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machinery & machining tools, mounting & attaching products

Shaping Attachment machines complex features in one step.

May 20, 2014

EPPINGER Shaping Attachment enables single-step machining of difficult-to-cut features, including grooves, Torx screw heads, splines, and gear teeth. Attachment drives cutter into workpiece in Z-axis at cutting speeds up to 1,000 strokes/min. At end of each stroke, integrated lift-off mechanism returns cutter to starting position without drag. With working stroke of 1.3 in. and max feed of 0.006 in. per stroke, attachment can produce max groove widths of 0.31–0.34 in. Read More

controls & controllers, mounting & attaching products

Tool-Positioning System minimizes setup times.

May 9, 2014

Based on VDI interface, Eppinger Trifix Tool Positioning System facilitates quick and accurate exchanges of both static and driven tooling for DMG/Gildemeister multitasking machines. System delivers positioning accuracy within 10 microns between tool stations and single-position repeatability of less than 5 microns at tool length of 3.9 in. After user initially aligns Trifix unit in lathe turret, further adjustment for subsequent tool changes becomes unnecessary. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Turning Center Machine Clutch features floating coupling design.

January 13, 2014

Designed for Okuma CNC turning centers, PRECI-FLEX® Compensating Clutch provides floating coupling between turret drive motor tangs and toolholders that self-compensates for misalignment. Resulting precision alignment reduces vibration and tool chatter. Promoting smooth operation, surface finish quality, and extended tool life, clutch offers connection area twice that of standard spindle which lends to optimized torque transfer while eliminating loss of power between motors and tool holders. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Base Holder accepts standard CAPTO/PSC adapters.

December 12, 2013

Available for bolt-on and VDI-style turrets, EXSYS/EPPINGER CAPTO Base Holder accommodates fixed and rotary tools, and accepts all standard CAPTO/PSC adapters. Cone-style shape adds to precision and stiffness, while built-in release mechanism on outer diameter of spindle provides operator accessibility and makes it possible to lock/unlock CAPTO adapters with Allen key. In addition, automatic ejection of CAPTO adapters ensures quick tool exchanges. Read More

mechanical power transmission

Compensating Clutch eliminates CNC turning center misalignment.

October 7, 2013

PRECI-FLEX® lets Nakamura CNC turning centers float away misalignment between turret drive motors and toolholders, promoting smooth operation, surface finish quality, and tool life. While resulting precise alignment reduces vibration and tool chatter, other benefits include elimination of wear to turret drive motor connections and elimination of backlash as result of complete fit around drivetrain of motor. Clutch also lessens severity of damage that can occur as result of machine crash. Read More

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