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Signal Hound

35707 NE 86th Ave., La Center, WA, 98629, USA

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Debra L. Seifert
Phone: 503-626-7539
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Signal Hound

automatic id, optics & photonics, test & measuring instruments

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer also acts as RF recorder.

June 4, 2014

Operating from -40 to +65°C, Signal Hound BB60C offers 9 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range, 27 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW), and ability to sweep RF spectrum at 24 GHz/sec. Frequency band transitions lend to flat noise floor, and streaming I/Q (In-phase Quadrature) bandwidth is selectable from 250 kHz to 27 MHz. Other features of this 1.1 lb device include spectral purity, open source code spectrum analysis software, and API written in C++. Read More