron microscope for imaging and focused ion beam for milling and deposition, Helios NanoLab&trade; 450 F1 DualBeam&trade; System provides semiconductor manufacturers with optimal images of device architectures. STEM detector delivers material contrast, while FlipStage&trade; 3 flips sample between thinning and STEM viewing positions, and rotation axis permits viewing from either side. To support automated lift-out, EasyLift&trade; nanomanipulator provides precise motorized sample manipulation. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Automated Mineralogy Analyzer offers turn-key operation.

November 19, 2012

Extending mineral liberation analysis, MLA EXpress&trade; provides graphic, mineralogical, and textural information from ore needed to make decisions in diverse mining operations. Bench-top unit. Automated mineralogy involves scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray spectrometer, used to obtain microscopic view of structure and composition of ore. There are multiple analytical modes available, and detector and pulse counting technologies maximize count rates. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Surface Inspection System offer analytical and imaging modes.

October 2, 2012

Versa 3D&trade; DualBeam&trade; is available with UniColore (UC) monochromated electron source, which improves fine surface detail imaging capabilities at low accelerating voltages without compromising analytical performance at high voltages and beam currents. By decreasing energy spread among beam electrons, UC source reduces chromatic aberration and permits beam to be focused into smaller spot. Analytical mode offers beam currents up to 100 nA, and imaging mode offers resolution of 1.4 nm at 1 kV. Read More

optics & photonics, test & measuring instruments

FIB/SEM Systems support TEM sample preparation.

August 31, 2012

Respectively accommodating up to 100 mm samples and full 300 mm wafers, Helios NanoLab(TM) 450HP and 1200HP DualBeam(TM) systems meet requirements for semiconductor process development at 28 nm device geometry node and below. Systems can prepare 15 nm thick samples with less than 2 nm damage layer in 90 min. QuickFlip grid holders facilitate inverted sample preparation, and iFast(TM) automation software optimizes usability while ensuring consistency among multiple operators and systems. Read More

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