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Christopher J. Clark
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robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Bridge Gantry Robot offers 135 x 12.5 x 3 m work envelope.

February 26, 2013

Featuring freely programmable work envelope, Rail-Guided Bridge Gantry Robot is suitable for arc welding, resistance welding, and laser welding as well as gluing and general processing tasks. All axes of gantry and all installed robots are integrated into unit. In addition to synchronized path control, system is available with sensors for positioning. Different design versions, with up to 1 additional W-axis, are available as modular systems. Read More

controls & controllers, robotics

Portable Teach Pendant aids robot programming and operation.

February 8, 2013

Featuring ergonomic housing and position of center of gravity that reduce operator fatigue, reisPAD allows operation and programming via 10.4 in. touch display with clearly arranged, large, soft-key buttons. On operating panel, there is only emergency-stop button and permission key for release of robot movements. Operation can be learned intuitively and is done via maximum of 2 operating menus. Control is further facilitated via scrollbars, rotary knobs, and trackballs on touch display. Read More

robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Laser Robot serves welding and hybrid welding applications.

January 31, 2013

Due to integrated laser beam guidance and welding optics MWO54, RV60-26-FT makes it possible to transfer fiber, disk, or diode lasers up to 16 kW laser capacity. It is also possible to set focal point diameter via robot control, enabling deep welding and heat conduction welding. Integrated cable channel in upper arm ensures 3D mobility, and weld robot, including sensors, can be guided via sixth robot axis without additional adjusting axes. Read More

robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Bridge Gantry aids production of large structures.

November 6, 2012

With 135 x 12 x 3 m work envelope, Bridge Gantry Type RBP is suitable for railway vehicle construction, shipbuilding, steel construction, or wind energy power plant construction. System can be equipped with 2 robots in different configurations. Besides longitudinal and transversal axis of gantry itself, RV20-16 robot can be moved along vertical axis, for total of 15 axes. Alternatively, 3 hand axes of articulated-arm robot can be combined with 3 linear axes to achieve 6-axis robot. Read More

robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Six-Axis Laser Welding Robot features integrated beam guidance.

October 25, 2012

Featuring 20 kW capacity, Model RV60-26-FT includes hand axis in which laser beam can be set and aligned with additional adjusting features. All optical components in hand axis are continuously water-cooled. With integrated beam guidance, fiber optic cables are located in arm structure so that fiber supply does not form interfering edge that restricts robot's work envelope. Motor-driven focus adjustment enables energy density and beam diameter of component to be changed, optimizing processing result. Read More

controls & controllers, robotics

Robot Control System uses tablet PC for programming.

July 11, 2012

ROBOTstar-VI control generation with reisPAD tablet format portable teach pendant lets programmer operate robot via UI and without any mechanical or electrical operating elements. Along with scratch-resistant, 10.4 in., multi-touch display, network-compatible reisPAD offers BalancedUse for right/left operation, sharePAD for use of any number of robots, and wirelessTEACH features. All functions, except Emergency-Off and permission key, can be activated via touchscreen. Read More


Articulated Arm Robots support die casting operations.

November 8, 2011

With all bearings and mobile parts separately sealed and encapsulated, RH Series withstands extreme foundry conditions. Series comprises 2 robot types with 6 axes up to load capacity of 130 kg, as well as 2 robot types with 4 basic axes for load capacities up to 300 kg. Horizontal arrangement of arm enables optimal movement sequence for extraction, insertion, and spray tasks at die casting machine, while anti-collision protection prevents damage to robot during programming and operation. Read More

robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Compact Welding Cell has 2 freely programmable additional axes.

September 30, 2011

Allowing robotic welding even for short production runs, completely enclosed and movable welding cell consists of 6-axis RV10-6 vertical articulated arm robot, high-capacity RobotStarV control, and 2 freely programmable additional axes. Welding robot, which may be arranged upright or suspended overhead, has payload capacity of 13.23 lb and repeatability of 0.002 in. All supply, exhaust, and safety requirements are integrated within cell, which occupies 32.8 feet² floor space. Read More

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