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material handling & storage, robotics

Robotic Layer Picking System can pick multiple layers at once.

September 26, 2012

Using combination of vacuum and clamping technology, Layer Picking System is capable of picking 95% of consumer products, including corrugate or boxboard cases, shrink wrap products, bottles, tubs, and open trays. Patterns with voids and tier sheets can also be handled. Capable of picking and placing entire pallet loads, system allows for secure inventory replenishment, especially with unstable loads. Typical applications include food, beverage, and consumer goods distribution centers. Read More

robotics, software

Mobile Robot offers advanced audio features to enhance safety.

March 14, 2012

ADAM (Autonomous Delivery and Manipulation) mobile robot operates safety due to interactive voice messages and vehicle-in-motion jukebox capabilities of ADAM RAP (Reactive Audio Playback). To promote interaction between workers and robots, programmable sound system application plays various sound bites or text-to-speech audio based on particular function robot is undertaking. It meets requirements of vehicle in motion alert systems is mandated by international safety standards. Read More

robotics, software

Mobile Robot Application provides reactive audio playback.

December 10, 2010

Optimizing vehicle in motion notifications, ADAM RAP can play text-to-speech messages, sound bites, or musical interludes that can be actively or passively triggered in reaction to operational conditions and system inputs. Through ADAM Commander mapping software, regions on facility map can be embedded with commands to automatically load specific tunes or prompt voice messages. For example, ADAM may play song in aisles and then switch to text-to-speech-based message as it approaches doorway. Read More


Intelligent AGV enhances lean manufacturing environments.

August 13, 2010

ADAM(TM) (Autonomous Delivery and Manipulation) optimizes operational productivity by robotically transporting work-in-process and finished goods between locations. Intended for lean manufacturing operations, it adjusts to changing environment without assistance from support lifelines such as guide wires, reflectors, or transponders. Standard features include laser range finding system, on-board PC, RAP (Reactive Audio Playback) module, and li-ion battery with opportunity charging. Read More

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