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OKW Enclosures, Inc.

3000 Old Pond Rd., Bridgeville, PA, 15017, US

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Sean Bailey
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Latest New Product News from
OKW Enclosures, Inc.

Electronic Components & Devices

Configurable Electronics Enclosures are offered as complete sets.

November 10, 2014

Molded in ABS (UL 94 HB), INTERFACE-TERMINAL multifunction, ergonomic enclosures offer space for components, displays, and touchscreens. Modular construction allows 5 formats: mobile; with base or flat wall suspension element; desktop; desktop/wall mounting with latch lock; and flush-mounted in walls or control panels. Along with front panels of ABS, aluminum, and glass, choices include 7.48 x 5.31 in., 8.86 x 6.50 in., and 10.83 x 7.68 in. plan sizes. Read More

Mechanical Components & Assemblies

IP68 Cable Glands aid installation and work in difficult areas.

November 3, 2014

Molded of polyamide, Quick Fix Cable Glands fit from outside without special tools to accelerate installations and facilitate work where access is difficult. External locknut has left-hand thread to ensure firm retention. Rated to IP68 for seal and strain relief, products are compatible with enclosure wall thicknesses from 0.04–0.15 in. Available sizes include M16 (cable Ø 0.20–0.39 in.), M20 (cable Ø 0.31–0.51 in.), M25 (cable Ø 0.43–0.67 in.), and M32 (cable Ø 0.59–1.26 in.). Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Handheld Enclosures feature integrated charging contacts.

October 20, 2014

Designed for mobile applications in harsh environments, DATEC-COMPACT Outdoor Enclosures include S, M, and L models measuring 5.35 x 2.91 x 1.26 in., 6.77 x 3.62 x 1.53 in., and 8.11 x 4.33 x 1.85 in., respectively. All 3 sizes can be specified with or without gold-plated integrated contacts (<15 A, 1-pole) for charging and data transfer. Versions with battery compartments provide slots for SD cards and USB connectors. Manufactured from UV-stable ASA+PC-FR, enclosures are rated to IP65/NEMA 4. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Material Handling & Storage, Electronic Components & Devices

DIN Rail Enclosure Linking System hastens installation of boxes.

September 16, 2014

Designed for 7.5 mm high top hat TH35 DIN rail assemblies, RAILTEC-BUS system accelerates and facilitates linking of DIN rail enclosures that share same power and signal connections. Modular system includes PA-molded bus support rail; bus PCB with 5 copper conductors (63 V, 5 A max); PA rail cover; PA PCB/bus connection block with PCB pins and 5 gold-plated connection springs; as well as left- and right-hand end caps. Available bus lengths are 9.84 and 19.68 in. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Electronic Enclosures combine plastic and aluminum.

September 5, 2014

Available in 36 models, SYNERGY Electronic Enclosures are suitable for handheld, desktop, and wall mounted equipment. Glass reinforced polyamide pillars snap into recessed top panel, locate assembly extrusion, and are fixed to bottom part with 4 stainless steel Torx T10 anti-tamper screws. Top and base sections are manufactured from UV-resistant ASA+PC-FR, while main body section is extruded from AlMgSi 0.5 aluminum, blasted with glass beads, and anodized in silver for optimized surface finish. Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories, Electronic Components & Devices

DIN Rail Enclosures feature low-profile design.

August 7, 2014

Designed to fit TH35 x 7.5 mm rails, RAILTEC B DIN Rail Enclosures come in 2, 4, 6, and 9 module sizes. Each enclosure is molded from PPO (UL 94 V-0) for base and PC (UL 94 V-1) for top section. Fully insulated and protected according to VBG4 and IEC 529/DIN VDE 0470-1, enclosures are suitable for machine building and automotive industry. Customization options include CNC milling and drilling, RFI shielding, silk-screen and tampo printing of legends and logos. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Handheld Enclosures are designed for outdoor electronics.

July 25, 2014

Available in 6.771 x 3.622 x 1.535 in. size, DATEC-COMPACT enclosures, desk stations, and wall holders are ergonomic, UV-stable, IP65 (NEMA 4)- rated handheld enclosures assembled with tamperproof Torx T10 screws. Products feature integrated contacts as option, providing all-in-one solution for charging and data transfer. Manufactured from ASA+PC-FR blend (UL 94 V-0) for strength and UV stability, enclosures support optional 3 x 1.5 V AA battery compartment and customization. Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Ruggedized Handheld Enclosures are rated to IP65.

June 10, 2014

Available in versions with open and closed tops, IP65 HAND-TERMINAL industrial enclosures are designed for handheld machine controllers, test instruments, and data entry devices. Even weight distribution and ergonomic handgrip on underside promote user comfort and help minimize fatigue. Molded in impact-resistant, flame-retardant (UL 94 V-0) blend of ABS and PC, 8.66 x 4.72 x 2.55 in. enclosures have recessed top for membrane keypads and can be fully customized.
Read More

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OKW Enclosures, Inc.