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R & M Energy Systems

mechanical components & assemblies, mining, oil drilling & refining

High-Performance Rod Guides withstand temperatures to 500°F.

October 27, 2011

Era® Blazer(TM) Rod Guides can increase production and decrease workover costs by extending rod and tubing service life in standard and high-temperature applications such as progressing cavity downhole pumping. Manufactured from engineered plastics enhanced with performance additives tailored to withstand high-temperature well conditions, products feature spin-thru design that reduces torque generated by mechanical and hydraulic friction of rotating rod string. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Tubing Rotator is engineered to handle extreme conditions.

September 28, 2011

Able to operate in temperatures to 650°F and pressures to 5,000 psi, RODEC(TM) High Temperature, High Pressure Tubing Rotator evenly distributes wear about internal circumference of production tubing. System is compatible with any wellhead configuration that complies with API 6A specifications and can rotate any size of production tubing with any API thread configuration. Able to extend tubing life by 6-10 times, rotator features double-sealed design and multiple drive options. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment, mining, oil drilling & refining

Lugless BOP Cap provides secure sealing.

July 29, 2011

Suitable for installation on older 150H(TM) BOP models that currently have wing caps, Hercules® Lugless 150H(TM) BOP Cap has lugless end caps that allow operations to use wrench rather than hammer. Unit can be operated with standard 24 or 36 in. pipe wrench, 36 in. adjustable wrench, or 3 in. wrench. Product provides security for operators, secure sealing without leakage, and optimized service life. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Down-Hole Pumps have progressive cavity design. .

March 29, 2011

Series of Moyno HTD(TM) High Temperature Down-Hole Pumps feature one-piece metal to metal stators designed for 1,200 m of lift. Mechanical bonding technology allows pumps to operate in temperatures up to 350°F, and additional advantage is ability to steam through stator in for Cyclic Steam Stimulation. Also suitable for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage, pumps also incorporate elastomer technology that enables them to handle solids. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Down-Hole Pump operates in high-temperature applications.

May 13, 2009

Able to handle heat to 350°F, Moyno® HTD350 Down-Hole Pump has elastomeric stator mechanically secured to stator tube for optimal temperature and chemical resistance. Series is also compatible with steam injection applications without removing stator from well. Models are available to cover several ranges: 95 BFPD per 100 rpm and up to 6,000 ft lift, 275 BFPD per 100 rpm and up to 5,400 ft lift, and 500 BFPD per 100 rpm and up to 4,000 ft lift. Read More

mechanical components & assemblies, mechanical power transmission

Power Sections are lined with UltraFlex® 114 elastomer.

April 21, 2009

Moyno® Even Rubber Thickness(ERT(TM)) 2 7/8 in. power sections are lined with UltraFlex® 114 elastomer to provide fluid compatibility and resistance to explosive decompression. High power outputs are achieved by applying even thickness of rubber to one-piece stator, and steel reinforcement of stator's lobes promotes quality of rotor/stator seal during operation and also compensates for loss of elastomer strength that occurs at high temperatures and when exposed to chemicals. Read More

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