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Dürr Ecoclean GmbH

Mühlenstrasse 12, Filderstadt, Germany

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Gaudenz Groén
Phone: +49 (0)711 7006-199
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Dürr Ecoclean GmbH

materials & material processing, materials & material processing, green & clean

Robotic Parts Cleaning Cell provides flexibility, and reliability.

March 2, 2015

Employing jointly controlled (CNC) and IP69-rated scara manipulator constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, EcoCFlex 3 is used for pre-cleaning and final cleaning of powertrain components. Water knife directs water jet in focused pattern, and hybrid nozzle allows both high- and low-pressure treatments in addition to injection flood washing. Other features include 72 dB(A) operation, cycles starting from 30 sec, 30 kWh energy consumption, 32 m² footprint, and vacuum drier. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Water Jetting System uses just 600 bar.

March 14, 2014

Equipped with EcoCBooster, which uses pulsed water jet to boost kinetic energy, PulseBoreCenter requires no more than 600 bar to carry out cylinder bore surface activation treatments of engine blocks prior to thermal coating. Adhesive pull strength levels exceed 60 MPa throughout, regardless of whether metal coating is applied by atmospheric plasma spraying or arc wire spraying. System can process any engine block, from inline 2-cylinder to all V-engine units, including W12 and W16 engine designs. Read More

cleaning products & equipment, material handling & storage, materials & material processing

Parts Cleaning System operates under full vacuum conditions.

November 7, 2013

Designed to use non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols, EcoCCore System is equipped with 2 flood tanks, heat recovery, and bypass filtration capabilities. System holds cleaning tanks up to 670 x 480 x 400 mm, providing max load weight capacity of 200 kg and cycle time of less than 8 min. During preliminary steam degreasing process, oil-containing distillate is directed straight into distilling system, minimizing oil deposits in flood tank and oil enrichment of solvent. Read More

cleaning products & equipment, materials & material processing, green & clean

Solvent-Based Cleaning Systems can be adapted to task.

February 11, 2013

Running on halogenated hydrocarbons as well as modified alcohols, Ecoclean Systems combine heat recovery, bypass filtration, injection flood washing, and emission-reducing features. Strong pumps and large-diameter piping permit rapid filling and draining of work chamber and tanks while ensuring optimum solvent supply to basket. Vacuum technology, with final pressure under 1 mbar, accelerates drying of complex part geometries, while bypass filtration system recirculates cleaning fluid 100 times/hr. Read More

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