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1011 Calle Sombra, San Clemente, CA, 92673, USA

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Bryan W. Vigue
Phone: 949-366-8000
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Remediation Substrate stops groundwater contaminant plumes.

May 30, 2014

Effective on wide range of organic contaminants, PlumeStop™ stops migrating groundwater contaminant plumes by rapidly reducing contaminant concentrations with sorptive medium while also enhancing or accelerating microbial-driven biodegradation processes. Colloidal biomatrix platform is designed to eliminate rebound, stop matrix back-diffusion, and meet stringent groundwater standards at contaminated sites. It can also protect sensitive environmental receptors such as streams, rivers, and ponds. Read More

waste handling equipment

Oxidation Formulation helps clean up environment.

July 1, 2005

RegenOx(TM) provides in-situ remediation of recalcitrant soil and groundwater pollutants, such as industrial degreasers, explosives, and pesticides. Injected directly into soil using direct-push equipment, non-toxic formulation uses synergistic chemical processes aimed at rapidly attacking and destroying broad range of contaminants. Since RegenOx remains active for up to 1 month, it can remove large amounts of contamination and has no detrimental impact on groundwater. Read More

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