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Traffic Door has eco-conscious design.

January 21, 2013

Suitable for pedestrian, pushcart, pallet jack, and light forklift traffic, eco-friendly NeoCor™ traffic door is available in multiple colors and has heavy-duty steel jambguards. Hexacomb® core, made of 20% recycled paper content, is SFI-certified as 100% recyclable. Recommended for dry applications only, door features design that facilitates and accelerates installation process. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

PVC Door Strip System helps control pest ingress, air flow.

April 27, 2012

AirStream(TM) combines performance and durability of PVC strip doors with design aspects that maximize air flow and insect barrier properties. Perforations allow fresh air to circulate, and amber color is available to provide maximum protection against flying insects, birds, and debris. Also, product helps facilities meet FDA requirements and keep temperatures down. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Mesh Barrier Door keeps insects and debris out of work area.

March 28, 2012

Available in 7 colors, AirFlow Mesh Bug Barrier Door allows air ventilation while keeping insects and debris out of work area. Door provides 65% shade factor, helping keep facility cool by minimizing heat from sun while allowing light in. Designed to meet FDA requirements, door additionally deters trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Traffic Door targets foodservice industry.

February 8, 2011

Made of anodized aluminum with satin finish, ImpacDor® AL-125-1 is suited for restaurants, food service facilities, grocery, and retail stores. Double-acting, .063 in. thick door includes 8.5 x 11 in. window and adjustable tension spring loaded hinges that allow door panels to swing 90° in either direction. Larger windows are available as well as stainless steel push plates, gasketing for edges, and either .090 gauge thick anodized aluminum panels or 18 gauge stainless steel panels. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Impact Door has low maintenance design.

April 6, 2010

Manufactured from monolithic, rotationally molded panels that resist moisture, chemicals, dust, bending, and torque, rugged ImpacDor® HD-175 features stainless steel hinges and mounting hardware. It has 250° helical hinge and precision aluminum follower that allows door to swing in both directions. Choice of decorative colors, molded polyethylene bumpers from 12-48 in., and vision panels in various sizes and styles, as well as washdown package are available. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Impact Door is designed for oversized openings.

January 20, 2010

Featuring continuously welded aluminum sub-frame, rugged ImpacDor® XHD-175 is built to withstand stress of wash down applications, USDA, security, and refrigerated usage while retaining its shape and seal in large openings. It is resistant to impact abuse by carts, pallets, hand trucks, and medium fork lift traffic. Door features 24 in. high full-view windows, 1.75 in. thick foam insulated core with ABS or optional galvanized steel facings, and 42 in. high polyethylene bumpers. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

PVC Strips are perforated and pre-punched.

May 19, 2008

Available in 3 styles, TearAway(TM) PVC strips provide easy-to-install system that does not use nuts and bolts allowing for quick, convenient installation and replacement of worn strips. TearAway Quick Strips come in partial roll of pre-punched material perforated in 7, 8, 10, 12, or 14 ft lengths. Perforated and pre-punched to custom length, TearAway Custom Bulk Roll is continuous roll of stripping material, while TearAway Replacement Strips are available as defined length of stripping material. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Flexible Impact Door has one-piece, flapper-style design.

March 11, 2008

Designed for wash-down environments, Optima ImpacDor® employs wear-resistant panels in 2 thicknesses that incorporate 15 x 18 in. window. Top-mounted gravity hinges allow for full 180° swing capability, and lack of bottom hinge permits full-width access without restricting traffic flow. This single-ply PVC panel impact door, modifiable in field to meet any requirement, also features corrosion-resistant steel hinge and mounting arm. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment, hvac, plant furnishings & accessories, safety & security equipment

Air Curtain provides insect, dust, odor, and climate control.

October 10, 2007

Suited for building entryways in foodservice and processing facilities, JetStream(TM) Air Curtain provides invisible barrier of air that protects entrances from contaminants, stops wind, and reduces infiltration of outside air into heated/air conditioned areas. Energy saving product offers precise, continual, and uniform air distribution with adjustable air velocity through directional plenum. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Air Curtain provides climate control/blocks contaminants.

September 26, 2007

JetStream(TM) Air Curtain provides invisible barrier of air that protects entrances from contaminants, stops wind, and reduces infiltration of outside air into heated or air-conditioned areas. Requiring 8½ in. clearance, device is available in widths from 36-60 in. and features corrosion-resistant cabinet with baked enamel beige or SS finish. Units are UL approved with pre-wired 5 ft 110 V grounded plug and installation bracket. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Rigid/Flexible Doors are suited for restaurants and hotels.

May 25, 2007

Impervious to moisture, food stains, and chemicals, FS-250 ImpacDor® is ¼ in. ABS door with one-piece, solid core construction. Consisting of solid wood core and reinforced metal spine, ¾ in. FS-500 ImpacDor can resist palletized loads while still swinging freely in high-volume traffic. Suited for rack, push cart, and pallet jack traffic, RD-175 ImpacDor features insulated panel and full perimeter seal. Clear-Valu® ImpacDor consists of 2 clear flexible PVC panels with center overlap. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Strip Door System is suited for refrigerated trucks.

March 22, 2007

Max Bullet® Truck Mount Strip Door System features MaxBullet aluminum mounting bar with 2 L-brackets for installation, and Hi-Viz® fluorescent safety rings for locking strips in place. Scratch-resistant Clear-Flex II® Scratch-Guard ribbed PVC strip material hangs straight without warping, even in extreme low temperatures, and will not stick to shrink wrap or boxes. System may be used with conventional roll-up or swing doors. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

PVC Strip Doors meet needs of various applications.

February 1, 2007

Able to be custom made to end-user specifications, ImpacDors® come in varieties suited for light- to heavy-duty industrial, commercial, or institutional applications. Fully insulated and gasketed FD-175 is semi-flexible, full-thickness door with rubber sub-frame and full-height-reinforced spine. Designed to safely withstand harsh industrial environments, Magna ImpacDor features heavy-duty grey opaque lower panels and crystal clear upper portions. Read More

architectural and civil engineering products, plant furnishings & accessories

Impact Doors target food service industry.

January 26, 2007

ImpacDors are rugged with standard lifetime warranted SS upper and lower hinges, and are custom made to exact size specifications. Featuring one-piece solid core construction, FS-250 ¼ in. ABS door is designed for high-volume foot traffic between kitchen and front of restaurants, and is impenetrable to moisture, food stains, and chemicals. FS-500 ¾ in. door features wood core with reinforced metal spine, and can resist palletized loads but swing freely in foot traffic. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Strip Door System reduces installation time.

May 1, 2002

The Max strip door installation system offers button functionality and features arrow shaped extension protruding from mounting bar. Strips are hung via holes in arrows and swing back and forth as traffic passes through them. Installation time is rated at 20 minutes for typical sized door openings. The Max can be utilized with all strip products and is available in aluminum. Read More

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