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Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Motorized Impellers come with capacity of 8,095 cfm.

Jul 12, 2017

Available in voltage ranges of 200-240V three phase, 280-480V three phase, and 200-277V single phase, Motorized Impellers are made of glass-fiber polypropylene material. Suitable for electronic cabinet cooling, clean room modules, air filtration systems, heat exchangers and air-handling unit applications, units are operated in temperature ranges from -4 degrees F to 104 degrees F. Equipped... Read More


CF Bathroom Exhaust Fans feature galvanized steel housing.

Jun 01, 2017

Designed to fit 3 in. and 4 in. duct sizes, CF Bathroom Exhaust Fans come with built-in backdraft damper. Equipped with AC motor that operates with 120V, 60 Hz supply, unit’s mounting brackets adjust up to 24 in. span. Featuring automatic reset thermal overload protection, model CF70 meets HVI standards.

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TF Tranquil Bathroom Fans come with built-in backdraft damper.

May 05, 2017

Housed in galvanized steel, TF Tranquil Bathroom Fans are available in TF80 and TF110 (non-lighted) and TF80L and TF110L (lighted) models. Equipped with AC motor and mounting brackets with adjustment up to 24 in. span, fans offer whisper-quiet operation below one sone. Units are HVI certified and are designed to fit 4 in. and 6 in. duct sizes. Featuring automatic reset thermal overload... Read More


AXP In-Line Duct Fans come with UV resistant plastic housing.

Feb 15, 2017

Available in 4 to 12 in. sizes, AXP In-Line Duct Fans feature backward curved centrifugal fan impellers. Having up to 837 cfm airflow capacity, units come with external rotor motor design, pre-wired capacitor and automatic reset thermal overload protection. Operated with 120V input supply in up to 122°F air temperature, fans are suitable for residential, commercial, and light industrial... Read More


Motorized Blower operates smoothly and with minimal noise.

Sep 23, 2016

Available in single- or 3-phase voltages and 500–5,000 cfm capacities, TCC Motorized Blower combines flange mounted scroll housing with TMK Motorized Impeller to optimize air performance and minimize sound levels. Precision balanced air-moving package, optimized for smooth operation, has steel housing with corrosion-resistant epoxy coating; speed-controllable external rotor motor; and BC... Read More


In-Ceiling Bathroom Fan provides efficient ventilation.

Jul 18, 2016

Available in lighted and non-lighted versions, AeroFan Superior Bathroom Fans provide ventilation for any bathroom. Standard features include extended-life ball bearing condenser motor, thermal overload protection, adjustable mounting brackets, and steel housing with corrosion-resistant paint. Able to fit 4 and 5 in. ducts, these in-ceiling fans offer whisper-quiet, 2-speed operation;... Read More

HVAC, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Centrifugal Impeller suits limited space applications.

Sep 21, 2015

Available in single or 3-phase voltages, TMK Motorized AC Impeller is completely speed controllable. Impeller and dual frequency 50/60 Hz motor are located directly in airstream, where impeller acts as rotating heat sink with optimized heat dissipation and efficient motor cooling. Housed version TMK-H eases installation and minimizes assembly time. Both are equipped with BC airfoil wheel and... Read More


In-Line Fans suit supply or exhaust ventilation systems.

Sep 01, 2015

Designed for residential and light commercial ventilation applications, MFT Mixed Flow In-Line Fans feature UV-resistant plastic housing and 2-speed motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Units are available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 in. duct diameters with airflow capacities up to 1,051 cfm. Precision-balanced for quiet and vibration-free operation, fans are suitable for air temperatures... Read More


External Mount Duct Fans suit space-restricted areas.

Jun 01, 2015

When space restrictions prevent use of inline duct fans, EXT External Mount Duct Fans offer through-the-wall solution, and can be sidewall mounted on exterior of building. Units feature external rotor motors, enclosed motor housing for dust and lint, automatic reset thermal overload protection, and built-in backdraft damper. Available in 4, 6, and 8 in. duct sizes, speed-controllable fans provide... Read More


Plenum Fans feature backward curved airfoil wheels.

May 19, 2015

Designed to slide into field erected or factory built air handling units or plenums, TEK Plenum Fans operate by pressurizing plenum in which they operate, and are suited for supply or return air applications. Impellers are constructed with injection molded GRP polyamide TEK wheel and offer non-overloading power characteristics. Equipped with TEFC industry duty motors, modular fans eliminate... Read More


Motorized Axials offer vibration-free operation.

Mar 16, 2015

Coupling DC motor and impeller to minimize space requirements, Models DXG and DXP are suitable for either supply or exhaust use, and in applications where transient electrical noise is prohibited. Both motor and impeller are located directly in air stream, providing heat dissipation and efficient motor cooling. Available in 24 and 48 Vdc, precision-balanced RoHS-compliant units feature 1–10 Vdc... Read More


AC Motorized Axial Fans offer cool, vibration-free operation.

Feb 17, 2015

Offered in capacities to 3,469 cfm, DXG and DXP feature coupling of motor and impeller that minimizes space requirements and results in vibration-free operation. Motor and impeller are located directly in air stream, maximizing heat dissipation and motor cooling efficacy. These 100% speed-controllable fans, available as single- and 3-phase, come with matching capacitors and Class F... Read More

Green & Clean, HVAC, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Motorized Axials offer capacities to 3,469 cfm.

Feb 03, 2015

Utilizing electronically commutated external rotor motor, DXG and DXP EC Motorized Axials are suited for many air-moving applications, including motor controls, electronics, power converter cabinets, and modular air conditioners. Precision balanced air-moving devices feature 1–10 Vdc or PWM motor control, input voltage of 208–277 V 50/60 Hz, and IP44 motor protection. Read More


Destratification Fans minimize hot and cold spots.

Jan 07, 2015

Available in 10, 12, and 14 in. sizes with airflow capacity up to 1,460 cfm, DSF Destratification Fans mix air in large spaces with ceilings 15 ft or higher, including grocery stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. Axial flow fans are equipped with permanently lubricated ball bearing motors for maintenance-free operation. Housed in steel with corrosion-resistant finish, 120 V/60 Hz... Read More

HVAC, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Motorized Impellers offer vibration-free operation.

Nov 21, 2014

Featuring compact, 100% speed-controllable design, CMI Motorized Centrifugal Impellers are suited for medical appliances, pharmaceutical equipment, clean room modules, and air filtration. Both motor and impeller are located directly in air stream, providing heat dissipation and efficient motor cooling. Supplied with matching capacitors and inlet rings and Class F insulation, backward curved... Read More

HVAC, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Centrifugal Impeller utilizes electronically commutated motor.

Nov 04, 2014

Offering capacities to 1,139 cfm, ErP and RoHs compliant EC Motorized Impellers combine backward curved impeller and electronically commutated (EC) external rotor motor for optimized energy conservation and performance in such air-moving applications as cooling of motor controls, electronics, power converter cabinets, and modular A/Cs. These precision balanced air-moving devices operate from... Read More

HVAC, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

DC Motorized Centrifugal Impellers provide 2,047 cfm capacity.

Oct 10, 2014

Suitable for supply or exhaust use, DC Motorized Centrifugal Impellers combine backward curved airfoil wheel with 100% speed controllable DC external rotor motor. Motor and impeller are located directly in air stream, providing heat dissipation and efficient motor cooling. Available from stock in 24 and 48 Vdc models with 1–10 Vdc or PWM motor control, impellers are suitable for applications... Read More


Modular Plug Fan suits supply and return applications.

Jan 15, 2014

Suitable for OEM applications where plenum air circulator is required, TEK Plug Fans feature injection molded GRP polyamide TEK backward curved airfoil (BCA) wheels. Impellers combine precision injection molding with high-strength plastics, and integral mounting panel allows for air circulation in plenum while keeping TEFC industry-duty motor external to air stream. Featuring modular... Read More


Ceiling Exhaust Fans offer capacities to 1,513 cfm.

Sep 09, 2013

Designed for commercial ventilation applications, CEF Ceiling Exhaust Fans feature low-profile grille, integral backdraft damper, and horizontal or vertical discharge. Units have thermally protected fan motor with anti-vibration mounts that isolate motor for smooth operation. Housed in acoustically insulated galvanized steel, fans can be ceiling or in-line mounted and are suited for conference... Read More

Controls & Controllers, HVAC, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

KRD Radial Blade Blower has compact, efficient design.

Jul 11, 2013

Offered in capacities to 3,307 cfm, KRD Radial Blade Blowers feature heavy-duty welded 16-gauge steel housing and motor base. Single- or 3-phase TEFC motors are available, and product can also be supplied without motor. Dynamically balanced, self-cleaning, cast aluminum wheels are suited for exhaust systems where air is laden with dirt, lint, or foreign material. Other features include polyester... Read More

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